Da-WAAHHHHHH-films, pt 2

     So here I am at the Texas Freethought convention, where I’ve met for the first time Matt Dillahunty from the Atheist Experience, and been having a great time with folks such as Aronra (also met in person for the first time) and many others when I get email from the infamous ‘crying muslim’ (dawahfilms).  He STILL seems to be operating under the delusion that universities base their hiring and firing policies based on how much a v. whiney pussy complains about how someone explained to him that his religion made him both behave like an ass, and why his religion was evidently stupid.  The baffling thing is he seems to think that I will be intimidated by his delusions.  Again this is not terribly surprising by a man who thinks that fictitious invented punishments, like Muslim-Hell (much nastier than Christian hell! Where Allah, having boiled off someones skin, puts it back on them so he can do it again, and all while dawahfilms watches this sickeningly sadistic blood-fest for eternity, ambivalently thinking, ‘yeah that’s only fair’) will frighten me (lmao).  He might as well state that he’s trained an army of invisible mutant ninja flying monkeys to hunt me down and exterminate me from the rank smell my British Atheism emits!

‘Oh no dawah, Im sorry, Im so sorry, for highlighting the stupidity of your religion, I will never point out how stupid some of the Islamic beliefs are EVER AGAIN!’ (ROFLAMO)

It’s like dungeons and dragons of old, there was always one creature you could laugh at without fear of reprisal.  In D&D it was the kobold.  On youtube its Da-WAAAHHHHHH-films.

Dawahfilms, Islams answer to the kobold!

Dawahfilms, Islams answer to the kobold!

But not only are his threats, like the threats of his religion a joke, his religion has also made him act stupid, in that he didn’t realize that when he posts on a blog like this, he gives away his UNMASKED IP (dumbass!).  Maybe a good time for a little thoughtful reflection Dawahfilms.  Y’see as the old anonymous creed goes, ‘fair game is fair game.  But deep down I suspect they guy wants it.  This is the only thing that got him his 15 minutes of fame and modest notoriety playing the ‘poor persecuted victim’ .  Maybe he’s just striving for ‘youtube martyrdom’   ALLAH ACKBAR!

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36 Responses to “Da-WAAHHHHHH-films, pt 2”

  1. Morde Says:

  2. Rogi Equality Riverstone Says:

    damn it, tf. I came to yer youtube channel 4 science and reason. now, it’s sexist language and a poop throwing contest. You know an atheist took his channel private last night, b/c he got IRL threats? Why fuel this rhetoric? I didn’t want to, but I’m going to unsub from your whole circus: blog, tube channel and all. I LOVED the supernova. You don’t know how much it meant to me. But I’m not getting dragged into this internet Crusades. I’m new here. I need a chance to learn and grow. Now, I’m scared to death to even produce a video, cuz, where I live, I could be KILLED if I’m outted as an atheist. Potholer 54 was doing just fine. And then you show up and start throwing poop. You know so little about women and you’re so sure what’s right for us, esp. Muslim women. I don’t want to be ANYWHERE near you, with this crap going on. You should have stuck to science, instead of subwhoring. And don’t tell me that’s not what this is. I wasn’t born yesterday. good bye. You really betrayed the popularization of science! And we’re PLUMMETING into the new Dark Ages so fast. Dr. Sagan would have kicked you in the nuts for this.

    • Rogi Equality Riverstone Says:

      I just put together my first, real atheist youtube video a few days before Potholer56 and Aminakin came to an understanding. It’s my impressions, as a new person, of the verbal abuse I’ve seen in youtube videos. I wasn’t going to post this to you, cuz you wouldn’t watch it or care or give a damn about my experience, but, Mr. Ego, I mentioned you in it. The juxtaposition between the abject poverty in which I live and the fundamentalist self righteousness that surrounds me, vs. watching your supernova in my travel trailer in the parking lot where I live was profound to me. Well, dude, thanks for throwing poop on the nicest thing that’s happened to me in months, something that gave me hope again. No, your holy wars are MUCH more important than MY puny life, health, safety and peace of mind. Here’s MY FIRST EVER YouTube video on atheism: http://youtu.be/q2EVBwmFf3c “We Have Better Arguments 1” There’s a part 2, but you’re too important, so I won’t post the link. It’s in the description for the 1st video. I’m so mad at you, I could kick you in the nuts, too. But it would be more humiliating to you, coming from Dr. Sagan. SO MUCH privilege, knowledge, education, opportunity you have and you squander it on the Hatfields and Mc Coys feud?

      • Justicar Says:

        I find it rather difficult when people who live in the west are online whining about how downtrodden they are. Just from your posting here, I can deduce a couple of things: you have access to electricity, the internet and a computer capable of handling information conversation. Further, inasmuch as you can upload a video to youtube, it’s clear you have some extra software. I’ll leave to the reader’s imagination how you came by it.

        It’s one thing not to like Thunderf00t’s positions on various matters. It’s quite another to say that he is somehow raining on your hope-parade.

        One also notes that you yourself are privileged, educated and have certain opportunities denied to most women for most of history. Largely by the religious. Yet, the person you choose to verbally attack is thunderf00t. Good. I’m glad you’re making a video and letting your voice be heard, and writing (one notes a literate woman you are), and all of that. It’s a good thing.

        Now start using all of the ‘privilege’ you have to say something more than “stop doing what I say I don’t want you to do!”

        If you don’t like what Thunderf00t has to say, demonstrate why he’s wrong (not, whining about your feelings isn’t an argument), or stop watching him. Or, even better, do better than he does so that people will take your message over his.

        Or, you can whine in the comments section on his blog how much you don’t like him now that he’s said something you don’t like.

      • Rigo Jancsi Says:

        Just leave Carl Sagan out of this.

  3. Kay (@QueQuoi) Says:

    Sounds like Texas is the place to be tonight. Sorry to see that you are STILL dealing with this guy. At this point, a recommended prescription would be a drink and some laughs. Just wanted to say hello and wish you and everyone there all the best.

  4. Douglas Wake (@thelastholdout) Says:

    Un-goddamned believable. Tf00t, I think you’ve set a record for consecutive time spent keeping up a lie on Youtube, apart from Brett Keane maybe. You know, you fucking KNOW that this bullshit started because Dawah said (paraphrased) “You try to kill us/get us killed, we’ll kill you right back!” His response to you was stupid, and you could’ve dealt with it easily and said “Hey look man, I don’t want to actually kill any of you, I’m just saying that shit will go down if you guys try to kill us.”

    Instead you chose to manipulate xenophobia and general Muslim hating and claim that because of his religion, Dawah was calling for your death. You have proceeded now to keep painting all Muslims as violent and primitive, while ignoring multiple videos, comments and emails explaining that even if Dawah threatened you, he was not even close to representing all Muslims. You especially ignored Dawah’s follow up videos where he asked for a peaceful resolution to the conflict (ignored) clarified his original meaning (double ignored) and CONDEMNED THOSE WHO WOULD COMMIT THE KIND OF VIOLENCE YOU CLAIMED HE ADVOCATED. (ignored).

    So while Dawah’s been busily eroding his position as the wronged party by pursuing professional vengeance on you, you have CONTINUED to lie, warp history, and make fun of him, KNOWING that you’re only egging him on. You’re almost gleeful in your continued attacks on Dawah, and quite frankly, it’s getting disgusting.

    Venomfangx tried to censor you off of Youtube and lied about donations he was accepting as well as a multitude of other things. Fine, great that you took him down. Howtheworldworks committed subscriber fraud and made several factual errors in his videos which made people groan. Okay. But every part of this Dawahma is in direct response to YOUR actions, YOUR verbal abuse, and YOUR chronic lying. You have alienated a great deal of prominent Youtube users, whom you lied about and misrepresented as well.

    Please, stop this. Make peace with Dawah, apologize for lying about him, ask him to stop trying to get you fired, and MOVE THE FUCK ON. Be professional and mature about this fiasco for once, before you lose everything you started your channel to attain.

    Still watching and hoping,


    • Cephas Borg Says:

      Oh for fuck’s sake. A guy threatens to murder someone because THEY DON’T LIKE WHAT THEY SAY about their fundamentalist, hateful, barbaric, homoerotic, misogynist religious bullshit, and you say they should back down because the murderer claims they’re MISUNDAZTOOD?? Give us all a farking break dude.

      How is ANY of what TF said about DuhhDuhh films a factual lie? How is any of it “warp history”? Be very, very careful, and be very, very specific – or you risk painting yourself with Ali’s nonsensical attitude.

      I personally cacked myself watching the little moron squeal like a spoiled 3-year-old who got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. And I heartily approve of TF’s continued attacks against the mentality shown by anyone who believes this religious claptrap, let alone the fundamentalist. Remember, they put the MENTAL in FUNDAMENTAL.

      TF moved the fuck on – Ali continues to squeal and moan pathetically against a reasoned, factual, rebuttal to a threat of murder – and the best you can come up with is “Kiss and make up, or I’ll…” What? Unsubscribe? Subscribe to the Mental Mad Muslim’s channel as an act of civil disobedience?

      I had no idea people existed who could take up such a farcical position aligned with an obvious nutjob, then beg the target of the attack (stupid or otherwise) to shut the fuck up and get on with making you happy.

      Christ on a crutch. Think about what you’re asking TF to do (and he shouldn’t, it’s too much fun watching the Mad Muslim wiggle like the slimy little mentally deficient, gutless, cowardly, stupid, half-baked loon that he obviously is). Then put yourself in the same position. I know what I’d do.

    • Mike Paps Says:

      “You’re almost gleeful in your continued attacks on Dawah, and quite frankly, it’s getting disgusting.”

      Continued responses to DF’s attacks I think you mean. DawahFilms initiated this battle when he made a video mischaracterizing TF’s Sleeping Giant video as a bigoted call for genocide, and included a thinly veiled death threat. TF PWNED him in response, and dropped it until he discovered months later that Ali was searching for his docs, and he made a video pointing it out. Again he dropped it until the latest rounds of threats, and attempts at blackmail came from DF. Now I can understand why some people sympathize with Dawah as a result of him having his ass kicked repeatedly, and we all like to route for the underdog, but in this case the underdog is a vicious immoral pit bull who is undeserving of any sympathy.

      In fact a friend of mine passed on the dossier on TF the link to which DF is sending to anyone who asks, and not only does he drop TF’s docs, but TF’s brother who did nothing to him, and it includes a 12 minute video documenting the hunt for his information that is frightening. I don’t know if any law was broken, but if I were the target of that I would absolutely contact legal authorities.

      I want to add a message to TF. If you read this, and haven’t seen the download I’m referring to, feel free to contact me, and I will forward it to you. Anyone else don’t bother asking.

    • James H. Says:

      Ignored what? Kevin never backup in any meaningful way. He still continues his Jihad in the name of Islam in his latest videos today.

      apologize? Thunderf00t didn’t paint all Muslims like that – Kevin, claiming he speak for all Muslims did. And yes religion motivates him (never mind his small ego, from which is a derivative of his small dick and brain).
      He is an inconsistent double standard juvenile brat, who just crossed the line with those docs.

  5. Cephas Borg Says:

    Sure wish I was in Texas. I want to see how many pitchforks and flaming swords the local christians can rustle up to combat the atheist menace.

    I think from space there would be a really bright light just about where the freethought convention is, surrounded by patches of darkness where the prayer vigils are going on!

    Talk about taking a candle into the demon-haunted dark!

    Hope the convention goes off like a cracker.

  6. Durandal Says:

    According to some on Coughlans latest video called “thunderf00t’s docs” (and to Coughlans credit, he’s gotten a video showing thunderf00ts information off of YouTube)
    DawahFilms is giving out thunderf00ts personal information on a zipped file to anyone who asks, and if this is proven true, DawahFilms is in for some deep shit, adding to the fact he was stupid enough to gloat about his actions on this website without a proxy.

    “@theticketybooboo-TF did not have his docs dropped.

    Oh really? Because the 42mb zip file that DawahFilms sent me a link to on a sock account I made sure seems like TF’s docs to me. He also drops TF’s brothers (who has nothing to do with this) docs in that file as well. So is it ok if you don’t specifically say it on a video, but hand out the info to any random stranger that asks?
    HowToDealWith 4 hours ago

    @stefhenhaires-DawahFilms didn’t actually drop Thunderf00t’s docs, though.

    Send DF’s a pm, and ask him for TF’s docs, and see how quickly you get them. I made a brand new sock account with a Muslim sounding name, and within minutes was the proud owner of a 42mb zip file that contained TF’s, and TF’s brothers docs, which included 6 of his published papers, and a creepy 12 minute video showing step by step how his docs were tracked down. So yes he is dropping his docs.
    HowToDealWith 4 hours ago”

    • James H. Says:

      “deep shit”? make it happen.

      • Durandal Says:

        Make what happen? Perhaps you misunderstood. The “deep shit” comment refers to how people get kicked off of YouTube for distributing personal information and even run into legal trouble. It wasn’t a call to action or anything like that. There’s no evidence he’s even distributing the information, though it’s not unbelievable.

      • Durandal Says:

        This is more to bring attention to thunderf00t and others that the claim is out there that DawahFilms is indeed distributing this information. I am skeptical of the claim itself, as the zip file mentioned is available on this website in the first Da-WAHHHH blogpost, but as I said, it’s not unbelievable. It’s up to the claimers to prove it. I said deep shit also because if proven true, you can bet thunderf00t will be letting YouTube know, and DawahFilms ISP, who’s info DawahFilms just stupidly gave thunderf00t.

      • James H. Says:

        He admitted it and boasted it.
        I call for action, the whole atheist community is now fearing these Islamic radicals who seek to censor us and now hunt us down (in “REAL LIFE”).

      • Durandal Says:

        “He admitted it and boasted it.
        I call for action, the whole atheist community is now fearing these Islamic radicals who seek to censor us and now hunt us down (in “REAL LIFE”).”

        For one he has not admitted to it and boasted about it (about sending people on YouTube thunderf00ts personal information that is). He in fact claims he’s deleted comments posted on his channel revealing them and has said he refuses to send them to people. Some claim he’s lying about that and has in fact sent them to people. There’s no evidence either way, so you can’t just jump to conclusions about it. It does seem he was lying about how he got thunderf00ts information though, which he said he got from an ex-friend. He seems to have really gotten it from a now removed video called “Thunderf00t’s secret identity!” that was uploaded three months ago. I think the user who posted it was called jacky11991.

        And while I think DawahFilms is a smug asshole, he’s hardly an islamic radical terrorizing atheist on youtube. He’s not doing a good job censoring anyone if he’s even tried and he’s done this with one person, and he’s failing at that too.

  7. Martyn Roberts Says:

    Well I give it a few months but I reckon we’ll be seeing an venomfangx style apology video from dawafilms. Its clear hes dropping tfoots docs even his brothers docs and a paper written on climate science. Who wants to put money on dawas channel suddenly disappearing?

    I like thunders videos on islam hes only saying what needs to be said although the one complaint I make is he focuses too much on the absurdities of the religion which angers people like dawafilms because its not why they believe. Although its fun to watch somebody especially a woman try to justify a man in his late forties marrying a pre teen its kind of old…

    • James H. Says:

      Don’t count on it. Maybe we will see the next sucidiebomber. I just watched “Atheism: Not The Default Position” it seems he read 3 pagers of an introduction to logic and did not understand them.
      He is such a retard. Much more stupid then VenomfangX

  8. geewiz Says:

    LOL, played a lot of D&D have we tf?

  9. Sheepy Says:

    You have an unmasked IP., meaning a location. You have an age. You likely have a full name.

    He’s out. TF. You’ve got him.

    Reply if you’d like a fellow man-of-the-creed’s assistance.

    Stay classy, bro.

    • Durandal Says:

      And now he has his schools name and deans name as well. I bet DawahFilms will cry and whine when the same thing he tried to do to thunderf00t happens to him.

      • James H. Says:

        He should spread the docs. I will also phone his school to complain about his violent actions online and radical Islamism.

      • Durandal Says:

        “He should spread the docs. ”

        He better not, or he’s going to face trouble himself. Do you want his YouTube account taken down and want him to face possible legal trouble? Plus haven’t you heard the saying: “Two wrongs don’t make a right?” Hopefully thunderf00t is more rational and cool-headed than some of his fans.

        “I will also phone his school to complain about his violent actions online and radical Islamism.”

        They’ll most likely listen to complaints about him harassing, but accusations of “radical Islamism” will fall on deaf ears, because he’s not a radical islamist, and being he’s in Malaysia (a muslim majority country) they won’t just jump and react at the first mention of that. You’ll have to prove that.

      • James H. Says:

        Dawahfilms toke this cultural conflict to a whole new playing ground. I can’t wait for his docs to come out, him and his victimhood. Yes, your logic is wrong & of an appeaser.
        We jail people (do them a wrong) because they did a wrong – in order to deter.
        Dawahfilms and violent believers like him should be deterred from threatening people and thus trying to censor them. Many Atheists today voice concerns over even posting videos with there face on it because of people like Dawahfilms. Islamic fear has come to youtube.

      • Durandal Says:

        “Dawahfilms toke this cultural conflict to a whole new playing ground. ”

        So are internet bitch fights “culture conflicts” now? What is a “culture conflict” anyway?

        “I can’t wait for his docs to come out, him and his victimhood. ”

        Well you’re just a little sociopathic internet troll, not aren’t ya :p This doesn’t even involve you personally and you can’t wait to try to get a hold of someones personal info?

        “Yes, your logic is wrong & of an appeaser.”

        Um..how so? So what is this now, a war? What am I being an “appeaser” too?

        “We jail people (do them a wrong) because they did a wrong – in order to deter.”

        Jailing people is not “doing them a wrong” you moron, it’s legal recourse and in most of the developed world, jail is to prevent recidivism and rehabilitate people, unless you’re advocating the kind of jurisprudence in those islamic countries you hate so much.

        You can’t tell me you’ve never heard of the logical fallacy “Two wrongs make a right ” What are you 5 years old? Well wait because five year olds know that by heart and understand it.

        “Dawahfilms and violent believers like him should be deterred from threatening people and thus trying to censor them.”


        “Many Atheists today voice concerns over even posting videos with there face on it because of people like Dawahfilms. Islamic fear has come to youtube.”

        Prove it. Prove DawahFilms is scaring people off of YouTube. I’m not trying to defend him here, but please show me the fear on Youtube of being an outspoken atheist because there’s people with hundreds of thousands of subscribers with their face and name shown and everything while being outspoken atheists.

      • James H. Says:

        Durandal, I hope you choke to death on a hardone of a rodent road kill you motherfucker appeaser. That’s for naming me a moron “5 year old” and other ego tripping irrelevant bullshit, you suffocating dry cunt.

        And I’m sure you’ve never read the in Wikipedia “Two wrongs make a right” the criticism part. It sounds you don’t know the difference between a formal and informal fallacy,
        locking up people is wrong
        But…if they are criminally charged – it isn’t.
        Dawahfilms deserves his docs being dropped – in order to further deter dick heads like him.

      • Durandal Says:

        “Durandal, I hope you choke to death on a hardone of a rodent road kill you motherfucker appeaser. ”

        Lol so what’s your problem with DawahFilms making psuedo-threats like telling people to commit suicide if you’re going to do the same thing to me for simply showing the facts?

        “That’s for naming me a moron “5 year old””

        But that’s what you are :p

        “other ego tripping irrelevant bullshit, you suffocating dry cunt.”

        Do you even know what an ego trip is? Because if anything that’s what you’re doing.

        “I’m sure you’ve never read the in Wikipedia ”

        Oh dear, never read in Wikipedia? XD Now I know you’re some kid. Yes I’m aware concepts have criticisms of them, no duh, you’re basically doing a Bushism there, which is making me nostalgic. By the way the criticisms of the concept listed on Wikipedia are basically what highly religious societies like islamic theocracies subscribe too, so seriously, what’s your deal with fundie muslims then? You show zero understanding of the concept or of modern day criminal justice. So I just hope thunderf00t doesn’t take your advice on anything.

        “locking up people is wrong
        But…if they are criminally charged – it isn’t.”

        *facepalm* you do realize people get locked up for revealing personal information..right? Do you see the irony in your advice you’re trying to give thunderf00t? With allies like you, who needs enemies?

        “Dawahfilms deserves his docs being dropped – in order to further deter dick heads like him.”

        Well it won’t since people have been “dropping docs” for years on YouTube on each other and it hasn’t deterred anyone. The only deterrence against it is pure anonymity actually.

  10. ApokalypseCow Says:

    So the doc-dropping fiasco continues… tf00t, if you end up swinging anywhere near St Louis on your way back, and would be interested in a free beer or a meal, it is on me.

  11. James H. Says:

    Thunderf00t should go underground for a while.
    This has gone too far. Even a major part of the appeasing Atheist community is violently turning against him.

  12. Stephen Gallacher Says:

    You know he’s at it again don’t you?

  13. James H. Says:

    The best video I’ve watched on the subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh1TCwFA8jY

    With a grain of slat, even if Dawahfilms did NOT drop those docs, he turned attention to them – in effect doing the same thing.

  14. James H. Says:

    DROPPING DOCS ADMISSION: watch?v=lUQ7YgfeOAU&list=FL7gH­­nsTOFIvEghz2eoAJsng&index=2

    FBI, REALLY? watch?v=_EridNcvi8A&feature=fe­­edu

  15. JRBendixen Says:

    Ali most certainly want to go down as a martyr. I mean why else defend amenakin who is much better educated and has a staff working for her 🙂

    And I actually think you should indulge him. I mean he will continue to hassle others as long as he is able.

  16. Satyajay Mandal Says:

    so bad

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