You wouldn’ t know this but periodically Da-WAHHH-films, you know the ‘doc huntin death threater’ sends me needy messages begging me to take back all of the TRUE things I said about him.  I don’t find his retraction from reality that surprising given this boy gets on his knees 5 times a day to engage in wishful thinking.

     Apparently he’s having trouble coming to terms with the fact that when he’s not playing the rallying victim for the thunderf00t haters, no one cares about his ‘awesome islamic skillz’ which he acquired at islam school!  Anyway, he’s been commenting strongly on my latest video about Amenakin, showing us all his amazingly virtuous islamic principals, like so:

DawahFilms ”Hey Joe, Do us a favor and do something important with your life…like commit suicide.


Dawahfilms is always boasting about how great his education in islam is, and this is maybe the greatest comeback ever!

@DawahFilms “graduate program for Islamic studies” with a minor in reading the entrails of a chicken sacrifice

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U go fallingbob!

58 Responses to “Da-WAHHH-films”

  1. bubbamickmac (@bubbamickmacM) Says:

    DawahFilms is no moderate Muslim. Him defending his academic record is simply an appeal to authority. Who really cares at this point whether or not he’s has “studied Islam:” he has a very low character, as demonstrated over and over again.

  2. Marlo Rocci (@MarloRocci) Says:

    What’s the muslim suicide bomber count for this year?

  3. Cephas Borg Says:

    When will everyone else realise that there are NO ‘moderate’ muslims?

    They’re either nasty, easily-deluded homoerotic death-wishers (they better be male virgins they get!), or apathetic, easily-deluded apologists.

    Oh wait – that’s the same as christianity! And Hinduism! And…

    • Qadeem Says:

      Woah there buddy! I come from a muslim background, (My whole family is muslim except me.) and there definitely are ‘moderate’ muslims. There is always grey area. Your thinking in absolutes weakens you. Don’t stereotype.

      • Cephas Borg Says:

        I don’t need to stereotype. You believe utterly in a facetious and completely refutable book written by a mad diabetic 1300 years ago. Who’s stereotyping?

        I know and love many people with many religious affiliations.

        And they are all, every single one of them, utterly and hopelessly wrong in believing what is written in their bizarre fantasy books.

        You are no different. You may *think* you are “moderate” because you don’t agree with other people who believe, as you do, in the same material. I have personally discussed this particular issue during my last hospital stay with the muslim imam at great length (we talked for over an hour with me, one of the most wonderful and moving conversations I’ve ever had). But that still makes you a silent approver, unless you speak out personally, against such moronic sickos like Ali/Kevin the mad bullshitter.

        Sorry, but if you’re religious, you’re the furthest thing from moderate.

        • Qadeem Says:

          A) Actually read the comment before you reply to it. I’m an atheist.

          B) Yes people are absolutely different if they disagree with the actions of others, even if they believe the same base material. That is like saying a moderate politician is as radical as a crazy right winger. Both believe that they must serve their country, but they have different methods of doing so. One is crazy; one is not. You can never label one person as ‘radical’ for the actions of an affiliate. This is honestly disappointing because this is a tactic used by Christians on atheists. We are constantly compared to a few ‘radical’ atheists “Hitler, Pol pot, Mao, Stalin…” Sound familiar? We are constantly all branded as crazy radicals due to the actions of these few people, and we recognize that to be a fallacy. Judge people by their actions, not by their beliefs, or you risk committing the same error.

          C) Yes religious people are simple incorrect in their logic, but stereotyping as you have only makes you weaker.

        • Qadeem Says:

          Also, just because they don’t speak up doesn’t mean that they agree with the actions. Do you condemn every crime that occurs in whatever country you live? By your logic, that makes you in agreement with those crimes.

      • Cephas Borg Says:

        Like I said, I don’t need to stereotype, when I have experts like you doing it all for me.

        Hitler? Pol Pot? Really? Now you’re comparing rational thinkers with psychopaths? Come on dude, you can argue better than that!

        While I’m NOT saying the silent majority of religious believers are all fundamentalist loonies like Ali, or Al Zawahiri, or Abu Bakar, or those nutjobs (all of whom are psychopaths who use the Qur’an as an excuse for their delusions), they ARE silent.

        Same for christians. Why aren’t the bishops and pastors in the US vocally condemning the TV ripoff shows telling people that it’s right to deny children public schooling, or medical intervention when it’s appropriate? They’re exactly the same.

        And you need to sharpen your thinking. What relationship does ANY atheist have with any street criminal? You’re either again stereotyping (atheist = criminal), or you don’t have a rational argument. Since more than 92% of jail inmates (i.e. criminals) hold deep religious convictions, you’re trying to tell me that an atheist should feel responsible for what a person who’s more than 90% likely to be a religious nutjob does to other people?

        Please. Think about what you’re saying before you write it. But keep arguing!

    • Qadeem Says:

      This doesn’t apply just to muslims either. There are moderates in every religion!

    • Prelude610 Says:

      Long time atheist here, and yes there are moderates in all religions. I know a number of such Muslims and Christians and Mormons, etc. You probably do, too.

      • Durandal Says:

        Moderates are overrated compared to liberal religionist :p

      • Anonymous Says:

        the only moderates in islam or christianity are the ones who speak out and take action against fundamentalist evils… the majority of believers who say nothing are just as guilty as those who commit cruelty in the name of their gods…

      • Qadeem Says:

        @ Anonymous: No, speaking out against the crimes of other people is not a requirement of being a moderate anything. They may believe in the same gods, but the deluded actions of others are the deluded actions of others. They bare no responsibility for others actions. They must, disagree with those actions, but they do not have to speak out against them. Be realistic.

  4. DawahFilms Says:

    Guess you got your foot in your mouth this time, huh. Told you that was the last chance.

    • Prelude610 Says:

      Please explain “last chance”.

    • Mike Hammett Says:

      You’ve been asked several times now, not only here but in the comments section of your video to provide information regarding your accusations of having your life “ruined” by Thunderf00t. Provide evidence Ali, show something, show ANYthing to prove you were at least contacted by the FBI or had problems flying out of the country. Back your claims with evidence Ali.

    • The Roaming Siphonophore Says:

      you are crossing ever deeper passed the line.

      you have no shame and no honor.

  5. Sheri Says:

    Thunderf00t, Our favorite little muslim, Kevin.. oops, I mean ALI is ready for you to pounce, attack, comment or better yet make vidoes about him. I beg you not to so much as give the little twit a comment. He’s not worth your time or the attention he gets when you did address him. Just a while back he had a Bulletin posted asking what he can do about his stagnant sub count. He’s a confused little boy who loves to play victim & he’s only STARVING for your attention. I say let him STARVE.. you’re better than that. Don’t give the little bastard another second of your attention.

  6. Sheri Says:

    *another second of your time.. opps 🙂

  7. ametdinejad (@amet1980) Says:

    That silly boy is desperately pushing hard to acquire a criminal record.
    Now he is stalking you in real life too.
    None can accuse you Tf for not being patient enough.

  8. Rigo Jancsi Says:

    I agree with Sheri: Let him starve. Don’t start again making videos refuting him and arguing with him. Those were not really interesting videos, since we all know that he’s talking bullshit. Studying islam is like studying the history of middle earth and learning by heart all great sayings of Bilbo. As you pointed out, this guy doesn’t even know how to use a shaver. Please, use your time for better things, e.g. repair your plane and give us some more great views from above, of the greatness of creation… ups… 😉

    • Prelude610 Says:

      Agreed, Ali seems to bet eh Nephi of Islam, in need of professional help. Criticizing them is like criticizing a sick person. Of course, it they ever got into a real position of influence…

    • Middle-Earth fan Says:

      As a fan of the work of the great J. R. R. Tolkien, I find your remarks insulting and belittling a great man and a collection of writings that have genuinely changed the lives of millions of people. The Silmarillion and the other texts relating to Middle-Earth are some of the most beautiful works of art I have ever come across. They reveal that its author was a scholar, an artist and a genius. The collected sayings of an illiterate medieval desert nomad do not even come near in eloquence and ingenuity. 😡

      • Cephas Borg Says:

        Hear, hear.

        I’ve read both Tolkien (and I *love* the poetry of the Silmarillion!) and the Qur’an, many many times. There is no comparison. One is meaningful, thoughtful, beautiful in design and construction, and deeply touching faery story that changes lives for the better, the other is an (at times beautifully worded) attempt to change lives for the worse.

        We see ourselves in John’s works. We see only others in Mohammed’s fables. John says, isn’t the world changing fast, Mohammed says keep the world the way I want it to be.

        Chalk and cheese.

        Let them read “The Music of the Ainur” and tell us there’s anything in the Qur’an that even comes close to the utter moving beauty.

  9. DawahFilms Says:

    You people are so desperate to make thunderf00t perfect. You have absolutely no sympathy for the peoples lives he tries to ruin.

    You are all so so so very sick in the head.

    No wonder you flock to his channel

    • Morten Says:

      “You people are so desperate to make thunderf00t perfect. You have absolutely no sympathy for the peoples lives he tries to ruin.”
      Nope, I think he has done a lot of mistakes in the way he has dealt with the whole Muslim issue he has going on. And his behavior towards critics like Coughlan was just sick.

      However that doesn’t mean that I like you or the way you do things.

      Like when you complain about bigotry against muslims and in the same damn video, use the word bisexual as if it was a bad thing. That’s hypocrisy.

      Or that you have been doc hunting him, which were a pretty dumb thing to do after you had been accused of threatening him, which I don’t really think you did even though it could sound that way from what you said.

      Or with you resent odd thing where you claimed that you have contacted his employer, his co-workers and students, in what can only be seen as a pathetic attempt to get him fired for saying things you don’t like.

      Even if he has tried to ruin your life, why would you go down to his level in an attempt to be just as bad? Or doesn’t your religion allow you to be the better man?

      • Durandal Says:

        I thought maybe I was just being too sensitive when I found his pejorative use of bisexual offensive and hypocritical, but thankfully a lot of people have been pointing this out. This is like those muslim youtubers who will make video upon video talking about bigotry and understanding, then will make long winded videos about why it’s okay for them to be against homosexuals.

    • Anonymous Says:

      “You have absolutely no sympathy for the peoples lives he tries to ruin.”

      And who exactly has he gone after that hasn’t put themselves in the public eye, and said or done ridiculous, or stupid things?

      You for example made a “death threat” video, and then are allegedly investigated by the FBI. Are you really trying to blame TF because he drew attention to, or mischaracterized the video. Do you REALLY think the FBI instigated an investigation based on TF’s characterization of that video? Clearly they would have looked ta the video, and them determined whether it justified allotting resources to investigate you. So it was your poor use of words (at best) that caused it.

      Then you have Amenakin who filed false DMCA’s. Is TF to blame for the negative attention she received as a consequence of that action because he brought attention to it?

      I’m sorry, but what I see is a case of someone acting like a spoiled child who wants to blame someone else for the consequences of their own actions.

      Just grow up.

    • Prelude610 Says:

      Plenty of TF’s fans have criticized him. I don’t see any thinking he is perfect. And I am sorry, but that tactic/statement is something I’d expect from a 10 year old, or an adult who confuses the issues with the persons.

      If TF has ruined any lives, it is because he has ruined fantasy lives, be that ones based on a desert volcano God, or the illusion that a war lord’s revision of ancient Judaism turns out to not be a religion of peace. Very disappointing, possibly devastating, for true believers in whatever.

    • The Roaming Siphonophore Says:

      i do not usualy agree with thunderfoot on many matters.
      he is far from perfect.

      Unfortunately neither is what you have done.

      If you don`t like it when people “attack your personal/professional life”, choosing to respond in the same manner makes you no better.

      He did no such thing by the way, though
      perhaps others may have…
      Doing this to a person because you think they have done it
      to you makes you a hypocrite for condemning it.

      Whats that saying again?
      and eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind?
      yup, great work dawah. hope you feel real proud.

  10. urwormfood Says:

    Who’s lives has Tfoot ruined? Come on Dawah, you have been at this for almost a year and your latest video where you claim to have sent videos and information about Tfoot’s private out of work opinions on religion to his place of employment and also colleagues is really sad. The only lives that get ruined are those that do these types of actions without even thinking about the repercussions.

  11. Sheri Says:

    Poor Kevin, always the victim 😦 You talk about others being desperate & flocking to his channel? YOU’RE the one flocking to his channel AND his blog! You’re posting comments left & right on both & following him around like a dog in heat! Are you in love with the man? Be careful, you could find yourself being thrown from a mountain top!
    Islam.. the religion of peace” MY ASS! You’re proving it to be ANYTHING BUT! By the way I LOVE what you said in your latest video:

    “You enjoy the fact she’s being treated like dirt. Don’t tell us you don’t endorse what your bigoted subs do to other people because if you didn’t endorse it, you’d be speaking out against it.”

    Yet in one of YOUR past videos YOU said you shouldn’t HAVE to speak out against muslim extremists, so I guess this means YOU ENDORSE THEIR ACTIONS? Your words, not mine buddy!


    • Mike Paps Says:

      Even if he was contacted by the FBI it’s irrelevant. If he was it was because of his “death threat” video, or his efforts to find out TF personal information.

      I’m not saying that justifies it I’m simply saying he brought it on himself. They certainly didn’t investigate/contact him based on how TF’s characterized his video. They would have (at a minimum) looked at the videos in question themselves and determined whether they felt the situation warranted further action.

  12. DawahFilms Says:

    Do tell why it would matter if I gave you the evidence, sheri. Youd shrug it off anyways. Pointless.

    And you dont seem to get it. Every single thing I did was in response to him and his hypocrisy. Of course I dont think Muslims should be obligated by what other people think to speakout against extremists. Of course. But Tf00t thinks we should…do he’s the one being the hypocrite by showing he ENDORSES that behavior by not speaking out against it.

    Its so sad how you are too busy to defend him because you hate me that you can’t see the nonsense you follow.

    • Prelude610 Says:

      Sorry. Lame. You made the claim, proof was demanded, and instead of producing it you evade and then disrespect Sheri.

      I read your sentence about TF’s hypocrisy and still can’t make sense of it. He does speak out forcefully about these extremists, which you appear to be, by the way, and thinks others should too, especially those from communities where these extremists come from. He does what he things other people should do. That is the opposite of hypocrisy.

      Are you confusing the word “hypocrisy” with “you don’t agree with” and “extremists” with “not compromising on the facts”? You must. That’s the only way I can make sense of your statement.

      And don’t forget, you have been called out, proof has been demanded. If you don’t produce it, the world can only conclude that you don’t have any. I would personally be interested in seeing it. Besides, given the threats you have made, I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple dozen people haven’t called into the FBI to discuss you. I almost did.

      And I think you own Sheri an apology.

    • Sheri Says:

      “Do tell why it would matter if I gave you the evidence, sheri. Youd shrug it off anyways. Pointless.”

      So now you can read minds & predict the future? I’m not the only one Kevin, at least 435 others (update: now 607) are calling bullshit as well. If I believed everything people “told me”, I’d be a creationist. I’ve been calling bullshit from the minute you claimed the FBI or any agency contacted you.. prove me wrong. No proof, No truth, just more of your bullshit. Btw, I don’t hate you, I pity you.

  13. Durandal Says:

    Criticizing and being angry at thunderf00ts stances on the issue is one thing, but being obsessive to the point of periodically contacting him and now trying to yet again stalk him in real life is just pathetic Kevy. I mean, do you want his legion of fans to zerg-rush you, and do you want any ounce of sympathy people had for you gone? Not only have you done something most YouTubers find abhorrent to the highest degree, you’ve laced it with bigoted comments about bisexuals, have told people to commit suicide and have been a general asshole (as usual). You’re a little butthurt twat, and you need to be taught a lesson.

  14. Sheri Says:

    “Do tell why it would matter if I gave you the evidence, sheri. Youd shrug it off anyways. Pointless.”

    So now you can read minds & predict the future? I’m not the only one Kevin, at least 435 others are calling bullshit as well. If I believed everything people “told me”, I’d be a creationist. I’ve been calling bullshit from the minute you claimed the FBI or any agency contacted you.. prove me wrong. No proof, No truth, just more of your bullshit. Btw, I don’t hate you, I pity you.

  15. Rigo Jancsi Says:

    Dawah, just walk away. Unsubscribe. Do you have to defend your prophet, or don’t you think he’s mighty enough? Whatever Tfoot says with words, doesn’t hurt neither you nor your god or prophet. Live your religion, lead by example. Be peaceful, help your community, help the Muslim world, not with hatred but with love. How come that the Christians have saints, but Islam only has martyrers? You should change that, there’s a lot of room for improvement in Islamic countries. If you take this advise as a stupid joke, so be it. I just think that your energy is wasted on us. We all try to make this world a better place. If your religion is right, then we’ll have to pay in the end (which I more than doubt), and if there is no god, well… So what do you want to do with your life? Convert atheists by threatening them? Or lead by example and proof that a religion, especially Islam, can make a change to the better? And please don’t count this improvement by souls saved but for example by children saved from starving.

  16. Durandal Says:

    “How come that the Christians have saints, but Islam only has martyrers? ”

    You do realize that term martyr and martyrdom were popularized by Christians, and that many Christian saints were martyrs!



    Let’s not start saying one crappy violent religion is better than another.

  17. faro0485 Says:


    How can he do that, you’re not his authority

  18. operatoroscillation Says:

    There is way too much focus on here about whether DF is an exremist or a moderate. Why does it matter? He made a video threatening TF. If he did that to me, I would take that very seriously. Then he searches for FT’s DOCS and tries to find out where he works in an attempt to what, get him fired?Harrass him? Hunt him down? Whatever his agenda, it’s not mature or justifiable. This is the behavior of a pampered dickhead. It doesn’t matter whether he’s an extremist or not. It doesn’t even matter that he’s a Muslim. He’s a demagogue surrounded by an anit-TF cult that enables him.

  19. ShimmeringLight Says:

    Now serious TFoot… what are you, like, in elementary school?

  20. cbilljones Says:

    Anyone else find it funny that Kevin has only been a muslim for a few tears? lol. I dont think Thunderf00t should respond to him at all. We need to focus on the one who broke the law – Amenakin, Fuck Kevinali.

  21. Lessirey Says:

    TF irresponsibly dragged Ali even in his latest video when Ali moved on clarifying his side long ago. You cant expect a human being to just keep mum taking all the harassment. There is something called Payback, giving a taste of his own medicine.

    Thunderf00t deserves what he got !

    Its funny to see how many thunderf00t followers are whining about how its bad to take revenge or to do or speak against him exactly how TF did to everyone else.

    ” Science & Education for the win ! ” Right, and he stopped both that just to milk money out of his followers making videos on youtube harassing others.

    Get over it !

  22. operatoroscillation Says:

    “Thunderf00t deserves what he got !”

    And all you and DF are proving by your behaviors is that people like TF are justified in perceiving DF and Muslims in general as a serious threat. Keep up the good work I guess.

  23. Lessirey Says:

    Riiiight ! for giving him a taste of his own medicine ! If that makes me too a terrorist, then let it be.

    When you mess with the life of others, you should be prepared for a retribution.

  24. Harry Says:

    I strongly suspect that DF got his info from a video that appeared on YT which I happened to spot on the 24/9/2011. But the upload date for the video was sometime in May 2011. At the time I saw the video, it had maybe 120 views. The video description also held a download link to mediafire to save the video.

    I sent a pm to TF (as I would to anyone who’s docs I saw in a video) and sent him a link to the video. I kept an eye on the video and it was still there 3 days later, so I thought maybe it was bullshit (hoped it was anyway) I checked the link again last night and the video is gone.

    The content of the video seemed to be very clear & concise, and plentiful. DF did not reveal 1 quarter of what that video revealed but having listened to DF’s video a couple of times, we seem to know the same info.

    I’m not a subscriber of TF’s, though I am subbed to his beauty in the universe channel. I avoid politics and fall outs usually, but when it comes to privacy and people’s jobs, I do take a stand.

    DF has overstepped the mark. His smug silly face belies his true nature, and whether the info he revealed is true or not, his intention is clear. He set out on a course of action to ruin someone’s livelihood and is still rubbing his hands together in glee.

    This is disgusting behaviour, and should not be tolerated by YouTube EVER. I would hope that YT will now permanently ban this user. Let’s face it, he’s hardly going to win any popularity contests when it becomes WIDELY known just how low he will stoop to try and score a point.

    You see DF, (I know you obsessively read anything TF related) you just outed yourself. The rest of the internets doesn’t care why you did what you did, they just know that you did this. You will be forever known as the butt hurt boy who foolishly brought RL into everyone’s online lives. Censorship seems to be everything to you, so this could well be what we all get now.

    So here’s a slow hand clap for you, you seem to like them.

  25. The Gaming Atheist Says:

    Sorry DF, but you crossed the line here. Making death threats is just wrong. Life is too short to be that angry. Learn to move on.

    I agree with operatoroscillation, your actions help justify TF’s stand that Muslims are a threat.

  26. James H. Says:

    He owned you thunderf00t, he did the first move – got to you in real life – while you continuing reasoning & bitching online, he will continue to (try) turn your REAL life into living hell.
    Which it not a surprise given his disgusting Islamic upbringing.
    He is like just like VenomfangX just without even the most basic decency even wild animals posses. These Islamic fanatics are sickening, secular people should not hold back and act within law & morality to stop this! I think we should find a way to get him back also in real life. He has gone too far with his zeal and pride.

    James from proxy.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    supposedly these were thunderf00t’s docs but I’m assuming they are not since thunderf00t said they weren’t. But if you wanted to check it out anyway it’s here http://www.2shared.com/file/3BpxXQpS/thunderf00t_exposed.html

  28. James H. Says:

    Maybe someone ought to release Ali’s full docs. So he can watch his back better.

  29. Nick Bravo Says:

    Sir, to be as frank as you have undoubtedly been, I have a public image to maintain and manipulate. To the outsider, the countless minutia involved in such a ‘manipulation’ often seem counterproductive and illogical, perhaps even to the point of manic or self destructive behavior. I can assure you, however, that every move made, no matter how small and how seemingly unfathomable, is done so with a degree of forethought and analysis rarely applied to the contemporary world. Briefly, you (or at the very least, your online persona) were a single microscopic cog in a vast network of microscopic cogs which compromise the aforementioned ‘manipulation’, the actual details of which you could not hope to understand if you lived a thousand lifetimes.
    Now that I’ve allowed you this ‘peek behind the curtain’, so to speak, I must insist you keep what little of this you understand to yourself.
    Nick Bravo (A contemporary God in a shrinking universe)

  30. Satyajay Mandal Says:

    please delete this blog

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