Monday 18th (To California!)

Decided to head to California, picked up gas and a burger and got on the road.  A few hours later I was in Barstow CA.  The brakes have been worrying me for the best part of the last 1000 miles.  There has been an intermediate high pitched whine coming from them (front right), especially at speed as if a wire or something is rubbing against the brake hub.  Figured I’d get it checked out the next time I changed the oil.  Long experience has shown that if you are going to get work done on the wheels, the bigger the civilization the better.  Also turns out that one of my video cameras died.  Worse than that, one of the brand new ones died!  It turns on okay, and off okay, but the second you try to turn it on with the screen open -dead.  Turns out there was a canon ‘walk in express repair center’ in LA.  Figured that would be  a good place to kill two birds with one stone.  Spent most of the afternoon rendering, uploading and writing blog, plus catching up on the mass of emails etc that had accumulated in the 4 days I had been ‘unplugged’.   Then as dusk came on I headed out to the south towards San Bernadino, but turned off before hand for a quiet little place called Wrightwood.  I was v. happy to be heading for LA at this point the brakes are sounding progressively more creaky.  I’ve had a good feel around the back of the brakes but couldn’t find anything obvious, further they look to be carrying quite a lot of corrosion.

Tuesday 19th, saved by grace!

Go up before the sunlight hit the car in the little niche I was parked in.  Some great views heading back to the main road!

View from Wrightwood

View driving back from Wrightwood to the main road.  Those little domes look kinda volcanic to me.

Drive through LA was busy, but not too bad.  Got to the Canon ‘express repair’ at 8ish.  They very quickly diagnosed a ‘LCD’ fault.  250 bucks to replace.  When I asked if it was under warranty (it’s only about a month old, quasi professional 900 bucks canon S20 I think), they said yes, but I would need proof of purchase or similar.  The warranty was an absolute no-go.  I had ditched the paper work to the camera before I started on the roadtrip.  Proof of purchase I could do from emails etc, but they didn’t have wifi.  A little miffed I headed out to find a McDonalds for breakfast and wifi.   Took about 5 times as long as I expected to find the correct email.  I get far too many emails! Like trying to find a fart in a jacuzzi!  Eventually found it (bought in beginning of June, just before I came out!). On returning about an hour or so later there was a significant que, and I had to wait about another hour to get it seen to.  When they did, almost as if to rub salt in the wound, they scarcely looked at the email (sigh).  Then of course it was going to take 5-7 days to repair.  GAHHHHHHH.  I had no desire to hang around LA for the best part of a week.  I handed it in anyways, I mean lets be real, as it stands that month old camera is currently junk to me, and without it I am working off my spare camera.  Maybe best contingency plan I came up with was to get Canon to send the fixed camera to NCSE (IF they need a camera), and just to write it off as a donation from my subscribers to NCSE.

Okay, so order of buisness one in LA concluded.  Next, get the car seen to.  I like Sear for car stuff, most notably after TWICE I had Walmarts engine butchers botch an oil change.  Sear is nationwide, and generally Ive been happy with them.  Nonetheless the first Sears the GPS took me to was ‘out of buisness’.  The second seemed to be some great auto place.  Initally I just wanted an oil change and tire rotation, and while they were at it to see what was wrong with the brakes.  Turns out the brakes were in pretty bad shape.  Much worse than I expected.  Sears also kept coming up with these stories about how the wrong parts had arrived etc.  Looked legit too as it was the same guy working on my car.  In the end pretty much replaced the whole brake assembly at the cost of about 550 bux.  Yup it stings, but skimping on car auto if you’re going to drive your car into the middle of nowhere is what I would go so far to call a suicidal false economy (plus new brakes will make my mother happy! 🙂 ).

By the time they’d finished it was about 5ish, and I really didn’t have anywhere to go or any plan, and had no real desire to drive across LA at rush hour, so I found a cyber cafe and finished the TAM blog.  About 9ish I decided to head up to the Mnt Wilson observatory.  I know the road, it was out of the city and fairly quiet.  The drive across LA was a nightmare, even at this time.  When I got above LA, the view was great, but the sky was washed out with the glow from the city 😦

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8 Responses to “Monday 18th (To California!)”

  1. Marlo Rocci Says:

    Brake pads are about $50. Takes about half an hour to do. You need a socket set and a large C-vise. You pull the tire, unscrew two bolts and suspend the brake caliper off the spring with some wire so you don’t damage the fluid hose. Then use the c-vise to compress the cylinder (depending on the shape of the caliper, a piece of wood or another tool to bridge the caliper hole may be necessary). The slip on the new pads. A little pounding helps get them into place. Slide the caliper back on being careful not to damage the boots that go arounr the bolts. you’re done.

  2. Marlo Rocci Says:

    Judging by the symptom you report, I would say it was just worn pads. There’s a piece of metal they put in the pad to make it screech before the pad is completely gone. That encourages you to replace the pad before you are just pressing metal to metal and carving ruts into the rotor. So it always sounds worse than it is.

  3. Marlo Rocci Says:

    I drive a Jeep, so I know about middle of nowhere repairs. If you come up to Oregon, I show you some roads that car of yours whould never tread.

  4. chronomax Says:

    What I’d do to have a life like you man.

  5. Jallenbah Says:

    Ouch that’s a bit of unwanted expense.

    But at the end of the day you are paying for considerable usage. I mean recently I had to fork out for a new power supply for my desktop because it started to smell like burning electronics, but the cost was well worth avoiding a fire and / or the possible destruction of all the components and data in my computer.

    I’d say that even if it costs you a fair chunk, getting the brakes sorted is fundamentally important, and the usage you will get from it actually makes it a good purchase really.

  6. reader22610226 Says:

    I cant imagine how anyone could hang around LA for so long. The place is a nightmare to me. I hate it there. I only go there to see my grandma every 2 years, and thats only for a couple of days. My dark side imagines nuking that place to oblivion. I visited the college in Orange County one time, where my aunt taught, and a guy picked a fight with me in the rest room. IN THE RESTROOM! No blows came to be, but it to me it said a lot of OCC. LA sucks.

  7. Marlo Rocci Says:

    Rule of thumb is that brakes making no noise is worse then brakes making noise. Especially if the pedal hits the firewall and you’re still moving.

  8. Marlo Rocci Says:

    Head North.

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