Serial Blasphemy!

Wow.. what a few days.  First had a blast with Ashley (aka Healthyaddict) in Seattle.  We did our best to get into the Discovery Institute to discuss their opinions on ‘academic freedom’ (creationist code for freedom to teach any unsubstantiated BS in the classroom), only to be denied at the door.  Yup, the folks who support the most ‘academic freedom’ bills anywhere apparently have a closed door policy on discussing academic freedom.

Then after a fun meeting with the ‘Ask an Atheist‘ crew in Seattle (interview with me n Ashley to be uploaded) we parted company and I headed over to Boise ID.

In Boise I met up with religiousantagonist (guess what he does!).  An hour or two of scheming and a Jesus outfit later we had a plan.  We went down the local Home Depot with me /Jesus shopping for a cross! (video to follow), followed by ‘Jesus’ applying for a job in a Christian bookstore.  Was quite buzzed after all that.

Then had a fun time hanging around with Jack (togetherforpeace).  The guys a Christian, but someone eavesdropping on our conversation would have had a hard time drawing a line around any fundamental disagreements.  We actually got on really well, and even rang the ‘Liberty Bell’ together!

That night I was back with  religiousantagonist in full ‘Jesus’ garb.  We headed downtown and had ONE HELL OF A TIME!  Boises a kickin town!   I luved it, and everyone (well almost everyone) luved ‘Jesus’ luvin it!!!

Got loads of pictures of Jesus doing everything from pole dancing, to riding the mechanical bull, to visiting a ‘gay’ nightclub. *ONE* *HELL* *OF* *AN* *NIGHT*!

Loads of pictures, I just havent got my hands on any of them yet.

We then went back to do the MSF charity thing for DPRJones, during which we hit on the ‘really good’ idea of microwaving Jesus.  Well actually some communion wafers I had.  We stopped before they caught fire, but not by much.  Thick evil smelling smoke oozed from the microwave, however, it turns out Ashley, having a blonde moment forgot to hit record on blogtv. 😦

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8 Responses to “Serial Blasphemy!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    They can’t let you in the Discovery Institute for fear you might discover what they do there.

  2. freeservant Says:

    God will not be mocked. But you have a work to do for your fans so peace be upon you.

    • Cephas Borg Says:

      Actually, your statement is fallacious in it’s entirety.

      God can and has been successfully mocked. Hence this blog post!

      Having said that, such a being is unworthy of any respect if he/she/it is unable to prevent people mocking him/her/it. Since he/she/it WAS mocked successfully, and in quite a few nightspots, the being posited by you is, by your own definition, not a particularly enlightened or intelligent one!

      Finally, Mr F00t doesn’t do this “for [his] fans”… He does it for (amongst many other reasons I can’t know) the benefit of people seeking to make sense of the world of reality, to inspire and to instruct, and to educate. And, in this case, to entertain.

      That was very, er, “broadminded” of you, to wish for peace upon someone who struggles so hard for peace and a better understanding of where we came from and where we’re going. However, I would argue that Mr F00t deserves peace regardless of what he does or why.

      Salaam Alaik’um.

  3. Cephas Borg Says:

    Heh heh heh, sounds like Jesus had a scandalous time hangin’ out. I loved the pole-dancing idea, puh-lease post photos of that soon… A loincloth-clad 30-to-40-something male with the beard and all is too good to miss!

    Isn’t it interesting the way the worst of the religitards ‘adopt’ words to mean the exact opposite of what they intend? “Discovery Institute”, indeed. A more exact description would be “Logically Inconsistent Antievolution Resistance” movement… I prefer the acronym, of course!

  4. kjgsk Says:

    Thnder , keep your hands off Ashley , I love her

  5. Taleb Says:

    thunderfoot for your health and safety you have to be careful when you wear all these transmitters close to your head because radio waves can cock your brain be careful iam serious, iam an electronics engineer. take care of your self we need your brain :).

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