39 Responses to “Design your logo for making Atheism Awesome!”

  1. Twunt Says:

    I’ll have to flex my old graphics gland and see what I can do.

    If anyone remembers the early days of conservapedia, they had a logo competition and the winning logo was pulled for having numerous hidden messages insulting conservapedia for numerous offenses against intellectual honesty. That was my handiwork. Thanks to MSIE’s lameness the hidden message was spotted before the logo went to print. I was just a day or two away from the most legendary troll in history 😥

    Still, I had my logo displayed for a few weeks, which was nice. It tool them months to find all the other pages and images I vandalized.

  2. Swirly Squigglyface Says:

    I don’t think patriotism is something to strive for, atleast not in the way the word patriot is used today. (ex. Joining the army is considerd to be one of those good deeds).

    Atheism is awesome, yes, but atheism isn’t American, British or Swedish.
    Atheism is just another way to break apart the boarders between people and unifying us all, removing all theese utterly pointless killings, arguments and overall pain that’s caused by religion.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I don’t think he was going for something that was strictly patriotic in the sense that you are thinking of. He is probably going for an angle more based on you CAN be an Atheist and patriotic to your country. It is not Anti-American (because there is a large Christian population here between 75%-80%). Yes, Atheism is not a specific country based movement, but at the same time there are countries that will do anything from shun to killing Atheists. So it is more to raise a point about patriotism rather than trying to make it patriotic.

  3. IonCannonControl Says:

    Heres my submission. I quickly did it on paint, though i could have done it better. I purposly didnt change the colors on the flag to B&W with the rest of the image so it would stand out. So what do you guys think?


  4. Damon Ballard Says:

    How’s about.

    Awesome Sauce A=Atheist S=Secularist

  5. WhiteCrowization Says:

    I’m not well versed in graphics, but I could give it a shot. Tough “Awesome” feels a bit corny to me.

  6. James Says:

    I think this is an excellent idea. The notion that one must be religious to be patriotic is ridiculous. I love what America stands for, despite what the fundies try to corrupt it to be.

    This is my attempt of a logo:

  7. Daniel Hendrycks Says:

    “So what do you guys think?”
    I wish you would have shared a PNG instead of a JPEG, that way there is no loss in quality of the image. Also, it looks as if Atheism is trying to take over, that’s more divisive that it should be. It would arouse the fear more than it has, rather than make average people more comfortable with atheists.

  8. englishman Says:

    I think ‘awe’theism is global not american:

  9. BlitzNeko Says:

    Could ask AronRa to use his, but perhaps the meaning are different, ir maybe its a licensing thing :p

    Then again some new perhaps… *looks for paper & pen*

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The Russian for Awesome, or Fearsome, or Terrible, is Grozny, as in the Capital of Chechnya or in Ivan Grozny (Ivan the Terrible). Making Atheism Terrible is not a good PR idea!

  11. Nick Stone Says:

    I am really bad at drawing so I’ll just leave my idea in case it appeals to someone… I’d really have the “A” of atheism appearing as a hill, and some secular (if not atheists) founding fathers planting the flag at the top of that hill, in a scene reminiscent of the Iwo Jima Memorial. It would be a symbol of Atheism being the ground on top of which America could be built.

    Just throwing an idea… Take care !

  12. GSpahr Says:

    I already have 9 variations of the same theme! They’re a bit predictable, I think, however the message is short and clear.

    I avoided making them patriotic, as I’m not from the USA, but a proud inhabitant of this planet, so now you understand why I tried to make them more universal.

    So here is the flickr set.

    A world of awesome!
  13. Bruce Gorton Says:

    I’m a South African, and frankly I don’t think atheism should be identified with patriotism.

    Patriotism is the form of national pride that paralyses the conscience instead of prodding it, that wallows in its self-satisfied laurels instead of moving a nation to achieve.

    Patriotism focusses on image before substance such that investor confidence becomes more important than people having jobs in order to make the money to become investors.

    It works against corrective action being taken – for example human rights abuses result in the reporters revealing them being called “anti-country” or “un-nationality” because to do something about a problem requires recognising and bringing attention to the tarnish in the nation’s image.

    We, as atheists, should be better than that. We as atheists focus on the substantive issues of “Is there any evidence for this?” We don’t particularly care about the gloss.

    This is why we get called strident and shrill, because we stridently and shrilly demand honesty – and patriotism does not supply that.

  14. Paul Wedzielewski Says:

    I understand why folks from outside the US would not want to tie Atheism to US Patriotism, but I agree with Tf00t that it would make an effective message in the US. At least to meet religion on it’s own ground. Atheism need a PR campain as much as anything else in the US.

    I think it makes sense, given the problem in the US, to make one theme custom for the US and another that is more global. Just my $.02

  15. Carlos Says:

    For over 50 years, has even NASA known that the ” solar obliteration technique ” reveals another dimension. The one, we pass into spirit to. Don’t believe me? Just Google it!!

    All religion is, “is an organization to control spirituality”. And look what it’s done/not done in a 1000 years. In fact, I bet you were never even told by your pastor/rabbi/cleric, that there is even a
    technique for looking into the next dimension.

    I recently spoke to an Atheist scientist, who was profoundly astounded, by what the solar obliteration technique revealed.
    Am I trying to turn him around?? NO. He can THINK, what he wants.
    I haven’t been in a church/synagogue/mosque in over 40 years.
    And DO NOT MISS THEM!! They have NOTHING, to offer………

    They may profess they beLIEve. BUT, they can’t even tell me about
    the ‘ solar obliteration technique ‘, that even reveals this other dimension, that even NASA knows & use’s in their SOHO Program.

  16. Sam Beddoes Says:

    My “A-Team” concept:

  17. Corbin Says:

    Here’s our attempt: http://www.paintmysnap.com/logo



  18. KittenKitoko Says:

    Here’s my Scarlet letter addition! I plan on putting this at the beginning of my videos.


  19. Jacob C Lowe Says:

    heres my submission

  20. John Mac Canna Says:

    A flower or an apple. These are symbols of beauty and knowledge.
    Maybe both togather, the flowering of Mankind and the fruit of science. Anyway I would like to help by paying for badges to be made.
    I have longed thought about a symbol for Freethought. As i am a Freethinker. I know the pansy is the symbol of freethought. But I feel pansy has too many negative connotations

  21. Ambient Says:

    Hello TF,

    I’m a graphic designer here, but when does this competition end? I don’t want to work on a logo and be halfway through it to figure out that another has been picked. heeeh.

  22. Arlen T. Kim Says:

    I already have one made for ya. 🙂
    (click this link: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/183/2/0/american_atheism_by_luxord2654-d3ktfs6.jpg )

    I made it with the picture of an atom in the background with lightning bolts going all around it to make it look really appealing. And of course I used the atom because it is the kind of image that is most associated with science and education. I hope you like it!

    P.S. if you want the logo alone without the text that reads “American Atheism: Supporting the First Amendment since 1787”, send me your e-mail and I can get back to you on that. 🙂 Thank you!

  23. Ambient Says:

    I personally don’t think that atheism should be limited to America. The logo should be easily switchable to represent any other country and/or the entire planet. Additionally, a lot of these don’t look like they are done in illustrator and in vector graphics. You cant size up a jpg / Photoshop file. I’ve always thought the scarlet A to be kind of ugly personally. Does it need that font for the A? Anyway, those are just some thoughts. Also does your logo work in black and white? Logos should really be first built in black and white.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    this is really lame

  25. GSpahr Says:

    Oh good, Anonymous said that this is lame, now everything makes so much sense.

    My advise it to grow some gonads first, Mr. Anonymous. THEN you can comment all you want.

  26. Steven Ambs Says:

    Here’s my submission – http://imgur.com/a/AwFKn#1ZHqF

    I’ve made a Light and Dark version, and each have transparent/solid backgrounds depending upon what is needed.

    Please contact me via email if any changes need to be made, or if you even use it!


  27. Yoshimi-pink Says:

    We at the department of Opposition approve this message! C:

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Stop embarassing Americans! You’re from the UK!

  29. LanteanKnight Says:

    My attempt at making a nice logo.
    It’s more of a banner though..
    I couldn’t find the correct font so I decided to go big:

  30. dreadnaught Says:

    I agree that one can be an atheist and love the US. The whole point of our forefathers’ adventures was to NOT have to bow to someone else’s figment. Good message, subtle and to the point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying “I can be an American and an Atheist!”

    However, we don’t want to somehow get tied to any one particular party/organization/government etc. The Christians did that with the Republican party… and it happened so fast in the grand scheme… We all know there are many liberal-democrat Christians out there, but the stereotype is hurting them.

    Ah well. Perhaps I’m just being a Cassandra. Anyway, I like Gspahr’s “World of Awesome” ones the best. It’s simple, it’s unifying, it comes in variety!

  31. Vernon S. Says:

    Here’s my entry: http://cl.ly/343c3D2d201o1N0K2m1N

    Keeping on with the red color (from Dawkins’ “scarlet A”), I thought it would be great to nice to use a Helvetica A and toss a lightbulb above it as a symbol of thinking and ideas. If you notice, there are 6 dashes above the lightbulb. 6 because many Judeo-Christian people associate that with the devil. I hope I get the winning pick.

    — V.S.


  32. Fluffy83 Says:

    maybe instead of the american flag background put the world there :]

  33. Myers G Says:

    I made a atheist logo, the link will send you to it.

    Atheism Logo

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    Design your logo for making Atheism Awesome! | Thunderf00t

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