Dawahfilms, the FUTURE of Islamic education!

     Dawahfilms has a very selective idea of ‘justice’, notably thin on the concept of reciprocation.  Y’see he’s all too happy doc drop me to Muslim groups on campus.  Damn, it’s not like dropping docs to a Islamic organization letting them know where you work could ever  pose any real world hazard.  Or his painfully transparent ploy that because my ‘boss’ knew of my online ventures, that actually meant I told ALL the staff (some 10 000 ppl) at my university about them, and therefore him telling EVERYONE at my university wouldn’t count as doc dropping.  Further he still solidly believes, against reality, that no one like myself who is critical of religion has any place in university education.

    Well lets ignore for the fact that IF ‘The Lion of Allah’ (kevins chosen name in Islam, ROFLMAO) were right, and that universities would reprimand people merely for saying religiously offensive things, this is the ‘silver bullet’ that creationists have been looking for ever since the separation of Church and State.  Yes, all our creationist friends would have to do to get evolution removed from universities is claim that ‘it’s calling god a liar’ and is bigoted and offensive to their religion.

BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT (Dawahfilms presents his case for why it’s wrong to criticize his  prophet for having sex with a 9 year old girl)

    However Ali is quite bold in claiming he is going to be a future public educator.  I can’t but help wonder how he would react if he was given the same treatment he calls ‘justice’ himself.  That is if whenever he gets a job, or even now while he is studying ancient desert superstition, that someone sends his online comments to his university/ employer, to all the ethical committee, student committees, all his coworkers and so on.

Having a mild disagreement with one of your students, suggest that they kill themselves, what public educator could do more!
Failure to communicate? No Problem with the Dawahfilms school of education, just call them a pussy and tell them to go screw themselves!
Dawahfilms is always happy when ‘stupid people’ apostate! The fewer people who think sex with a 9 yr old is a bad thing if a temporal lobe epileptic says that’s what god want him to do, the better off Islam will be! 
Disagree with Dawahfilms, no problem, he would rather die than consider you a ‘brother in humanity’. You can simply feel the Islamic Love flowing from  this virtuous future public educator!
Develop your bridge building skillz with the ‘Dawahfilms’ method. State how you are dedicated to civil discourse, followed immediately by a sour and spite filled name calling tirade, followed immediately by wondering why no-one wants to reach out to you.

    Oh and many MANY more.  Believe me, this boy pushes back the sign saying ‘no limits or boundaries’ when it comes to demonstrating natural aptitude as a public educator!

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48 Responses to “Dawahfilms, the FUTURE of Islamic education!”

  1. DawahFilms Says:

    Whatever, you’re the one who got fired from a cozy job and is now homeless. You can die in a gutter for all I give a shit. Fuck you.

    • Badgoat19 Says:

      You seem mad, need a hug ?

    • terrence Says:

      Again you’re showing us how loving and peaceful you superstitious muslim cunts are… good job!

    • Cyan Says:

      Such a great example of the kind hearted, peaceful nature of islam! “I believe I may have caused this man hardship! I shall lord this over him and wish ill upon him”

      Such humility
      Such kindness
      Such concern for your fellow human

      Clearly you are a divine messenger, teaching the word of your holy works…

    • Stephen Gallacher Says:

      That’s quite a comeback, Dawah. Well done.

      Now, can you offer any evidence that thunderf00t was fired from his last job? He has recently stated that he has a new job, and the only person I’ve seen disputing this is you.
      Also the claim that he is homeless, again present some evidence? Having followed TF’s YouTube stuff for a couple of years I’ve seen footage from his summer road trips before, but this is the first time anyone has claimed he is homeless. While I don’t know the man personally (and don’t agree with all his views, before you accuse me of being some sort of fan boy) I assume he lives somewhere when he’s not on the road.

      You, on the other hand, appear to have been nursing a personal vendetta for several months, and have used TF’s comment on amenakin’s false flagging incident as a reason to step up your agenda and excuse you’d been waiting for to doc drop him, and while you might not have been the first to do it, that’s not an excuse for e-mailing his personal info to anyone who asked for it.

      Despite your best efforts, it seems the effect on TF’s career has been less than negligible, you’ll probably dispute this, but given the choice of believing an outspoken, socially aquard rationalist with some arguably extreme anti-Islamic views, or a doc dropping stalker who publicly declares his intent to sabotage the career of someone who openly disagreed with him on the internet… I’ll choose the imperfect rationalist

      Anyone who has the taken the time to disagree you on YouTube has been either hit by a tirade of abuse or told to go and die (in my case I was told to “go and complain somewhere else”, which was pretty mild, frankly). This is not how you engage in rational conversation, and not how you go about convincing people that you are the wronged party here.

    • mrlordlaws Says:

      Dawahfilms is a tosser!

    • Isaac Says:

      Is that the Muslim message of love? It seems that your favorite activity is to dig a deeper hole for yourself.

    • Stephanie Says:

      U mad, bro?

  2. King Kool Says:

    Did TF actually get fired, or did Dawah make that up? I thought TF would have griped about that specifically if it was true.

    I also wish there was some way to make sure the person commenting here IS DawahFilms and not some sockpuppet (I mean, it sure SOUNDS like him, but anyone can put whatever name they want.)

    • ThisIsNotDawahFilms Says:

      It was not him. I was just being a sock account. He would never say that, he just thinks that.

      • King Kool Says:

        (assuming you’re not someone pretending that guy)

        Don’t do that.

      • ThisIsNotDawahFilms Says:

        I realized it was a bad idea so I am fessing up and I apologize. Let it be known that was not him, and even though the comment is not anything too bad, I already realize it was stupid.

      • Mike Paps Says:

        “It was not him. I was just being a sock account. He would never say that, he just thinks that.”

        You play Ali well, but I have to disagree. I’ve seen him say almost exactly that in YouTube comments, Except for the “homeless”, and “die in a gutter” parts.

  3. oneiros666 Says:


    Hey, Kevin (yeah, I’m not going to call you by your islamist name), I see you’re claiming two things here:

    a) That Thunderf00t has been fired
    b) That Thunderf00t is homeless

    Considering that Tf00t has made numerous videos from what appears to be a backyard garden, that he uploads regularly (which would imply he has fast, easy access to the web) and the fact that he can afford to travel all over the US in a car with very expensive photography/astronomy gear; I find it highly unlikely that Tf00t is jobless and homeless.

    Now, the interesting thing here is what you spend your days doing, Kevin. You seem to be commenting on the web an awful lot during business hours and the only reference you’ve made regarding a career is a wish to be “an educator”.

    I find I have to ask you the following:

    a) Provide proof that Tf00t is indeed jobless and homeless
    b) Provide proof that you, in fact, is not living with your mom and unemployed.

    But knowing the loving, reasonable islamist Kevin; I expect the only answer I’ll get will be “go fuck yourself” or something similar.

  4. mark Says:

    Islam doesn’t do reasoned discourse, it is religious fascism turning out good little stormtroopers like Kevin “THE LION OF ALLAH” (may the piss of a million jews forever rain down on him).

    Not for nothing do we have the “Silence, I Kill you” stereotypical joke, it’s a reflex action, they are taught they are above the kuffar in every way and they don’t like it when the untermensch start talking back.

    If little kevin does make it to being an educator it won’t be in any mainstream school, it will be an islamic brainwashing centre teaching the usual bullshit about how islam isn’t a backward bronze age idealogocal cul-de-sac and that fucking small children really is cool, no doubt with practical demonstrations after school in detention.

    Calling people bigot or racist to shut down the opposition has lost its power, it has been done to death, particularly by hysterical lefties who see any criticism of the poor oppressed poor brown peoples religion as overt racism, (Muslim isn’t a race by the way), so it is no surprise that now that kevin the domestic terrorist has painted himself into a rather awkward corner he is shrieking it for all he is worth.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This shit slinging contest is getting boring.

  6. Shakeval Says:

    Hey, if Thunderf00t ever lost his job and became homeless there are thousands of us around the country that would offer him a place to stay and he’d just had to hold talks and meetings with a very minor entrance fee of a couple bucks and he’d make more than enough money.

    TF is like our Messiah…….in a very non religious and scientific manner.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    lol. thunderf00t enjoys this drama. Well, a man has gotta make his living out of something.

  8. DawahFilms Says:

    The idiot above who pretended to be me just goes to show the utter stupidity that exists within the atheist internet community. That;

    a) people unwittingly responded to him
    b) You have to resort to these foul tactics to make me look bad

    I would otherwise not respond but I do not think it is fair for anyone to be misrepresented.

    As-Salamu Alaykum

    • lolMuslimSlol Says:

      Because pretending to be you is of course an Atheist act.


    • Anonymous Says:

      Ass Salami, Lick’em to you too.

    • Logan Clark Says:

      No one has to resort to anything to make you look bad.. You do a well enough job yourself. There are people who pretend to be others for any number of reasons, it doesn’t mean that everyone who thinks your a dumb ass or is “trolling” you is atheist. The sooner you give it a rest and realize that your not going to win the battle, the sooner people will quit helping you look like a tool.

      Fuck you infidel or go kill yourself type comments will be screen capped and laughed about for a long time. Please make sure any response is educated and thought about first. Thank you!

    • werewolf Says:

      oh,you make yourself look pleanty bad without our help. ~werewolf

    • DawahFilms Says:

      Oh and I want to suck Burt’s Big Bashful Cock.

  9. Shakeval Says:

    Ass-Salmon Arhkam Insane Asylum?

    dude, lay off the drugs for a little bit, your batman fanboy-ism is showing though and i think that you’ve just taken it a step further then necessary.

  10. DawahFilms Says:

    You are definately right, Christianity hasn’t worked for me, now Islam just isn’t working for me…..maybe i should become a Jedi, i can still wear robes, play with my giant glow stick and even worship a little green man

  11. DawahFilms Says:

    I’m not DawahFilms!

    Facepalm at the blog stalkers who can’t wait to jump on a comment by Dawah.

    That aside, I can’t help but notice that in this story there’s a hero, Thunderf00t, and no antagonist. Wait what about Dawah, you ask? DawahFilms is a stock lolcow, just like VFX was.

    Yeah remember VFX? He’s back to making Youtube videos, you know. Oh, you don’t care anymore.

    This conflict is almost like from a kids cartoon. It’ll be over soon, and there will be no repercussions for the standard “villain”, whomever it is. Won’t change his ways… and won’t be missing for long, if he ever even leaves!

    Relax, grab a beer and skip the drama.

  12. DawahFilms Says:

    Hey guise am I doin it rite?

    (seriously any idiot can pretend to be someone they are not here. Thunderfoot, please verify these posts before you start accusing people through your Youtube bulletins)

  13. Davina Says:

    I feel so sorry for Dawah, such a nice looking lad, but he just isn’t mature enough or wise enough to let this go. Thunderf00t is an absolute giant, and if I were not quite an old lady now, I would fancy him like crazy. (Heck I do anyway) You can’t debate with people who behave the way Dawah has, and as this keeps on coming back again and again, I suspect he will have to be really put a stop to. I mean by that legally btw.

    • ROFL Says:

      LMAO….Thunderfoot is an old fart too!!…. What are you a 100 years old for you to be considered too old for him?? Get off the internet grandma!!! LOOOOOOL!!!!

  14. DawahFilms Says:

    Thunderf00t, what part of “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.” don’t you understand?

  15. Dawah’s Law « Thunderf00t Says:

    […] The interesting point came with the first comment: DawahFilms Says: October 17, 2011 at 2:06 pm e […]

  16. Mike Says:

    The DawaFilms fakes need to stop…

  17. DawahFilms Says:

    Man, tf00t, you really are butthurt this time around, huh?

    Yeah, I will be a public educator…and I will respond to bigots and idiots like that who say nastier crap to me all the time.

    As for you, you got no room to talk. You were NEVER an educator and you were just a lab rat who couldn’t cut it. Now you’re pissy about the fact that other people know it and you can’t stand being exposed for what you really are.

    A pathetic loon who will never make it in life.

    Have a nice day.

  18. TotallyAndCompletelyNotDawahFilms Says:

    Now listen here you need to respect my right to worship my desert genie spectre! You need to respect my right to choose while I continually refuse yours and try and make you look bad in a public forum because I have no life and nothing except my book of sand-spectre fables!!
    Alahghu-A(phlegh-makey noises)ckbach!!!!

  19. Gill Says:

    I’m Dawahtacus!

  20. Isaac Says:

    The last Dawah youtube comment that you posted busted my irony meter.

  21. Myers G Says:

    here is a link to my atheist logo:

    Atheism Logo

  22. DawahFilms Says:

    Thunderf00t is my ex-lover. I stuck my tiny dick into him and got jiggy with it. My semen spurted into his asshole and gave him much pleasure.

  23. IslamicNeurosis Says:

    Dawahfilms is an Islamic extremist. Don’t listen to what he pronounces. Watch what he does. The websites and videos he posts. The comments. The zeal.
    I hope TF you are preparing for legal action against him.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    ha ha yes he has banned me also

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