YES Dawahfilms, giving away my docs to people who ask is doc dropping, and you were doing this, not only to me, but to at least one other member of my family.  What’s even more pathetic is that EVEN NOW, after you have been caught, dropping my docs, you insist on trying to use weasel words to try and define your way out of this.  Not just in your latest video (thunderfoot, lies vs truth), where you state:

“none of my VIDEOS doc dropped” -Dawahfilms

but in the email you wrote to me:

 Im also pissed still at your “Dawahfilms doc dropped me” accusation, which is bullshit. You know as well as I do this info has been around for awhile. The fact that you had to pin it on me is nonsense.  -Dawahfilms

     I mean really, you expect to be this comically frugal with the truth to my face and expect me not to notice IMMEDIATELY?  All that ‘belief in god’ had addled your brain with unrealistic wishful thinking.  Y’see this is the thing, if you had any integrity, you would have been able to simply say, ‘I did not disseminate ANY of Tfoots docs, nor did I enable other to acquire them’.

     I can already hear his next set of excuses, ‘well I only sent links to the data that ‘someone else’ had hosted so it I am completely innocent’

     No dawahfilms.  Giving away my personal details to people who asked is doc dropping and you were doing it in your personal spite filled hate vendetta.  But I and you both know why you did this, because it was impossible for you to defend the stupidity of your religion on the public forum, or the violent behavior it induced in you in that you think your religion actually gives you a mandate to kill certain people.

And your threats to sue me:

I just want you to know that when I get the chance, I’ll be contacting your next place of employment if its a university, so as to protect them from your bigotry. Or, by that time, I’ll have you in court for defamation. Depends on which one is more suitable. .-Dawahfilms

these are even more unrealistic than the idea that the epileptic ramblings of some desert crazy were actually ‘Allah’ trying to communicate with the world.  If you were really serious about suing someone, it’s dead simple, you subpoena YT and the service provider for the personal details, and take it forward from there.   However this is all contingent of course on you actually having a prima facie case for getting a subpoena issued, and that’s where it really all crashes and burns, because you see DaWAHHHH, it turns out you can’t sue people for saying whats evidently true.

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  1. Ripley Newbold Says:

    Keep fighting the good fight TF. They don’t know it yet but you’re doing the world quite a favor here.

    Hey quick question, have you ever checked out any of Tim Minchin’s Work?

  2. Naomi (@NaomiJChambers) Says:

    I have known for a long time that there is something seriously wrong with DawahFilms. He has a terrifying, hateful look in his eyes. It feels like he reeks hatred from every pore in his body. This man has serious issues. Without normal social outlets, and normal social activities he will become a ticking time bomb.

    • cbilljones Says:

      Well Kevin used to be a christian, which qualifies in the “bat shit crazy” department; however the rape and genocide in the bible wasn’t enough, he needed more: he needed islam. And so about 3 years ago Kevin, who was already “bat shit crazy”, decided to fuel all his hate into a simpler name: ali.

    • lol Says:

      I aint a supporter of dawah or thunderfoot but that is just random. I see a picture of u there and I gotta say u were terrifying looking to XD. Sort of like the face they would show children as the boogey monster to stop them from misbehaving.

      • lol Says:

        contd.. The only reason why I am so blunt is because don’t insult another person’s character in that manner. It is complete nonsense to just conclude the he reeks hatred from every pore in his body. I would of called your ass on this if you would said the same thing with thunderfoot (as they are some videos in which he looks like he is filled with hate as well).

  3. Edd Says:

    Dear Mr T. Foot,

    Keep it up.

  4. DawahFilms Says:

    Why don’t you make a video about it TF? Why so scared?

    I mean…you have evidence…right?

    • King Kool Says:

      Someone already made a video with proof.

      Might not hold up in court, but it looks pretty good. Youtube will probably be able to tell if it’s real, since they’re Youtube and all.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        Oh YA, that’s proof allright!!!! Heh.

        Tf00t, you should use this in your next video along with the other accusation spreading around about me.

        Go ahead 🙂

      • James H. Says:

        No proof will do for someone without standards. What proof did you bring forward that the FBI is after you? Or all the other claims? This is 100 times more actual proof then you delivered.

        Sure “Go ahead”, your enjoying the attention. You want to be an Islamic martyr. The truth is, this has little to do with Islam. – it more your personal psychology. You being the perfect man, with the perfect religion – going on the most justified conflict EVER by any man.
        Just admit you were wrong, apologize, and fuck off (I’ve watched your other vids. Please, open a book not on on WHAT TO THINK, but HOW for allah’s sake! “Understanding Arguments: An Introduction to Informal Logic” is pretty good)

    • KillerOfTheSun Says:

      Only a sharmoota as yourself would go after the man in real life…hopefully you get whats coming…..

    • Durandal Says:

      Why don’t you produce the evidence about his workplace? You’ve made the excuse you’ll just get flagged then, but you can redact personal information (which you don’t seem to have a problem distributing anyway) and once and for all prove thunderf00t is a liar. You’re already under the crosshairs of thousands of angry fanboys, and you’ve already handed thunderf00t your IP address, so what’s to lose? Let’s see if thunderf00t is a liar once and for all.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Team Fortress?

    • TinySaint Says:

      So this is all about the fact that you get so many hits only when TF posts a vid about you? You go on and on about how he should reply to you. And he finally does on his blog but that is not enough. Why is that? Because you know the blog won’t generate the same publicity for you as the youtube channel. Personally, I think he has wasted more than enough time on you and you should be grateful for the hits you got out of it already on your channel. Now it is time to go out and figure out how to generate your own publicity without trying to destroy people to do it. Are you capable of such a thing?

      Finally, I made a small number of comments a long while back on your channel and we had a brief dialogue. I made a short critical remark with zero name calling and I am now blocked from your channel as are most people with critical things to say. This is something done by a person lacking integrity. TF’s channel is not like this and very few channels I go to are, even though they fill up with comments from haters and supporters alike. Have you ever asked yourself why you are different in this regard? If so, ask again and try to shoot for a truthful answer this time.

  5. E.A. Black Says:

    Come to think of it. If anyone is to sue anyone, wouldn’t you have a pretty strong case against Dawah for harassment and menacing? I hope this Dawah debacle doesn’t sour you on making more science videos. Thanks.


  6. Clinton Graham Says:

    I think the best thing that can be done form this point, is to pursue any legal avenues available, and simply not respond to any more of the escalating BS. Dawah wanted it personal, so take it off YT, and leave it off YT. Maybe do a collaboration video with FPS Russia, on the science of tannerite, and blowing up terrorists, but leave it at that. (btw, that would be awesome) Aside from that I’d maintain radio silence, while taking real world action, and precaution. I want some more star blogs, I was digging that.

  7. Sal Says:

    DopeWAAAAH’s still blogstalking, I see.

    • dumass Says:

      lmao… blogstalking? This is a public page. If someone was writing about me on a site then I would certianely make it my business to atleast see what being written just like dawah did. Is watching youtube videos also stalking?…..

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t understand why the atheist community on youtube is so reticent to attack Islam and so quick to attack those in its midst that do have the balls to reveal this monstrous belief system for the evil that it is. Christianity seems to be fair game…which is good, but let’s get honest here. Christianity in this day and age doesn’t hold a candle to the violence of Islam and Muslims. Maybe its because it seems racist because most Muslims are Arabic. I know very few people who denounce Arabic people…but who will denounce their horrible violent religion. It is not racist to attack Islam

    • Anonymous Says:

      yeah I am shocked to see Atheists who do not mind bashing christianity, suddenly defending islam. It is a fact that people are afraid the speak up against Islam because they fear for their families. Theo was murderd in broad daylight in AMSTERDAM I was living not far away from where it happend.

      does this mean if I speak up against it the same fate will await me or my loved ones on our doorstep. I dunno, yet I do think Islam needs to grow up and realise we are not in the middle ages anymore.

      keep going Thunderf00t, I look forward to seeing more of your science videos 😀

  9. Michael Brereton Says:

    Hope this all manages to get resolved, Tf00t. Keep going. The truth will out as they say.

  10. BlitzNeko Says:

    The silver lining is that many people can look up your published papers, it should lead to new opportunities.

  11. DawahFilms Says:

    BTW Tf00t. I saw your bulletin.

    You can respond now, but I didn’t think you’d want to respond to some “barbarian” like me. But hey, now you can.

    Im more than willing to talk if you have something to talk about 🙂

  12. Sammy Hales Says:

    My name is Spartacus (Sammy Hales). Thank you for standing up to Islamic bigotry, ignorance, hate, and especially bullying. I think it’s hilarious that Kevin made up a story about CAIR interceding on his behalf (Some of its leaders have been caught actively supporting terrorists groups). I wouldn’t want Hamas Supporters defending me against accusations of extremism! OMG! 😉

    • Durandal Says:

      To be fair, the accusation of CAIR being linked to Hamas has been dropped.

      “In 2007 the organization was named, along with 245 others, by U.S. Federal prosecutors in a list of unindicted co-conspirators and/or joint venturers in a Hamas funding case involving the Holy Land Foundation,[2] which caused the FBI to cease working with CAIR outside of criminal investigations due to its designation.[3][4][5] A federal appeals court removed the label for all parties and sealed the list on October 20, 2010, ruling the designation was the result of “simply an untested allegation of the Government, made in anticipation of a possible evidentiary dispute that never came to pass.” [6][7][8][9]”


  13. JRBendixen Says:

    Ali only want to speak, so he can make more silly demands.

  14. mark Says:

    Seeing as sad little attention deprived kevin bin laden used to be a nice christian boy making christian videos, the authorities may want to take a look at what is going on at his local mosque.
    They seem to have successfully turned little kev into your typical death threatening doc dropping domestic terrorist in fairly short order.
    Yes kev thats right, dumping someones personal information to anyone who requests it against their will is an the act of an extremist intent on doing harm.

    All you have done kev is prove Tfoots point, all it took to turn you into a nasty poisonous lying death threatening little fundie

    • mark Says:


      Was for you to follow islam.

      I sincerely hope Tfoot finds a way to take you down the same way he did with VFX.

      • you dumass Says:

        lmao… I don’t know how islam keeps working itself into the conversations. You fuckin retard I am not even a muslim or a christian or any follower of religion and I can tell you that this is complete bullshit. Dawah disclosed his information or “made it public” because the dude was pissed off at him not because relgion made him do so. I mean apparently it is an athiest himself who has been spreading this about thunderfoot. (what religion taught him/her to resort to such action). Asswipe

  15. Joe Barrington (@VetsTail) Says:

    The more that Phil gets tangled up in DawahFilms charade the harder it will be to follow the truth of the matter.

    The evidence is easy to find for those that want to. Regardless of the evidence, what Phil is saying fits within my bounds of trust that he has earned. People don’t have the time to go back to first principles in all situations and necessarily rely on trust. Trust simply being how much faith we have in the person balanced against the claims they are making.

    Faith is a necessary part of an atheists life too.

    • ANCB Says:

      Faith is a belief that is not based on proof, but “Trust” as you have put it here is belief based on convincing evidence collected from past experiences or encounters with another person that verified their integrity and reliability (i.e., proof)- it is NOT a form of faith.

      • Joe Barrington (@VetsTail) Says:

        You confuse the word proof. Trust does not equate to proof. Reliability of a person does not equate to proof. Integrity does not equate to proof.

        You have faith in a statement from someone if you do not corroborate it yourself. Trust does not constitute proof of a statements validity, it merely allows you to have faith that it is valid.

        Until the moment that you have found the statement to be true yourself, it is still taken on faith because you are trusting that person.

        Hence trust is the balancing of your faith in a person against the claims they are making.

      • Joe Barrington (@VetsTail) Says:

        To quote Sagan. “Argument from authority is worthless”

        Until you can validate something, it is taken on faith no matter who says it or how much you trust them.

    • operatoroscillation Says:

      “Trust simply being how much faith we have in the person balanced against the claims they are making. Faith is a necessary part of an atheists life too”

      I’m confused by the first statement. Faith can be part of an atheist’s life but no it’s not necessary. Faith implies belief because you desire to believe it regardless of evidence or probability. I don’t know if that’s how dictionaries define faith but that’s certainly consistant with how the word is actually used.

      • Joe Barrington (@VetsTail) Says:

        You can’t simply redefine a word because you think it should be used differently.

        Bearing in mind we have to use the word evidence in its stricter sense here. For example ‘2nd hand’ evidence is not evidence at all, belief in what someone else says still requires faith that they are correct.

        Faith is belief without evidence, not belief irrespective of evidence. Religious faith is a little different in that it requires ‘knowledge’ of things outside the testable realm of science. Religious faith claims a higher (or transcendental) evidence is available to them that negates any evidence that opposes it. All other evidence is trumped.

      • Joe Barrington (@VetsTail) Says:

        Forgot to add:
        The effect of religious faith is to look very much like belief irrespective of evidence; yet to the religious it is logically correct as their special knowledge of the higher power affords them proof that all other answers are wrong.

      • operatoroscillation Says:

        “You can’t simply redefine a word because you think it should be used differently.”

        I haven’t. I’ve defined the word based on how it IS actually used, not how I think it should be used, which is no different than what a dictionary does.

        “belief in what someone else says still requires faith that they are correct.”

        Even if that person does have evidence if only you would ask for it but you don’t? It sounds like you are using the word “faith” exactly the way I’ve defined it. So I’m surprised that it’s the “regardless of evidence” part that you object to, since it does conform to how you use the word in your argument. It’s the “regardless of probability” part of my definition that objects to your argument.

      • operatoroscillation Says:

        It’s possible that you simply misunderstood what I meant by “regardless”. Maybe I should have defined “faith” as “active belief that is not informed by evidence, existing or not, or probability.”

      • Joe Barrington (@VetsTail) Says:

        At this point i’m happy to throw in the towel! Going through the semantics of it all doesn’t fill me with glee! Interesting discussion though 🙂

      • operatoroscillation Says:

        Well…keep in mind, a discussion of semantics is what you’re asking for when you say that faith is necessary for atheists. Besides, I’m not trying to win, I’m trying to persuade you (or be persuaded by you if I am wrong this whole time…or come to a consensus or compromise), and if I haven’t done that, well then you haven’t really thrown in the towl.

        So I want to make sure you understand my position:

        “You have faith in a statement from someone if you do not corroborate it yourself”

        In retrospect, this is the premise I should have first responded to. If someone makes the statement “your brakes will work tomorrow morning”, nobody would say that you have faith if you accept that statement as true without verifying it. It’s prior probability is already high. If someone says “your brakes will not work tomorrow morning”, that has a low prior probability, so you’d probably enquire as to what that person is talking about. But if you just accepted what that person said and rode your bike to work the next morning without verifying if your brakes worked or why that person said that, and you responded to your coworkers who suggest that said person was BSing you by saying “I believe very strongly that he was telling the truth. I can’t accept the idea that he lied to me. I need this! I need the exercise and I can’t motivate myself to ride my bike any other way!”, then it’s safe to say that there’s an element of faith involved.

        Would you agree?

  16. Kristian Ralle Says:

    Ahh facepalmdawah, admit defeat already. why so scared? you are on a public forum, your Bullshit and the “Chinese wall” are the two things that can be viewed from the moon:D

    • Travis Dodge, Journalist/Writer Says:

      actually the great wall can only be viewed from orbit, at certain light angles in areas of great contrast like the desert, and only certain parts of the wall which aren’t overgrown. I just recently found this out myself. But I also find Dawah’s behavior a might suspicious. Like, what happened to the accent he had, and the long eerie pauses from the older video?

      • Kristian Ralle Says:

        Actually I knew that, hence the “” but it was just a funny point to make 😛

        He toned it down, after the clusterfuck of the deaththreats

  17. ANCB Says:

    Here’s a short equation that I’ve been struggling with, and I’d like to see if anyone can help me solve it:
    Troll + fanatical religious agenda + mental illness = _______

    • Cephas Borg Says:

      Oooh! Oooh! I know! I know! Pick me!

      “Fundamentalist”. Or, “The Pope”.

      Or any cultist really, although to troll correctly they need an internet connection. Just sayin’… 🙂

  18. Hughes7520 Says:

    Keep up the fight Phil. I hope you don’t mind me calling you Phil now the cats out of the bag? I’m John and it’s gonna be fun watching you take this bitch down. You need help, well, you got my email now.

  19. Gafoorization Says:

    Who is Dawah? Choose:
    a. A fanatic Christian called HumbleOrthodox
    b. A bearded death threat issuing moderate Muslim
    c. An angry youtuber
    d. A person who admits to have distributed tf00t’s videos to everybody at tf00t’s univ with tf00t’s name attached , and then denies doc – dropping
    e. A guy who dances like he’s got ants in his pants
    f. The artist formerly known as Kevin

  20. SaberofJusticeAndFreedom Says:

    Thunderf00t, this whole story is so wrong :/
    Dawahfilms is a confused individual. I wish someone just had stepped it down sometime. Dawahfilms maybe a confused person, but he has gone too far in harming actual people. He should be punished so other people should be deterred. Seek legal advice. His behavior is socially unacceptable. “Say something negative on Islam (or worst, a FEMALE MUSLIM) and I WILL harm you”. Atheists are afraid voicing there opinions on Islam because of these violent actions.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    wallah dammit bro beat that wanker

  22. Mark Says:

    I think the atheist community hasn’t ‘gone after’ Islam as strongly as it has christians (purposeful little ‘c’) is that the literature is readily available in English. Also, I think christians are such an easy target in the US, especially the literal interpretists.

  23. dynamitecoomonster Says:

    Still doing a great job TF. Your work has been an inspiration since i came across your channel in 2008. And I am already looking forward to the inevitable “Dawah apologises to the Internets’ video.

  24. Slipz Says:

    Regards from Sweden! Keep fighting the good fight. I see these extremists everyday becaus of the insane immigration to Sweden from Muslim countries.

  25. Cephas Borg Says:

    You’re on the right track mate. Keep him wriggling and snarling and snapping.

    I’d suggest a legal intervention, but the patient needs to want to leave the delusional world he inhabits alone. We can’t reach in, he has to reach out.

    And from what I’ve seen, he’s not a reachy-outy kinda guy. He HAS all the answers he can cope with.

    So sad… Do it quick. I hate seeing dumb animals suffer.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    dawah my lips..YOU….ARE….RETARDED

  27. MC Says:

    Thanks Dawa, you have inspired me to make a substantial donation to thunderfoot, and as long as he keeps fighting the good fight and providing free education he will continue to have my support.

    • shattap u clown Says:

      lol free education??…… What does he talk about that cannot be learned without him? All you probably doing his paying his monthly rent.

      • operatoroscillation Says:

        “lol free education??…… What does he talk about that cannot be learned without him”

        That is an unintelligible response. If you have a college that neither charges tuition or requires the student to buy supplies, does it make sense to snort at the suggestion that they provide free eduction just because there may be another college doing the same thing?

      • shattap u clown Says:

        @ operatoroscillation: How is that an unintelligable response? There are tons of other youtube channels and several credible websites that offer you free education. Why pay for it with thunderfoot. And are you equating what you learn from thunderfoot to an actual college degree??? Get outta here man.

      • operatoroscillation Says:

        “How is that an unintelligable response?”

        Because it was disjointed and looks like it was written by a belligerent ten year old that doesn’t know how to communicate.

        If you had initially said “There are tons of other youtube channels and several credible websites that offer you free education. Why pay for it with thunderfoot.” I wouldn’t have had any reason to respond.

      • shattap u clown Says:

        Actually there was nothing wrong with the response. The implication was there. Does everything got to be spelled out and written directly for you to understand. I would assume you are an adult. Act and think like one.

      • operatoroscillation Says:

        “I would assume you are an adult. Act and think like one.”

        The pot calling the kettle black.

      • Anonymous Says:

        lol okay fine…. I guess I am acting like a bit of an ass. We agree upon the content of your comment when I clarified my response. So no need for this random exchange of insults (I admit I instigated the situation).

      • operatoroscillation Says:

        “We agree upon the content of your comment when I clarified my response.”

        When it comes to education, nothing beats a college textbook, at least that’s my experience as someone who likes to seek knowledge both inside and outside the classrooms. Youtube is just entertainment. People don’t like to watch venomfangx get kicked around because that’s somehow educational. Granted, people may learn things by watching videos, browsing websites, or having discussions in comments sections, but I have no illusions that people who make videos giving their opinions and arguments are doing it soley for educational purposes.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I agree. In my experience I also believe that a college textbook is always going to be more effective, simply because that is its purpose. I don’t agree necessarily with providing funding with thunderfoot’s channel because as you said it’s not going to be it’s sole purpose. Provided there is nothing wrong with having a few laughs but it seems that with thunderfoot every few months he is having a little juvenile squabble with some new youtube user. I think potholer54s channel (where this all started from) does a better a job in achieving a balance between a few good chuckles and some really informative videos.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Wait.. I don’t get this shit. First it’s Dawah and his fellow desert god worshiping fanatic who is going to send TF to the god he wish he new, but now it’s Hey TF could you msg me please prety please with a cherry on top. WTF am I taking some crazy pills ?

  29. anonymous Says:

    Wow… I can’t believe that two grown ass men are bickering over this issue. I think tunderfoot is the bigger douche since he is like some dude in his late 40s. Seriously I am an agnostic and I am gonna say the obvious. Thunderfoot you are an ass but your bitchboys (subs) need to get a damn life. Everyone knows that you all probably play world of warcraft everyday and the only excitement you have in your life is to see this drama on youtube. This is there issue why do you all getting involved in it. Don’t say we all standing up for “free speech”. Even if somehow dawah managed to get thunderfoot to apologize and “clear his name” did you all just experienced a major loss? All what is going to happen is an end to some meaningless crap that noone will care about in 6 months. So go back to your daily pathetic lives and leave this for these two to settle their differences.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Thunderf00t interviews Dawahfilms Live 🙂

  31. Feki Says:

    In the clip Thunderf00t: Game Over from Dawah Films you can hear this @4:24
    “If you have unlimited power of a particular form that you can affect other people’s lives, that anonymity should not protect you anymore. It is considered dangerous, because now you are able to hurt others and get other people to hurt them. But now you are completely protected from consequences.”
    Ok, am I the only one who sees a parallel here with deities and other invisible/imaginary beings that live in “anonymity”? I would agree with Mr Dawah Films here. Those “anonymous things” should be considered dangerous because, even though they don’t exist, they cause people to hurt others while the fanatic ideology they inspired is completely protected from consequences. Would Mr Dawah Films care to explain why his particular deity (granted that it exists in the first place) gets to live in anonymity and get away with it? Why can we not take this anonymity away from it/she/he and make it/her/him accountable for hurting people directly or indirectly?
    Of course this is not about double standards. It is plain lunacy. Believing in imaginary being is irrational and justifying your actions (e.g. invasion of private lives) over, allegedly, defending your imaginary friend is wrong. That’s exactly how people justify things like stoning and exploding shoes. (FYI, stoning=bad, exploding shoes=real bad).
    So here it is: deities do not exist. Neither does the Easter bunny, they are all on the same level. Let’s take their “anonymity” (read: assumption of real existence) away and be done with it so they hurt no more people. And also so insecure people don’t get any more excuses to violate other people’s rights.
    My sincere respect to Thunderf00t and the facts he advocates.

    • Cephas Borg Says:

      I can’t agree more. I think that’s the whole damn point.

      It seems to me that Kevin/Ali’s issue is that his whole critical thinking processes have been dominated by his need to believe in an omnipotent, personal “superfriend”.

      It doesn’t matter who that superfriend is (although in Kevin’s case, Jesus obviously couldn’t cut it next to SuperMohammed), the important thing is that the SF believes the same things Kevin does.

      From the (admittedly untargeted) researchI’ve done, that would seem to be the purpose of all deities.

      Unfortunately for followers like Kevin, they can’t rely on the brotherhood to watch their backs, and they sure as sh!t don’t get no respect from their superfriend Allah the Cherisher of Worlds.

      I think that might have shocked little Ali more than he let on.

      • Feki Says:

        True, but keep in mind: Mohamed is not a superfriend per se, that’d be Allah. Mo is more like a sales rep, or in the superheroe context, a sidekick at best. All of which of course, makes things even the more ridiculous: mankind has come to imagine comicbook superheroes that are less petty and more inspiring than any of the main superfriends of the world. Yet, we don’t worship comicbooks (that I know of).

        I cannot believe how hard it is for religous folks to realize that by stepping in and “defending” an omnipotent, omniscient and omnispresent superfriend (and sidekick) they inherently admit it has neither omnipotence, omniscience or omnipresence as it claims to possess. We are talking “badass all knowing ultimate superfriends” who cannot even send a holy pigeon to crap on an atheist’s head.

        By way of his shenanigans, Mr. Douchewah Films is actually acknowledging that his superfriend (a) fails miserably to undertake any retaliation towards Thunderf00t, or (b) doesn’t give a crap about retaliation at all. In either case, Mr. DF should reconsider his beliefs and his allegiance to a superfriend who cannot “walk the talk” and take serious actions towards “infidels” who “bully” him.

        What a shock indeed, wait till he finds out that the promised 72 virgins aren’t real either.

  32. Cephas Borg Says:

    Oh, the virgins are real all right – to folks like our Captain Toxic, the Underhero.

    But nowhere in the qur’an (and I’ve read it many times) does it say they would be _women_? 😀

  33. D Says:

    Dawah, despite lots of people trying to give you counsel and trying hard to give you a nudge in the right direction, you persist in what can only be described as immature, petty, vindictiveness.

    I think it is very likely that some comeuppance might be coming your way.

    Please don’t misinterpret that to mean some kind of threat, I mean that you will probably face justice, when your silly antics catch up with you.

    I suspect, you’ll have to watch Thunderf00t go forward with a successful life and career, while you end up very much compromised by your recent behaviour. Let’s hope future employers put it down to crass immaturity and give you some kind of break, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

    When you face what you have to, please don’t whine about it, most of us are all out of sympathy for you, even though we see the silly frightened boy behind the bluster.

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  37. pet supplies plus Says:

    I think it is very likely that some comeuppance might be coming your way.

    Please don’t misinterpret that to mean some kind of threat, I mean that you will probably face justice, when your silly antics catch up with you.

    I suspect, you’ll have to watch Thunderf00t go forward with a successful life and career, while you end up very much compromised by your recent behaviour. Let’s hope future employers put it down to crass immaturity and give you some kind of break, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

    When you face what you have to, please don’t whine about it, most of us are all out of sympathy for you, even though we see the silly frightened boy behind the bluster.

  38. KeithUnderneath Says:

    Loving the tags f00t lol

  39. Satyajay Mandal Says:

    so bad

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