Supernova in M101, Aug 25th, full processing

It’s about a total 3 hr exposure with a 11in CPC1100, using a canon 60d (iso 2500).  30s exposures,  throwing away bad exposures (about 60 %) to yield this using deepskystacker (using about 50 dark frames).  The arrow indicates the supernova.

Supernova in M101, August 25th 2011, about a 3 hr exposure with an 11in scope and 2500 iso on a canon D60.

Clearly an improvement of the first attempt which only included about 12 minutes of ‘sky time.’

Right, now back off to the pass to do the same thing again tonight! Me= CRAZY! :-p


-All images available under creative commons license, attribution Thunderf00t 🙂

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22 Responses to “Supernova in M101, Aug 25th, full processing”

  1. Justicar Says:

    That’s purdy. Thanks for the pictures. =^_^=


    Excellent !!!!!!!!!

  3. Cephas Borg Says:

    MMMMmmmm, Type Ia super(duper)nova, argggghhhhghghh…

    What an astonishing look into the demon-haunted darkness… W00t indeed.

  4. Chris Says:

    Nice work!!

  5. Eric Says:

    Woa nice photos! 😀

  6. CB4 Says:

    Nice! I was out tonight to see if I could take a peek. To early in the night!

  7. edward Says:

    i live in the little finger of michigan . one nite in aug.11:30 pm or so i was looking up at the big dipper. below it i saw a star bright flash! could this flash i saw have been this supernova that is in the news as of late. if not check your records for that area of lake michgan . what i saw lasted longer then two blinks of the eye then out .


    • edward Says:

      anybody out thar??????

      • Cephas Borg Says:

        Er, yes, we’re here mate… I think everyone was waiting for someone else to respond. Sorry about that!

        If you saw a flash, it probably wasn’t the supernovae. Sometimes they CAN be seen, but they don’t flash, they brighten over a period of hours to days, and stay visible for weeks to months.

        This particular supernova was at about magnitude 18 – many, many times too dim to be seen with the naked eye, even at its brightest, a couple of days after it started. It’s now dimming again, and soon will be invisible even in a telescope. But the bits that it blew to smithereens should still be visible in a very good telescope.

        There are a few things that can look like a star or something else flashing. Usually, it’s air movement that causes a sudden change in the refraction of the layers of atmosphere between you and the star, and the star appears to suddenly brighten, then dim again. Sometimes you have to wait for some minutes for the right conditions to happen again – and sometimes they don’t!

        You could also have glimpsed sunlight reflecting off an airplane, but that usually happens within an hour of dusk/dawn.

        More likely, you saw a glimmer of a satellite, reflecting the sun just for you! Still, even if it’s not a supernova, it’s really cool to see things moving around up there!

        I hope this helps, if not, ask!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    wikidness…looking fwd to seeing one for tonight yr doing one…

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  13. edward Says:

    thank you for info. light not moveing . star grow larger then disapeard. thank you

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