Dawah’s Law

    Recently I wrote a blog post highlighting the wonderful irony of dawahfilms, the notorious moderate ‘death threating/ I hunt you down and destroy your career’ Muslim claiming that everyone should be held accountable for their youtube activity.  Ironically, this man who claims that he wants to be a future public educator is also advising people to kill themselves.

Having a mild disagreement with one of your students, suggest that they kill themselves, what public educator could do more!

The interesting point came with the first comment:

DawahFilms Says:
October 17, 2011 at 2:06 pm e

Whatever, you’re the one who got fired from a cozy job and is now homeless. You can die in a gutter for all I give a shit. Fuck you.

Modestly interested I checked the IP.  No longer in Malaysia!  Either:

1) dawahfilms has learned how to use a proxy

2) dawahfilms is now in Utah

3) it’s not dawahfilms

     The real dilemma was of course, I could not distinguish merely by the content alone which of these options was true.  The man has openly gloated about similar things which he BELIEVES to be true:

what wannabe 'islamic scholar' and future public educator Dawahfilms and the fantasies he finds funny

The man has suggested that he would rather die than call someone a ‘brother in humanity’

Disagree with Dawahfilms, no problem, he would rather die than consider you a 'brother in humanity'. You can simply feel the Islamic Love flowing from him!

and of course that they should kill themselves.

Having a mild disagreement with one of your students, suggest that they kill themselves, what public educator could do more!

    Clearly I was not alone as evidently many others could not distinguish these options.  So I propose ‘Dawahs Law’.  When an individual is such a professional jerk, that it is impossible to distinguish them from a troll pretending to be an utter jerk merely by what they say.  Dawahs Law, the professional jerks answer to the Poe!

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228 Responses to “Dawah’s Law”

  1. King Kool Says:

    In the last post, there were many people responding to that as if it still WAS Dawah (who probably saw the first post and responded immediately). There is nobody so irrespectable that they should not be defended, or the imitator scolded, if someone is trying to make them look bad for something they honestly never said.

    Dawah’s said plenty of real stuff. Those who make up stuff are doing a great disservice, Teflonizing him to criticism of things he actually DID say.

  2. oneiros666 Says:

    Hehe, Dawah’s law. Good stuff.

    BTW, in order to put Dawahs foot in his mouth; you should confirm that his actions hasn’t cost you your career and that you’re not homeless.

  3. DawahFilms Says:

    He can’t. Call Cornell. They say Dr. Phil here hasn’t been employed there since July.

    He’s just trying to cover it. I would love to see him make a video with Cornell supporting his activities like he suggests in one of his videos.

    He won’t, however, because its all a lie.

    Right Dr. Phil? 😉

    • werewolf Says:

      proof dawah? (if you are the real one) ~werewolf

    • TinySaint Says:

      I thought TF said about a year or so ago that he was going to make a career change. I think because you are doing everything in your power to stalk him, there is no reason he should drop hints to you about what he is currently doing. Your obsession over his personal life is only overshadowed by the bitterness that comes from every video you make about him.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I think you need to relax about this. Thunderf00t and Thunderf00t fanboys will always find some way to get to your skin. They are a group of irrational people.
      No matter what you say or do they will try to assume you are a terrorist and it is mainly idiotic assumptions. Stay cool, man.

    • IslamicNeurosis Says:

      Please someone drop the docs of this little cunt.

    • Mike Says:

      Dahwah, have you considered seeing a doctor to discuss your obsession with Thunderf00t? They have medication now that might help you. (I mean, you’d probably need to take a LOT of it, but still…)

      Please Kevin, go back to your hole. Besides, isn’t it about time to switch religions again? I know you’re taking a lot of heat for worshiping a pedophile, so maybe you could try Scientology or something.

  4. DawahFilms Says:

    Your precious sense of false security has been taken away from you…this facade you’ve created that you’re something awesome in life because of how you portray yourself online…

    Now its all gone. Now you have to come to grips with being a loser in this world as well.

    You brought this on yourself. Had you actually had empathy for people and didn’t act like a complete sociopath by lying about them to the point of potentially harming them (by getting them hurt in real life because people believe your lies) you wouldn’t be obsessing over my comments and writing blog posts about them. Had you actually acted like a human being instead of treating others like subhumans, you might not be so butthurt. You see, unlike you I don’t attack these people because I disagree with them…I attack them because they have a history of saying very nasty and bigoted things to me. You just attack people because you hate what you think they believe. You thrive on other people’s suffering.

    This is your problem, Phil. You need to get over it. Your “Food Science” studies are not saving the world (and you haven’t done anything yet to save it). Going on blogtv charities drunk off your ass is not a good way to show that you care about people. It just shows you’re a drunk with real life problems.

    I wouldn’t be bashing you so hard if you actually had a heart, but you have yet to grow one.

    If you don’t like these sort of things, don’t act like an animal. Pretty simple, even for someone as thick in the neck as you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yeah, you tell him Dawah, Food Science is worthless.

      What does anyone need food for?

      • DawahFilms Says:

        I never said it was worthless. In fact, I think “Food Science” is a good thing. Except that they need to be utilized to help people.

        I have yet to see Tf00t actually help anyone but himself.

      • Anonymous Says:

        “Your “Food Science” studies are not saving the world (and you haven’t done anything yet to save it).”

        By conducting “Food Science” ThunderF00t is directly contributing to and expanding the knowledge base of mankind. This is helping people by definition.

        You know what’s not helping people, the two of you engaging in your pathetic shit slinging contest.

    • Natalie Says:

      Well if you want thunderfoot to leave you alone, maybe you should take the initiative. Like say something nice to him or apologize for the few times you stepped over the line. I know you feel as though he’s hurt you more then you’ve hurt him, but lashing out against him isn’t constructive. I mean look at the Isreali – Palestinian issue. People kept on trying to counter violence with violence and the conflict has been going on for 70 years. I hope you read this just as you read the ridiculous comments made by trolls and think about it. This is coming from a long time subscriber.

      • KevinSolway Says:

        Natalie wrote:

        “say something nice to him or apologize for the few times you stepped over the line.”

        DF has admitted that he may, possibly, have misinterpreted TF’s military posturing, and TF’s describing Muslims as “ants”, etc, and has asked TF for a one-to-one discussion whereby they might reconcile their differences.

        But TF is not interested – presumably because he might have to admit that he’s wrong about something, which might cause the whole stack of cards to come tumbling down.

      • Natalie Says:

        Oh well I guess it’s kind of hard to apologize to someone when their not willing to talk to you. I guess I don’t know that much about this dispute between Dawah and thunderfoot. Thank you.

    • bubbamickmac (@bubbamickmacM) Says:

      Aw, Da-WWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHFilms, an angry young Muslim with a violent agenda against humanity.

      I would make a video called “DawahFilms vs. Humanity,” but Ali just gets himself into too shit and all the blame is on himself.

      It’s a shame he’s even gone as far as to say “I know more philosophy than you! Stay out of my field!!!”

    • Long time friend Says:

      What the fuck are you doing here? Why are you posting this link in your bullitens? I can’t believe you’re still doing this! You’re not acting like a man, you’re acting like a child. I hardly believe what I’m reading here. For fucks sake GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF & STOP ALREADY!

    • IslamicNeurosis Says:

      You celebrate child murderer’s release on your Youtube page.
      You have no respect for humanity. I hope people will celebrate the death of your Islamic children you scum of the earth.

  5. dynamitecoomonster Says:

    If these blog-postings aren’t from the real Dawah, whoever is doing it has got his personality well and truly nailed…

    • Thunderf00t Says:

      Yup,, Malaysia, International Islamic University Of, figure thats the real dawahfilms.

      Now I wonder if his university know of how he is representing them online?

    • TinySaint Says:

      Considering DF has a link on his youtube page to this very post encouraging ppl to come over here, it seems likely DF is posting as well.

  6. DawahFilms Says:

    Its me. I don’t mind saying this.

    He needs to see it. It’s driving him crazy and he can’t resist trying to harm me over and over.

    He seems to think its funny making a Muslim out to be a terrorist in a country where that can mean your life (in more ways than one). He seems to think its funny to purposefully neglect the several attempts prior to me getting his docs and calling his employer to be civil with him. He seems to think its funny constantly quotemining my PMs and videos to make me out to be something Im not. He also seems to think its funny taking all my responses to a lot of his fanboys out of context to what I was responding to and the history I have with some of them (and the horrible…horrible crap they say that goes beyond belief).

    He’s a desperate to do whatever he can to make sure that my views are censored by demonizing me to the point where no one will want to listen to me.

    Because he knows Im right and it huwts his wittle feelings.

    • Thunderf00t Says:

      RE “Oh, they know. They know very well. Ive shown many professors myself the channel

      They think you have mental problems and have the same ideas as Anders Breivik.

      No joke.”

      ROFLMAO, Please don’t hold back dawahfilms, give us the names of these ‘Islamic scholars’ and which slaughtered animals entrails they read to make the clinical diagnosis that I have the ‘mental problems and ideology of a mass murderer!’ *ROFLMAO*

      At this point I think you might be working out why Cornell is famous, but no-one has ever heard of The International Islamic University.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        That explains why Hilary Clinton came here last year to give a speech? That explains why we have many government officials from around the world and full-bright scholars working here?

        Yeah, dude. Sorry to burst your bubble but your idea of education doesn’t stop in your part of the world.

        Unlike you, we are actually trying to help the rest of the Muslim world regarding the recent Arab Spring developements. Much of our research is now being geared towards that goal. Your pathetic attempts at free speech (DMD) are nothing in comparison. You won’t even acknowledge Muslims doing these things because it hurts your narrative.

        Like I said before, Id rather have a minor in entrails than be an out-of-work lab rat who lives off his sub base.

        I at least work for a living and am still at a university. You do nothing but make blog posts about me and YT videos.

      • lolMuslimSlol Says:

        Tfoot, you’re giving this guy too much attention.

        Don’t feed the trolls.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        I also find it funny how you want their credentials for assuming you have a mental illness when I don’t see “food science” research associate as being credible to make Coughlan out to be a guy with a mental disorder.

        But I guess, you know…you wouldn’t have double standards or anything, right?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Islam was having trouble
        What a sad, sad story
        Needed a new leader to restore
        Its former glory
        Where, oh, where was he?
        Where could that man be?
        We looked around and then we found
        The man for you and me

        And now it’s…
        Springtime for Kevin and Islam
        Mecca is happy and gay!
        We’re marching to a faster pace
        Look out, here comes the religion of peace!
        Springtime for Dawah and Islam
        Sandnigeria’s a fine land once more!
        Springtime for Dawah and Islam
        Watch out, Europe
        We’re going on tour!
        Springtime for Dawah and Islam…

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hey, Tf00t, if you’re going to prompt Kevin for his associates’ names to verify he’s at a university, would it be fair to request the same from you? I mean, it sounds like you could end this unemployment rumor rather quickly and show him to again be a lying bastard.

      • Thunderf00t Says:

        its complicated stuff for someone of your mighty intellect to understand I know dawah, but my suspicions that coughlan had issues were first aroused by his use of the words ‘i’ve been on enough psychiatrists benches’. It was a subtle and easily misunderstood cue I know, and missed by many a great thinker such as yourself.

        I guess the nearest analogy you might understand is if i say someones a muslims, because they said ‘I’m a muslim’, only for you to go off the deep end saying that there’s no possible way I can tell if someones a muslim or not without a degree in islamic studies, yeah with that minor in reading the entrails of a slaughtered chicken.

        Which brings us back to your ‘Islamic professors’ who for some reason think that getting on their knees 5 times a day will helps some desert genie hear them, and make him happy. Remind me again of what cutting edge koranic technology they use to assess mental problems?

      • CoconutDreams Says:

        You are right Dawahfilms as always.
        Employed at a University considered one of the top 10 of USA, and easily among the best of the world, and studying at a “university” specializing on Islamic Witchcraft that is in par with PatRobertson University, are of similar magnitudes.

        Why don’t you stop now, before you embarrass yourself even further.
        You have become the laughing stock of Youtube.

      • Aaron Says:

        I get the feeling that DawahFilms has some sort of emotional problem, which seems to have elements of Histrionic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. So far I’ve noticed a range of odd and abnormal behaviours e.g. excessive need for attention, everything being overdramatized (e.g. disagreement equals ‘hurting me’), egocentricity, inability/unwillingness to even consider that they have done something wrong, unstable mood rapidly shifting from “Everyone’s out to get me” to “Nobody can find anything wrong with me”, unable to identify (and thus undertaking) behaviour that will damage their long-term interests, unable to distinguish fact/fiction from opinion/commentary, etc.
        There’s just something not right with how DawahFilms has conducted himself in his videos, and his overemotional comments that have damaged his own story on others’ videos during any of this situation, starting from the time he overreacted to the “sleeping giant” comment.

      • Durandal Says:

        The strange thing about this is DawahFilms still assumes research associate is a research assistant, when in fact it’s a step above normal professor.

      • Ryan wiley (@rdubwiley) Says:

        Cornell offers a Graduate program in near eastern studies, so I’m not sure you want to go down that path. Regardless, I don’t think people would feel the same way if dawah was black and was studying African Studies, and you repeatedly said that all he did was study voodoo, or some other racially tinged insult.

      • Mike Says:

        Dahwah, Thunderf00t has probably forgotten more science than you’ll ever learn.

        Seriously, if you want to be seen as a hateful, obsessed whacko with a burning jealousy of Thunderf00t, you’re doing a kick ass job.

    • Anonymous Says:

      so you want to kill people….and become a scholar? i am attacking because you DID say to people to kill themselves and that you would rather “die” than call them a “brother in humanity”, I see a contradiction in your logic. I can already IMAGINE what you will say next because people like you are so predictable. Am i defending Thunderf00t? maybe Am I saying bigoted things about you or trying to insult you? no so before you fly things out of proportion, think of what point you’re trying to get across, or if your just insulting people right and left because you yourself have nothing better to do but bitch ’bout Tf00t, come and let’s start a “discussion” with me, not with your imaginary eventful and luxurious lifestyle (which you wish you had).

      • DawahFilms Says:

        Here comes the thunderflock…

        Yeah dude, many of these same people have told me the same. They have told me worse on many occassions (to blow myself up etc.).

        If you or they don’t like it, don’t say things like that. Pretty simple.

        I dont want to kill anyone. I want people to leave me alone. And if they insist on being jerks Im jerks to them back. Pretty simple.

    • Completerationality Says:

      You were quotemined? If I recall correctly, he played the entire quote regarding the death threat. It was not taken out of context. You demonized yourself by saying what you said on a place called the internet.

  7. lolMuslimSlol Says:

    Hey Dawah, go jerk off to 9 year olds.

    Just don’t do it to Tamara Al’Ukhiba, you know, me and your sister’s daughter.

  8. Completerationality Says:

    I think Dawah is subscribed to Thunderf00t, how else is he able to jump to the comment section of this blog as soon as it is posted?

  9. Mentarch Says:

    @ DawahFilms : let us all behold and marvel in disbelief at a very (internet) public, messy and pitiful psychological breakdown. How sad, poor man. How sad and pathetic you have become. Evidently, you are the one in dire need of counseling – so, stop projecting your unstable emotional distress onto TF, eh? Go to consultation – fast! You dearly need, little boy. This is urgent. Very urgent.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      You do realize Im laughing about all this, right?

      This is all very humorous to me. If Im no big deal and nothing I did actually affected Tf00t then there is absolutely no reason for him to be obsessing over making blog posts about me and bulletins and videos.

      You people need to think more. Im guessing you spend more time claiming to be rational free thinkers than actually being that.

      • Mentarch Says:

        Psychological distress is what psychological distress does, DawahFilms.

        Including paranoia, inflated egotism and socipopathic narcissism.

        Good luck, little man. Good luck, indeed.

      • werewolf Says:

        “then there would be no reason for hi to be obsessing over making blog posts about me” “facepalm” idiot,did you forget that you are the one who started this argument? did you forget that you compramised the security of not only TF but his brother as well? if you are so high and mighty then why dont you stop replying? why dont you stop going to his videos and trolling all up and down the screen? The only one who needs to think more is you dawah.~werewolf

      • chris Says:

        You clearly aren’t laughing about anything. You are telling people to go kill themselves. You are the epitome of “angry young man” You try to play it off like the guy who is cool and calm and above it all but anyone who has seen your skype sessions or read your comment section sees different.

      • ProtectingMyPups Says:

        1) Hillary Clinton??!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

        2) “I want people to leave me alone” (October 17, 2011 at 11:58 pm )
        I CAN’T TELL!! You haven’t stopped yet! When the fuck do you even sleep? Why are you following this blog & commenting on EVERY fucking video if you want to be left alone?

        3) STILL waiting for ANY proof and I mean ANY proof you were EVER contacted by the FBI.

  10. Cheesoid Says:

    “That explains why we have many government officials from around the world and full-bright scholars working here?”

    I think you meant “Fulbright,” but I’m sure that with their whopping 9 years of compulsory education, Malaysia is a real hotbed of scholarship.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      Actually, there are a lot of educated individuals in Malaysia, yeah. I know, it’s surprising right?

      Only where you live are smart people, huh?

      • lolMuslimSlol Says:

        Actually, goats can fy here in the West, yeah, I know, it’s weird, right?

        Only where you live goats can’t fly, huh?

        Just so you know how credible you really sound.

      • Cheesoid Says:

        I’m aware that smart people exist around the globe, sometimes even in spite of their local educational standards. I would be surprised, however, if anyone I knew specifically went to Malaysia for higher learning. I don’t know… maybe if they were going for a master’s in Malaysian Studies with a focus in Being in Malaysia.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m sure there are plenty of smart and educated people in Malaysia.
        The only shocking part was when you claimed to have anything to do with them.

  11. Domino Roll'd Says:

    Dear Dawah, let me remind you of your statement:

    “Thunderf00t and people who think like you, if you ever try to awaken any sort of sleeping giant that is hostile to any Muslim or non-Muslim, innocent person, AS MANDATED IN THE QU’RAN, and the true interpretation of the Sharia that all true Muslims and the majority of the Muslims in the world share, WE MUSLIMS the servants of Allah and OUR NON-MUSLIM ALLIES will send YOU to the god that you wish you knew, not as a threat, not as a promise, but a mandate of justice.”

    Yeah, I understand WHY you were outraged, but this statement alone disqualifies you from making ANY demands. You were in NO position to demand any “civil” debate from Thunderf00t, Thunderf00t was right to ignore you and refuse to have any further contact. You were the one who continue to harass him. As they say in America “anything you say can be used against you”.

    So why is this statement wrong? Because in the first world, WE DON’T CONDONE VIGILANTISM. You’re basically saying that if Thunderf00t MERELY TRIES to instigate genocide (not that he does by the way, that was just your misunderstanding of the sleeping giant reference) you have a mandate to kill him.

    Uh, last time I checked, that’s vigilantism and illegal, it would be the same as killing John Lennon’s murderer. Granted some people would be cheering you for it, you’d still end up in jail yourself.

    And after all this bullshit, I strongly suggest you shut the fuck up about it, admit that your original mistake NO BUTS. That is before you get a restraining order put on you, boy. Considering what you’ve done, I don’t think it would be a problem for Thunderf00t to get a restraining order against you.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      And it appears you don’t know english very well.

      Thunderf00t doesn’t control the military. Neither do I control Muslim and non-Muslim (allied) military forces. My comment was in response to a lunatic suggestion. My comment also was not simply about trying, but if this actual “giant” actually started killing people:

      “Thunderf00t and people who think like you, if you ever try to awaken any sort of sleeping giant that is hostile to any Muslim or non-Muslim, innocent person,”

      “THAT IS HOSTILE” is an active verb. Its not future tense. That means if Tf00t were actually successful in what appeared to me, at the time, to be his fantasies of genocide.

      • Domino Roll'd Says:

        Ah yeah, let’s forget the “IF YOU EVER TRY TO” part… I’m not buying it your excuse man, maybe you don’t know enough English. Look up the word “try”.

      • SeltsamerAttraktor Says:

        Oh, let me point something out for you:

        It is indeed not within thunderf00t’s power to control the US military or even influence its policy, but it is very well within the power of some lunatics (or even you) to hunt thunderf00t down and kill him. All it takes is a kitchen knife. Remember those critics of Islam that got murdered or had to go into hiding? People don’t forget this. It is etched in the collective mind of the West. And you, as a native US citizen, know that. That’s why you cannot shuffle out of this death threat mess. Phrases like “as mandated in the Quran”, “true interpretation of the Sharia”, “every true Muslim” are raising red flags. And you intentionally played with this fear, but you played with the fire. Quibbling about your words won’t help you. And neither can you play the victim card for this alleged FBI affair (for which you have failed to provide any evidence).

      • TinySaint Says:

        Funny. You admit that TF doesn’t control the relevant forces, yet you condition your death threat with “if he ever tries to….” Given that you lack an obvious level of stability when it comes to temperament and judgement, who knows what you would consider “trying”. You have made it clear dozens of times that mere speech you disagree with can come very close to this border. So yes, for a person like TF who values his speech and is bound to disagree with you publicly, it is completely reasonable and sane to consider this as a direct death threat.

      • Celen Says:

        Its very simple, someone was kind enough to post this whole incident in order, and show all the footage involved. It helped me see what was happening from begining to end. when I saw TF’s video all I got from it was, if they (they being extremists) continue to provoke the west (not only America in my opinio) there will be backlash.. now as far as I know no western country will take upon themselves to go and slaughter innocent people. they have not done this since the crusades. In the end if you had posted a clip explaining how you disagree with the way he phrased it all of this would have moot, Instead you have gone a step or 3 to far and have to deal with the fallout now.

        Through all this TF has never threatend you personally or made any attempt to out your name. He voiced his opinion and kept it at that.. you just went to far

    • KevinSolway Says:

      Domino Roll’d,

      I think you need to understand DF’s comment in context.

      DF was responding to insane ravings on the part of TF, who describes Muslims as “ants” who owe their very existence to the “gods” of the West, and who uses military imagery and threats of the “sleeping giant”, which, historically, awoke to drop nuclear bombs on Japanese cities full of innocent people.

      Such lunacy can only result in bad karma.

      • Mike Paps Says:

        “I think you need to understand DF’s comment in context.”

        His context is irrelevant, but Muslims are essentially ants (as are we all) when it comes to the military power of the west. All TF was doing was reminding extremists that if they actually succeeded in provoking the sleeping giant, which they seem hell bent on doing, they could potentially be squashed like bugs, and that is nothing more than a fact.

        Even IF TF had in fact blatantly called for genocide it wouldn’t justify the death sentence, religiously mandated, or not. Now you can argue that he didn’t mean it the way he said it, but you can ONLY base that opinion on DF claims.

  12. DawahFilms Says:

    “its complicated stuff for someone of your mighty intellect to understand I know dawah, but my suspicions that coughlan had issues were first aroused by his use of the words ‘i’ve been on enough psychiatrists benches’. It was a subtle and easily misunderstood cue I know, and missed by many a great thinker such as yourself.”

    That doesn’t justify your assessment all of a sudden, our good doctor. Especially when you just cut and pasted comedy acts of his to make him look that way (yes, it was that obvious). He had real criticism of you and instead, you censored those views by demonizing him and making him out to be a incapable of rational thought. You have no credentials to suggest what sort of mental disorder he might have just because he said that.

    And you know it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Kevin, when someone admits to being something, that does in fact give you the basis to call them that thing.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        Except they weren’t, unless you think that because someone has mental distress or emotional issues that it means you can classify those issues as one particular thing.

        You and others have no idea what Couglan might have been through or why he was there. You have no credibility to make said assessments. To use that as a way of demonizing your opponent to shut off all criticism is also cowardly and disgusting.

        Thats why Im telling Tf00t he’s a sociopath. He doesn’t like it? Maybe he shouldn’t lie about others.

      • Anonymous Says:

        When you try to tell me what I do and don’t have ideas about, you instantly lose.

    • Durandal Says:

      Actually Coughlan admitted once to sucking dick at bus stops for crank. No joke. He’s not someone you can argue is of a sound mental judgment so give me a break.

      • KevinSolway Says:

        Durandal wrote:

        “He’s not someone you can argue is of a sound mental judgment”

        It’s probably the case that not a single one of TF’s subscribers are of sound mental judgement, but that doesn’t give us the right to diagnose them with mental illnesses in order to dismiss them.

    • Durandal Says:

      That and he stalks people and also has crybaby fits when people plan to “pwn” him, something he’s done viciously to other users who never bothered him.

  13. Davina Says:

    Dawah, you said:

    “I want people to leave me alone. And if they insist on being jerks Im jerks to them back. Pretty simple.”

    If you just want people to leave you alone why do you continue harassing Thunderf00t? You are behaving so foolishly.

    Being a jerk back to someone isn’t a good life philosophy. Believe me on that.

    What this all looks like to the rest of us is a fractious toddler trying to get back at a Nursery Teacher who responded firmly to your silliness.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      Im not the one harassing. He’s been harassing me for over a year by spreading these lies about me.

      I’ve been trying to tell him to stop that harassment. He doesn’t care.

      • Mentarch Says:

        “Im not the one harassing. He’s been harassing me for over a year by spreading these lies about me. I’ve been trying to tell him to stop that harassment. He doesn’t care.”

        Wow. Talk about classic psychological projection! Textbook example – bravo!

        Still quite pathetic and pitiful, though …

      • Anonymous Says:

        dude, thunderf00t never even mentioned you in the videos that initially started the drama between you two. YOU RESPONDED TO HIM and now you can’t deal with the shit storm that you unleashed upon yourself. Now you have to attack his work and IRL because of it. Great job batshit terrorist stalker.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It looks to me more like the average moderate Muslim.
      Progressive Muslims try to defuse threats.
      Moderates make threats and tell the extremists.
      Extremists carry out threats.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        Except Im not a “moderate” like you define it.

        So I guess Im a Progressive to you, given that I have a fully video condemning death threats against people critisizing Islam?

      • Anonymous Says:

        I can claim to be Mohammad by your definition, but you likely won’t believe me if I do. You know enough about me to know I’m not Mohammad.

  14. Dream0Asylum Says:

    I see nether one of you has learned anything yet. There is an option that you’ve both yet to consider, that being you’re both wrong. Pointing the finger across the table doesn’t solve the fundamental problem … that being, that you’re both deluded and wrong.

    (1# thunderf00t makes a flowery, impassioned video warning militant Islamic extremists that murdering people in the streets is eroding the good will and tolerance of the west. That damage will bring about the harm they wish on others upon themselves.

    #2# Ali, completely misses the context #perhaps forgivable given the less than economic delivery) and locks on to the one thing he’s been dying to confront … Homicidal / Genocidal bigotry against Muslims. He doesn’t stop to check and see if he’s got the correct interpretation, he simply “counter attacks.”

    With what? Basically the exact thing thunderf00t said only from the Muslim side. (paraphrase) “If you, or anybody tries to awaken a sleeping giant against Muslims \ Islam, we’ll kill you.”

    Never mind the fact that it’s completely nonsequiter with TF’s original video, and TF never said that he’d be awakening anything.

    (3) TF turns around and fucks up just Ali did, by ignoring the context and latching on to exactly what HE was dying to confront, Anti-west / Anti-liberty religious oppression.

    In conclusion. You two intellectual titans, and emotional idiots, are dancing in circles due to delusion and nothing more. Get back your objectivity and stop with the 90210 bullshit.

    Grow the fuck up (emotionally) and get real.

    The Breakfast Club

    • DawahFilms Says:


      You know as well as I do I’ve attempted to clear this up in the past. I even stated in a video I was willing to be wrong about my interpretation and take back what I said.

      What does Tf00t do? Continues to spin it and have people attempt to harm me in real life.

      This would have ended a long time ago if he would just stop being such an ass.

      • Anonymous Says:

        When did thunderf00t have people attempt to harm you in real life?

        If he’s such an ass why don’t you just be the bigger man and just walk away.

        “Say what you wish in abuse of me, for my silence towards the idiot is indeed an answer. I am not at a loss for a response but rather, It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs.”
        ~ Imam Shafi’i

        Do you not recognised that quote?

      • Mike Paps Says:

        “I even stated in a video I was willing to be wrong about my interpretation and take back what I said.”

        Not that it’s terribly relevant because threatening to kill someone for simply TRYING to awaken a sleeping giant is insane, but TF did a video entitled the sleeping giant where he specifically said that his sleeping giant reference was “not a statement of opinion, or for desire of war, or genocide, but merely a dispassionate, objective, and strategic assessment based on historical precedent, and an extrapolation of current military disposition” Clearly he’s stating he has no desire for war, or genocide. Did you take back the threat in response?

        “What does Tf00t do? Continues to spin it and have people attempt to harm me in real life.”

        You yourself have stated that you have no evidence for that claim. That it may have been a sub, or the investigation of you (if it happened) may have been incidental to the FBI’s investigation into other “real” threats TF has received. In the same breath you accuse TF of spin, and then do exactly that.


    “Yup,, Malaysia, International Islamic University Of, figure thats the real dawahfilms”

    OH THE IRONY OF IT ALL. TF cries wolf over dawahfilms doc dropping to only go one better and give all the details of Dawahfilms location. Epic fail TF. You complain about doc dropping but when they boot is on the other foot, you are all too happy to let others know Dawahs location.


    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      Uh no, actually that’s about as much doc dropping as posting the address of the Eiffel Tower and saying “BILLY IS THERE!”. A third party would not be able to identify DawahFilms using merely this information. No real name or home address is included it doesn’t really narrow it down.

    • Dream0Asylum Says:

      [ “Malaysia, International Islamic University Of” ]

      That’s not really much to go on. It’s as if you said “you go to the University of Texas,” that doesn’t really tell anybody anything. I could be in one of perhaps dozens of campuses spread over 250,000 sq miles.

      Now if TF dropped the city, that’d be something. But, dispite the utter devolution of this interaction, I still think he’s got the virtue not to do so.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        Pretty easy to guess where my university is.

        In any case, doesn’t matter. Not like some of his crazy subs weren’t already trying to find me so they can kill me.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Nobody wants to kill you, Kevin. We want you to keep posting so we can laugh at you. We’re not Muslim enough to murder people for making a joke of Islam.

      • Domino Roll'd Says:

        Get real, DaWAH, I’m willing to bet that every single one of those people that sent you death threat is really just some 14-16 year old script kiddie Counter-Strike playing type that is just acting tough.

        Muslim extremists however have a track record of actually carrying out death threats. Atheist “extremists” just have a track record of talking crap behind a computer. They know there’s no Heaven or 72 virgins or whatever crap these “martyrs” believe in, they know they’ll just end up in jail, so they’re almost certainly not gonna go through it.


        That is doc dropping. Whether or not it is easy to find the person is another question all together. With enough perseverance and half a brain someone’s university and their real name is more than enough for even the dumbest delusional atheist to find him.

        Regardless; if your soul reason for being butt hurt is that someone gave details as to your location, as in thunderf00t’s case, it forgoes all logic that you would want to do the same to the antagonist.

        TF is a complete hyprocrite. It matters little the ease of finding someone. This argument is about principles. Principles that thunderf00t failed to adhere to.

        Epic fail thunder and your flock. Your argument has just been proven invalid.

  16. Davina Says:

    Dawah, I’ve watched the whole thing from the beginning and you DID harass Thunderf00t. He responded, and I think after all the things you’ve said and done, and keep continuing to do, anyone would respond. And he is not just anyone, but clearly someone who has an incredible intellect. It’s so silly to think you can continue messing with him. Please stop it now and start to be a nicer person. You can do it, do it for your Mum. For all Mums who see a nice looking boy getting himself into such a silly mess.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      I responded to a percieved threat and fantasies of genocide. I then stated I would retract my sentiments if that was not what it was.

      Before that even, I stated in 2 other videos what my interpretation of that video was.

      Im more than HAPPY to say I was wrong as long as Tf00t stops lying about why I said what I said and making me out to be a terrorist.

      • lolMuslimSlol Says:

        Honesty has no requirements. If you want to say you were wrong, say it.

        Waiting for someone else to says something first completely defeats the purpose. And someone has to take the first step.

      • Anonymous Says:

        If you are happy to say you were wrong then just come out and say it.

      • Domino Roll'd Says:

        Uh, no, just admit you were wrong. No buts… Prove you’re “better” than Thunderf00t right now you seem the same vindictive individual you were last year.

        If you actually posted a SINCERE apology last year and Thunderf00t STILL claimed you were a crazy killer then you would actually have a case.

        It’s as if I would say something outrageous like “VyckRo your actions are worthy of death and my atheist allies will carry out this judgement!” and when I get called on it I say “Oh I’m sorry it was in response to this person which I believe is condoning bigotry against atheists, I’m willing to apologize but only if VyckRo will clarify his stance on atheism and engage me in civil debate.”

        No, dude, that’s not how apologies work. Full apology first, sincere, then we can take you seriously.

      • Mike Paps Says:

        You know what I find funny Ali. You’ve made comments stating it would be insane to threaten to kill someone for simply saying they think the sleeping giant should be awoken. Presumably your point being that you’re obviously not insane, and people should be able to see that, but then you claim that TF has fantasies of genocide. So basically your argument amounts to “trust me I’m not insane it’s Thunderf00t who is” lol

  17. Duefaku Says:

    I really think there is something wrong with Dawah, big time. That’s just from reading this blog, too. I don’t know if I want to think about what else has been going on…

  18. Cephas Borg Says:

    So poor troubled Kevin is using the “no I didn’t!” defense to having his hand in the biscuit barrel.

    As all of us were at one time in that club (for some it was longer ago than for others, and some never progressed past that stage), it should come as no surprise that it doesn’t work when you’re standing in a pile of biscuit crumbs with chocolate smears on your cheeks.

    To then retaliate by publically hunting for identifying information, (whether or not that information was previously made available by another person in need of urgent psychiatric intervention or not) just confirms the poor mental stability of Kev the Heav.

    What boils my bottle is that people who should know better are now bored with – and tired of – Kevin’s incessant projections and whining (it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it!, it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it first!, no, you are, no you are, no YOU are), and complaining to TF that they want to change the channel.

    If MoKevin is being schooled in Malaysia, at the IIUM, then he’s not getting any sort of real-world education no matter how broadly we define that word, so he’s behind the cueball from the start.

    Perhaps he’ll decide to check out the virgins and we’ll have two birds killed with one stone? Yeah, I doubt it, too – that requires faith, not bluster and a hollow, burning need for a SuperFriend.

    So Kevin is going to follow Dawah’s Law to its logical conclusion – he’ll eventually get lost in the SNR as all the trolls come out to feast. Would the real moron please post his IP address? (I can actually see this happening!)

    Dawah’s Law victims should be slammed for making it SO easy for the trolls. Maybe that’s a prerequisite for Dawah’s Law – If You Sound Like A Troll In All Your Statements, You’ll Turn Into A Professional Wanker Like Kevin. Then Dawah’s Law takes over.

    I can’t wait to see what happens!

  19. Davina Says:

    Dawah, This is how I saw it. Thunderf00t said something that worried you, instead of asking for clarification, you responded in a way that he perceived as threatening. Then you sought out information to hurt him and now you have it, you say you *have* hurt him, and you seem proud and pleased about that. All I have ever seen is Thunderf00t responding, not instigating. It might be too late now. He might be so cross that he will take things further, but why not try and be the big man I know you can be? I bet you can say sorry and walk away. If you can’t manage an apology, then just walk away. I don’t like Islam, (or any organized religion), but Islam with its whippings and cutting off heads seems so horrid, so I can’t be sure about this, but would Allah not be more pleased with you if you showed how lovely I know you can be?

    • DawahFilms Says:

      That’s all you’ve seen because that’s all you choose to see. If you want the actual sequence of events go to my video “Death Threat Accusation”.

      All the evidence is there.

      • Random Callsign (@RandomCallsign) Says:

        All the evidence you have shown is that you are a stalker. If you are really the better man prove it and not dig yourself a bigger hole.
        You have risen up to the stereotype of a muslim. A vindictive, back-stabbing, low-life simpleton whose words and actions show the opposite of “the religion of peace”.
        Thank you for proving everybody right.

        In other words Kevin. You embarrass yourself and your family.

      • werewolf Says:

        hahaha no,i dont buy it. Ive said it to you twice now and ill say it again. “we will send you to the god you wished you knew” there is no other way to interpret that than we will kill you.you and i both knew what you meant and theres no getting around it. ~werewolf

      • Davina Says:

        I’ve watched it. And everything to do with this whole saga. Dawah, you didn’t answer my question, wouldn’t Allah like it more if this silliness stopped? Why don’t you be the one to try and stop it? Even if you think Thunderf00t continues to be in the wrong, you could choose to let it be couldn’t you? After all, won’t Allah sort it all out in the end for you? So give up on all this unpleasantness and maybe Thunderf00t will too. Be the best you can be, and give your time to something nice instead.

  20. DawahFilms Says:


    “Uh, no, just admit you were wrong. No buts… Prove you’re “better” than Thunderf00t right now you seem the same vindictive individual you were last year.

    If you actually posted a SINCERE apology last year and Thunderf00t STILL claimed you were a crazy killer then you would actually have a case.

    It’s as if I would say something outrageous like “VyckRo your actions are worthy of death and my atheist allies will carry out this judgement!” and when I get called on it I say “Oh I’m sorry it was in response to this person which I believe is condoning bigotry against atheists, I’m willing to apologize but only if VyckRo will clarify his stance on atheism and engage me in civil debate.”

    No, dude, that’s not how apologies work. Full apology first, sincere, then we can take you seriously.”

    Wait…you’re VyckRo? That’s odd…

    Anyways, I have yet to see a clarification of that video that doesn’t endorse my interpretation of it. If he just told me that wasn’t it, Id be like “Okay, then I was wrong. Sorry”. Im still willing to be wrong. Is Tf00t?

    Because it doesn’t seem like he cares.

    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      Okay, go see his old video ‘The Sleeping Giant’ with quotes included, it specifically states that “it’s not a desire for genocide”.

      No, I’m not VyckRo, but it’s someone I argued with a lot on YouTube.

    • Cephas Borg Says:

      ….And it sure as sh!t doesn’t seem that you listen.

      You’ve been asked, pleaded with, begged, to do the right thing, and all you do is point to your badly edited propaganda and say “but it’s not my fault!”.

      Grow a pair, mate. Own up to the fact (irrefutable outside your own channel) that you fucked up, apologise for what you DID, not for what you claim you thought you explained you wanted to have done, and go back to your cave and scroll and SuperFriend. Your Invisible Bearded Sky Faery is the ONLY one who agrees with anything you’ve said and done so far, you know that?

      To answer genuine responses to you with ad-hominem attacks (as you’ve done twice now with another subscriber here) and the old standby answer of “look over there! A Dragon!” just shows that at a very basic level, you don’t comprehend some people’s genuine concern for you.

      Dude, that’s the same definition used the world over for an individual with psychopathic tendencies. Get out of that while you still can!

    • I Says:

      Dawah, it seems that these ppl are pushing you take make an apology like VenomfangX so that they can ridicule you more (so if you think this will end with you aplogozing first then think again). Thunderfoot doesn’t want to let this end as pretty much all his last few blog posts focus directly to you. I don’t know how to tell you this will end man. Even with venomfangx (who I wasn’t really to fond of myself) has someone who has created an entire channel with uploads of mirrored videos just so that they can rip on him again. These people have no life dude. I am an agnostic and I am ashamed that these people represent my views of the world man. You all got nothing better do? …. Seriously

  21. Me Says:

    This is really getting carried away. Really. How is this going to end? Thunderf00t, do you care that you are endangering Dawah’s life by accusing him of threatening you, when it is plain as plain can be in the now infamous video that he did NO SUCH THING? Or do you honestly think he did? This is reaching a point where I think actual violence is going to erupt and I don’t like it. All of you, whether you are on TF’s side of Dawah’s side, take a step back and look at all the absolutely atrocious things being said. Are you ok with that? Now there really are death threats from both sides. Doesn’t that sicken you? TF, you have indeed shown yourself to be a callous individual. IF you give a shit about the lives involved here, for the love of God or reason or whatever you want to avow your loyalty to, then stop this bullshit. Stop strawmanning Dawah and just stop before this goes any further. And Dawah, I know it sucks being strawmanned and having your name dragged through the mud, but you can clearly see that this volatile situation is reaching a critical point. Both sides….just STOP. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop.

    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      Get real man, how many atheists do you think would actually go as far as to kill some guy from the Internet merely because they don’t agree with him or don’t like him?

      As I said, the ones issuing death threats from the atheist side are most likely just script kiddie teens who fail at Counter-Strike. They would probably shoot themselves by accident as soon as they walked out the door to travel to Malaysia. (As if kids can book flights LOL.)

      And if this is what some people actually believe, that killing people is good if you hate them, they’ve totally missed the point of TF’s channel. Those who fantasize about killing DawahFilms should just unsub from Thunderf00t NOW.

    • Cephas Borg Says:

      Give us all a break!

      “Plain as plain can be that [Kevin] did NO SUCH THING?”

      It would seem that your powers of observation are in dire need of help. What part of that blatant, poorly disguised death threat did you not hear? What part did you not see?

      You do realise that saying “nothing happened, it’s all fine, the atheist got what he deserved, now stop taunting the psychopathic religitard or I’ll stamp my foot!” is the same excuse that Kevin used (unsuccessfully) to try and wriggle out of his homopathic clusterfuck, right?

      Strawmanning? You’re accusing TF of making up lies and accusing Kevin of things he didn’t do, when the video and documentary evidence prove that Kevin DID in fact do it?

      You’re not suggesting that this is all TF’s fault?

      If it was me that Kevin threatened, I’m not sure I could have held return fire as long as TF did. In fact, I’m pretty sure young Kevin would be always looking over his shoulder… At least, until he completes his “learning” and is sent out into the world with a bomb on his jacket, fully brainwashed by people who just don’t care if his mental state could be treated humanely.

      They want to turn him into a human killing device, he’s proving his “street cred” with his YouTube death threats, and you try to say that his victim should apologise?

      Like I said, give us all a break from the hallucinatory justifications. We live in the real world, where truth actually matters.

      • Me Says:

        There was no death threat. If you insist on seeing one, then I can’t change your mind. I am not here to fight, and I am not going to add any fuel to the fire. I AM on Dawah’s side, however, but in the end it is irrelevant. The anger and bigotry is overwhelming and I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. I mean, look at this, now it is looking for places of occupation and name dropping, how long before extremists, either muslim or atheist, takes matter into their own hands? It’s NOT unheard of, and it IS going in that direction.

        • Cephas Borg Says:

          An “atheist extremist”?

          You may be sitting on the fence, with your feet and your heart in Kevin’s pocket, but that doesn’t mean you can dispense with platitudes like Qur’anic PEZ and call black white!

          Perhaps you could explain what you meant by the syllogism “atheist extremist”? Where are these “extremists” found? Where do they train? Who sponsors them?

          You see, I have a lot more evidence about religious extremism (even negative extremism, like claiming one thing is another, or that illogical opposites exist, when they don’t) than I have about atheist extremism. In fact, I have absolutely no evidence whatsoever for “atheist extremists”.

          There are arseholes everywhere, but just because they’re arseholes doesn’t mean they’re atheists. Or extremists.

          However, that being said, I find more arseholes in churches, synagogues, mosques, than outside them. I don’t know why. Maybe they like to congregate and congratulate each other? Or maybe they just like the bullshit they listen to. After all, it takes effort and time to learn to understand how the world ACTUALLY works.

          So there’s no way I (or anyone with similar atheistic/realist tendencies) could possibly become an “extremist atheist”, unless we negate everything we’ve learned.

          The same is NOT true of religious extremists. Sometimes, they’re the nice ones, until their Invisible Bearded Sky Faery/SuperFriend tells them to kill someone they don’t know (and will never understand).

          So your “argument” for stopping this (admittedly unpalatable) war of facts against make-belief isn’t really an argument after all!

  22. DawahFilms Says:


    “All the evidence you have shown is that you are a stalker. If you are really the better man prove it and not dig yourself a bigger hole.
    You have risen up to the stereotype of a muslim. A vindictive, back-stabbing, low-life simpleton whose words and actions show the opposite of “the religion of peace”.
    Thank you for proving everybody right.

    In other words Kevin. You embarrass yourself and your family.”

    On the contary you are just BSing and you buy everything he sells you.

    You seem to think its okay what he does to other people. In real life outside of the internet, if he were to act like that he wouldn’t be protected behind his computer screen. People would come after him for his harassment and potential harm towards their lives.

    You just don’t seem to care how much harm he has brought to my doorstep. In other words, I’ve brought no embarassment. You and others, on the other hand, are sick cowards who enjoy when others suffer for your entertainment.

    • Random Callsign (@RandomCallsign) Says:

      I’ve watched all of your videos, relating to this feud, from beginning to end. I’m sorry, there is no other way to cut it, Kevin.
      You are way over the top with your harassment.

      The harm “he brought to your doorstep” is your own vitriol, I mean rhetoric, darling. You know, you pretty much fit the stereotype. Hell, you ARE the stereotype.
      Hostile, vindictive, with the stupid beard rationalizing everything to fit your world-view andharrassing everybody that doesn’t buy the Islamic aggressive rhetoric . To complete the image you just need a 777, a couple of towers and a plane ticket.

      I know that you have sidestepped from “TFOOT DIDDIT” to “TFFOT SUBS DIDDIT”, but you know… unless TF is some sort of deity, there is no way he could control subs. And even then, the ball is in your court to prove
      Maybe that’s why your image changed a bit, isn’t it?

      Take a fucking chill pill, grow a pair of balls and act like a man.
      You are just another nobody taking a bridge too far. And it is gonna hurt you much more that it did before if you keep pulling that kind of stuff. Maybe even physically.

      This is not a warning, as I really don’t care who you are and I wouldn’t lift muscle to find anything to hurt you.
      This is a word of advice. Take it seriously, Kevin.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        To me it sounds more like you’re a sociopath.

        I don’t take advice from sociopaths. Sorry.

      • Domino Roll'd Says:

        LOL, Dawah, you have a very poor understanding of what a sociopath is.

      • Random Callsign (@RandomCallsign) Says:

        Oh come now, Kevin. What a lame excuse to reject criticism.
        Stop rationalizing your behaviour to avoid criticism. It is childish.

        If you don’t like people to tell you what you have done wrong and where you failed, that’s your problem. But don’t come complaining about people’s judgements on your actions when you become more and more paranoid and more and more like the stereotype you fill in so wonderfully now, much more than you did in May 2010.

        That’s why you are a joke and the two ways that you harm anyone are the ways of a terrorist. Through social terrorism (that you fulfilled through doc-dropping) and with bombs.

        You really think that Tfoot could be fired by what he said, when Noam Chomsky is more vocal and harder than TF concerning JEWS?
        You are stupid Dawah. You are really an amateur feather-weight.

        That’s why you lose. That’s why nobody takes you seriously and that’s why the only way to anyone to give you attention is when you get a bomb strapped in your chest.

        Crying now, are we? Though luck.

    • Anonymous Says:

      dawah, if you suffer from being ridiculed, then stop saying and doing ridiculous things in a public forum.

  23. werewolf Says:

    oh?do tell Dawah how has TF harmed you? did he hurt your feelings…you poor thing.

  24. Latinum Says:

    dawah cut the bull. you claim tf00ts subbs flagged coughlan’s video, with no proof. you claim tf00t no longer works at his job with no proof. you made several different claims about people contacting the fbi on you, first tf00t – then his subs and you had it fixed with the fbi – then you claim you had to contact the muslim american council with no proof. you admitted you could have interpreted tf00ts video wrong, but you show no remorse for what you said. only the results.

    I don’t support tf00t adhom attacks against amenakin and i don’t support his using your video in videos addressing you. I’m on neither side here.

    BUT HEY, YOUR NOT THE ONLY VICTIM HERE! Tf00t was being threatened to, and unlike you. people actually know were he lives now. So get off your high horse. stop blocking people who simply disagree with you. and get over it.

  25. Domino Roll'd Says:

    Let me know when you’re done watching ‘The Sleeping Giant’, particularly the part where he said it’s not a call for genocide or a desire for war and also that his video was “meant to have a ‘GO FUCK YOURSELF PSYCHO’ field to it”.

    Your next step, I think you owe people some clarification about the FBI encounter, the FBI doesn’t just harass people for no reason, so you need to explain more of what happened.

  26. dynamitecoomonster Says:

    Dawah, with respect, you’re a young man without, it seems, the benefit of the life experience needed to cope with this situation. You seem to be lacking in self-control and acting on your impulses way too much, probably because you are extremely angry and hurt.

    You are putting yourself in a situation where you are progressively having to defend yourself more and more everyday. You must realise that this state of affairs does not typically have a happy ending.

    You are also playing right into TF’s hands, and after you have helped spread his personal info, I doubt he is going to show much restraint in his future dealings with you.

    If I were you, I would take a step back, reflect for a while, learn to govern your passions a little better, make a sincere apology for helping spread personal info and get back to concentrating on the reason you went out to Malaysia in the first place.

    You seem to be intelligent and have potential, but even after watching your evidence videos (and trying my best to remain impartial), I would say you were most definitely on the losing end of this playground spat.

    • Aaron Says:

      He’s been told that so many times, in comments and videos, that it’s just not funny anymore. His retort is basically that he shouldn’t have to, because he wants to act and say the way he does, and therefore it’s everyone else’s fault if they don’t accept he should, and it’s everyone else’s problem problem that they don’t make room to accommodate him the way he is. In other words, not only will he not stop, he will continue to ramp up the drama to keep the drama going as long as he can.

      So yes, it’s going to end badly for him because he will ensure that it will… and when it does, he will blame everyone and everything but himself. And he’ll be totally convinced that he didn’t do a single thing wrong.

      • dynamitecoomonster Says:

        well then he’s a cock.

      • victorvinoda Says:

        is that you AronRa? if you have a wordpress can I follow you?

      • Monkeyballzster Says:

        I am impartial and have been observing this skirmish since it started.

        First of all, Welldone TF for creating an alternative platform for dialogue additional to youtube. I hope there are stimulating philosophical debates to come on here.

        Now, It is evidently crystal clear after reviewing the evidence that DawahFilms did NOT make a personal direct death threat. Anyone with common sense is aware of this. You will NEVER get the consolation of the masses acknowledging this Kevin, you must accept that! However, regardless of this, as much as it pains me to admit it, AaronRa is absoutely spot on.

        TF was WRONG to misrepresent you the way you did. He KNOWS this! But he has exploited you for his agenda, which is how he has justified how it was ok, as many people follow the same cause. Resorting to being a “victim” to doc dropping reveals TF knows what he initially did to you lacks enough justification.

        On the other side of the coin, Kevin, if you go onto a public forum, make a provocative video to a big YT Playa like TF (whether justified or not), in the style you did, then you MUST take personal responsibility for this, which I think you do.

        I understand you did not anticipate for it to be received the way TF portrays it. Use it as a life lesson! DONT keep making the same mistakes. You are an intelligent person Kevin, it is clear you were over optimistic and idealistic due to your naivety on how people are, theory clashing with practice. There are a lot of Atheists & Theists who are as spiteful and malicious as each other, especially if they think they are anonymous.

        There are thousands of insecure cowards who will use any leverage whatsoever to insult you solely due to your creed. There are SOME TF followers who will agree with him regardless whether he is right or wrong. Do not dignify THEIR comments seriously, because they DONT CARE whether TF is right or wrong!! They have no concern on what the Truth is.

        I also appreciated the direction Kevin was going when it appeared this whole debacle was over.

        It all comes down to this.

        TF sensationalized what you said. You tried to resolve it amicably, but TF lost a lot of integrity (unlike potholer) by sticking his heels in on the matter. You must concede you DID NOT do yourself any favours whatsoever to start with and how you have handled it when you realised you would have to accept something unfair happened to you.

        ‘Justice’ – You will find it not by attacking TF, but by being an eminent spokesman for Islam in the future, modernizing it, clarifying socio-politico aspects of it, being an altruistic force to people. Let TF’s dispute go dude and get on with your own thing.

        TF is an anti-theist but at least he seems to understand skepticism isnt an end and is willing to confront Theism. TF is NOT helping his cause of modernizing Islams teachings by attacking you!

        If an action you undertook caused an undesired effect, you must take responsibility for that action, even if the outcome was not your intention! I suggest you read ‘Radical Honesty’ as it is strongly relevant to your attitude to this shituation.

        TF, keep up the good work and hopefully will see you at live debates in the future. DawahFilms, Keep the direction you are going as you ‘could’ have more ‘potential’ than TF in the long run with the backbone these experiences have given you. Contribute constructive pragmatic aspects of Islam, lead by example! Exert your energy more efficiently.

      • Aaron Says:

        To clear up any misconception, I am not AronRa.

  27. DawahFillms Says:

    IP Address:
    IP Host:

    Continent: Asia (AS)
    Country: Malaysia (MY)
    State: Kuala Lumpur
    City: Kuala Lumpur
    ISP: International Islamic University Of Malaysia
    Organization: International Islamic University Of Malaysia
    Time zone: Asia/Kuala_Lumpur

    Continent Lat/Lon: 29.8405 / 89.296
    Country Lat/Lon: 4.22 / 101.97
    City Lat/Lon: (3.1667) / (101.7)
    IP Language: Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
    IP Currency: Ringgit(RM) (MYR)

    • Anonymous Says:

      You had stated in one of your videos that people want hurt you and YOUR FAMILY, so you drop your docs. Are you really that worried? What would happen if someone you loved did get hurt as a result of this? How would you feel?

      Tfoot can you remove his post at all so pending harm can be happen or claim to happen to innocent parties?

      We all talk about but there is a real risk with giving out your information. Real life hurts so much more.

      • Anonymous Says:

        so pending harm can be happen or claim to happen
        *so pending harm could not happen or claim to be happening*

    • Monkeyballzster Says:

      To say DawahFilms made a sincere death threat to TF is just as disingenuous as stating TF wants to commit genocide to all muslims. Both are untrue!

    • DawahFilms Says:

      I didn’t post this.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Please note this has been posted by “DawahFillms” (note two Ls)

    • Anonymous Says:

      Note this was posted by “DawahFillms” – Two L’s

  28. victorvinoda Says:

    War is the coward escape from the problems of peace.

  29. M.A. Riley Says:

    Thunderf00t, I have yet to hear you acknowledge that your ‘Death-threat DawahFilms’ videos and the like were at least in some small way responsible for Ali being reported to the FBI. Just for clarification, do you deny this? Or to put it in broader terms, do you deny that your videos have a great deal of influence over the actions and opinions of a lot of people?

    And as such, isn’t it your responsibility to provide those people with the most accurate information possible? You have said in the past that you don’t think Ali is a threat to you, yet you continued to make videos about him. Why?

    One last question, if your videos did in fact encourage or inspire someone to report Ali, should you be held responsible for that, just as some zealous Salafi Muslim like Anwar al-Awlaki should be held responsible for the role he played in many acts of Salafi-Jihad? (I should note that this is a loose example comparing two individuals who’s words inspire action, and that I wouldn’t compare your work to that of Awlaki.)

    I only ask the last because, as you said in your discussion with DLandonCole, you do have a role in the group that did this, and therefore should by those standards be held responsible.

    • Mike Paps Says:

      “Thunderf00t, I have yet to hear you acknowledge that your ‘Death-threat DawahFilms’ videos and the like were at least in some small way responsible for Ali being reported to the FBI.”

      Could you please provide evidence that DF was in fact reported to the FBI, since your basing your entire post on an unproven premise. He’s been asked repeatedly for it, and has presented nothing more than self-serving claims.

      • M.A. Riley Says:

        I cannot, but I think its a moot point. The question is more or less related to the one that follows it. I think Thunderf00t has a great amount of sway over many of his followers, and the degree to which they harass Ali online is most certainly evident. I just wonder if he agrees.

        At this point, at any rate, I’m more inclined to trust Ali’s word over TF’s. If TF were to make a statement clarifying that Ali didn’t doc-drop him, and that his statements last year were made under the assumption that TF was threatening genocide, I might be more inclined to hear what TF has to say.

      • Celen Says:

        I personally would like to think that even though I follow someone on youtube any action I take is my own doing. To try and pin whatever I do on whomever I am following is just wrong. TF may have sway over his followers but last time I checked he never encouraged anyone to go to the FBI. if someone did then they are responsible. This is a fact when dealing with issues in a public place. Now I have no idea if Dawah has been reported or not, I have tried looking at all the videos and at no point was any concrete evidence shown. TF says he did not do it and I have no reason to think he won’t. Furthermore the FBI would never tell whom they are investigating that they are doing so, let alone who gave the tip off. So I am very curious as to how Dawah knows about the FBI investigation and who is responsible.

        I also believe Dawah can rest easy as I am quite sure the FBI have more pressing matters to worry about than a youtube spat.
        I know for a fact that law agencies monitor sites such as youtube, if Dawah had done something to warrent their attention it would have been flagged up by an agency way before someone got round to reporting it.

        In the end, I have only seen Thunderf00t go after people when they have made things personal and tried to get at him. I have only seen him take action against pcs.

        • M.A. Riley Says:

          Under the Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act, anyone can file a request to see what information the FBI has on an individual, so long as that individual is the one requesting the information (see also U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73), details of which can be found on the Bureau’s FAQ page on their website.

          But regarding the point I was trying to make, I think that many of us can agree that the systematic murder and mutilation of children accused of witchcraft in Christian-African countries can be blamed on the Evangelical Preachers who proselytize there. They may not have ordered people to burn witches, but they taught them that witches exist and should be feared, thereby leading to the deaths of many innocent women and children. I could use another example using the student/mentor relationship, which I believe to be roughly analogous to TF’s relationship with his more zealous followers. If an influential mentor tells his pupil that he believes Jews control the media, the government, etc., and are plotting the destruction of all non-Jews, and that pupil does out to commit violent crimes against Jews, we could safely say that the Mentor is at least somewhat responsible for what his/her pupil did.

          Again, these are extreme examples, but I do think that people with persuasion over other individuals should be more mindful of what they say, and should be held responsible when the spread of those ideas lead to real-world consequences.

  30. King Kool Says:

    In the interest of trying to give some of the above comments context, I checked the age listed on Dawah’s channel. I was guessing 18-22ish. It says 26. (I’ve always been bad at guessing ages.)

    Man, at 26, I’d like to think I had most of this kind of stuff out of my system. I can recall being gung-ho about stuff back when I was a teenager and even in my first years of college, but not at that age.

    I don’t mean this as an insult, since I can only really compare it to my own experience (and I haven’t the foggiest idea how old Thunderf00t is. For all I know, he’s younger than me). But I think the people who find communities like this are the ones who have a lot of this sort of stuff in their system. Maybe I had less than your average bear. I don’t know.

  31. :) Says:

    Its BAFFLING to me that everyone simply ignores the fact that thunderfoots info was posted by some skeptics organization awhile back that posted his full name, his channel name and a link to his channel. Really … does this escape all of you?

    He didnt drop thunderfoots docs. He said his FIRST NAME. Anyone that has the slightest idea of how to use Google could have found out his full name themselves. That all of you continue to slam DawahFilms for this is just ludicrous.

    Then, thunderfoot makes a RIDICULOUS video somehow recruiting two people to help him with it and thinks that doing that, while lying throughout, is going to help his position. Honestly any rational, level-headed person in academia would look at a video like that and shake their head in disbelief… at least all of the scores of people that I know would. Maybe you run with a different crowd, who knows.

    At first I thought DawahFilms should just let this whole mess go… not because he acted inappropriately (although I think that contacting tfoots former employer was unnecessary) but because this isnt worth his time. Actually, I dont think hes doing it for him… I think he feels that all groups should have an equal voice. And he’s fighting ignorance. I hate to tell all of you this, but you aren’t going to win this. You might think that you can hurt Ali with this bullshit, but you, thunderfoot, and people like you are in the minority. You think you arent, but you are. There are far more influential people than you that dont think like you that have far more power in this world. Dream on, dude. Dream on.

    • Anal bleeding Says:

      Why did he say then he’s afraid of being hurt several times? He’s a big pussy.

    • Latinum Says:

      its not solely the internet. although in one of dawah videos he made it aware that other people knew his personal information. it is unknown if they saw that video or if he informed them himself.

      dawah also Favorited a video containing tf00ts info on his channel a while back. so he might not have been the first to do it. dawah still contributed.

      like i said earlier, however. Dawah allegedly leaked tf00ts videos and information to his place of employment and to student groups there in. this despite being unethical, is considered “doc dropping”.
      yes both parties are being childish. still please refrain from adding to the flame war if you do not know what you are talking about.

      • RandomNobody Says:

        Is there any proof he favorited this?

      • Latinum Says:

        at this point no. he has no favorite list and he has made to many channel comments that his pointing that video out are no longer there. i don’t expect anyone to take my word for it though. that is up to you.

    • KevinSolway Says:

      The person who dropped all of TF’s docs back in May wasn’t a Muslim. That’s why TF hasn’t said a word about it.

      • SeltsamerAttraktor Says:

        As far as I can tell the person who hunted for TF’s docs and dropped them in May was some random internet stranger, nothing more. And this video had just about a hundred views. It was DF who brought it to the the attention of the masses in the first place. Although this video was already taken down, there was a zip file containing all that information including the video itself, that originated from the description box of that video. Somebody who still had that link spread the file further, and yes that includes both the original creator and DW. There are rumors that DW himself sent the link to random people who asked him in a PM.

        So DW did three things:
        1) hunted for TF’s docs back in 2010, in a malicious attempt to hurt him, and got caught
        2) sent TF’s Youtube channel with his real name attached to an unknown number of random people of his university, including not only his employers and coworkers but also student organizations. Well knowing that many of those wouldn’t have the necessary confidentiality to keep this information from spreading on the internet.
        3) Stirred up the drama in the first place
        and 4) unproven (although there is a video in which DW is allegedly admitting that he was the one who spread the file) he sent the link to random strangers

        So yes, I think TF has all right to blame DF in this matter.

  32. :) Says:

    Dont ever back down to these ridiculous attempts at intimidation, Ali.

  33. :) Says:

    Actually, I wanted to add that thunderfoots attitude reminds me of McCarthyism… “oooh get the bad nasty islamic threat that is SURE to invade the united states!”

    Sure, some people back then were stupid enough to fall for the propaganda (which is what most of your vids on islam amount to, thunderfoot) but thinking people ridiculed it… and him.

  34. Rando Says:

    Kevin is just a sick and twisted little stalker zealot and that is all he will ever be.

  35. Default Says:

    Calm down Dawah, we don’t want you EXPLODING with rage do we?

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Dawahfilms reminds me of the obsessed young man that stabbed his ex to death. Upon arrest he claimed he only wanted to stab her a little, not so far as to kill. How far will the ante go. I hope the image or likeness of Dawahfilms disappears from Thunderf00t’s media well before The Reason Rally.

  37. Lachlan Ward Says:

    It’s quite obvious why Dawah has become so obsessed with T-f00t. Dawah has lost his faith in Islam through his interaction with the open forum. It’s so blatantly obvious from his online activities. The endless rebuttals, the lurking (whether this be on threads or forums). He’s clinging on to something that he knows he is slipping away from – namely his faith.
    The biggest giveaway is the fact that he’s no longer trying to defend the wider Islamic construct. This issue is all about him now. He must defend his image, his reputation, his career. This transfer of attention from the wider fantasy realm of the religion to the personal level is indicative of apostasy. That he’s become more obsessed with THIS debate that the ramblings of a magic man is highly telling. You know why he won’t quit? Because if he does, he will crash and become an apostate. Time away will bring a critical evaluation for him that will be so sharp and so decisively defining that he will have no other choice but to abandon the faith completely. That is why he clings on and continues to return. If he quits the threads he will quit Islam. Isn’t that right, Dawah?

  38. martiendejong Says:

    I think you are taking it way too far now. You are making a blog post or a video about Dawah every day now.
    I also think Dawah had the right to doc drop you, reporting alleged misbehavior is not a crime.
    You guys are acting like a WBC rally atm.
    Stop bullying Dawah, it’s silly.

    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      Dawah (re)started this conflict, it was buried since last year.

    • Random Callsign (@RandomCallsign) Says:

      Reporting to authorities is one thing. Another thing is reporting to Islamists.

      nice try to enable this kind of behaviour

      • Martien de Jong Says:

        You guys are expressing the same intolerance and ignorance that you do not wish to see from religious people.

        I thought that atheists had a better morality than believers. Seems I was wrong…

      • Random Callsign (@RandomCallsign) Says:

        Oh I see… because it is inherently immoral to yell foul on the subject of distributing personal information to someone that might injure you.

        I don’t buy it.

      • Martien de Jong Says:

        Taking stuff out of context
        Being unreasonable
        Emotional attachment to the outcome of a discussion
        Wanting to be right instead of objective
        Straw man attacks
        Humiliating others for their belief/opinion
        Us/them reasoning

    • Aaron Says:

      Doc dropping is seeking, obtaining, and distributing private information about someone who third parties without that individual’s consent. It is NOT “reporting alleged misbehaviour”.
      Reporting alleged misbehaviour is making a report and allowing legal channels to take over from there. It is NOT “Doc dropping”.
      And as Kevin made it clear that he sent the details to four people without TF’s consent, that’s doc dropping no matter what way you try to spin it.

  39. DawahFilms Says:

    ‘Cause I’m Slim Shady, yes I’m the real Shady
    All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Hey T’F00t. This one isnt as much fun as PCS, nor half as entertaining. Its actually becoming boring.

    Can I suggest letting it slide and re-baiting for a better quality play thing? Maybe some more science / lulz at creotards in the meantime?

  41. Joe Says:

    Oh BawahFilms, your so obscene
    You need a truckload of butthurt cream.
    Thunderf00t has addressed
    Your religion which does all but oppress.
    Anywhere here that you will lurk
    you’ll be in for more butthurt.
    and when you give us, our daily kicks
    We think its about time that you just quit.

  42. Mike Says:


    When will all of this DF crap end?? I just want good tf00t videos and this feud isn’t helping either of you. Can’t we just acknowledge that DF is a dummy, and DF can go on believing tf00t to be something along the lines of an amoral mobster that gets his fanbase to terrorize him and move on.

  43. oneiros666 Says:


    You mock Tf00t because you think he doesn’t have a job and you brag about how you supposedly ruined his career with your doc-dropping (sending Tf00t’s vids to his employers with Tf00t’s real name attached). But then you claim that Tf00t lost his job in July of this year. You posted your video about doc dropping Tf00t in September/October. If Tf00t lost his job in July, it demonstrably wasn’t because of your immoral doc dropping.

    If you want people to “leave you alone” then don’t post videos and comments on a public forum. When you say stupid shit, as you most certainly do, people are going to call you on it. Whether you like it or not.

    Furthermore: You say that Tf00t has harmed you in real life. How? Tf00t has never doc dropped your ass (as you would’ve deserved), he has not revealed your full name, he has not told people to harm you nor has he done anything other than to call you on your bullshit and tell you that Islam is a fucked up belief-system.

    In conclusion: You are a troll, Dawah, and the reason we spend time with you is because you really did a shameful thing by putting Tf00t in RL danger when you sent his docs to an islamist organisation.

  44. Rigo Jancsi Says:

    I’m just a thunderdrone from the thunderflock. That’s why I say:

    Tf00t = Dr. title + knowledge of real science stuff + cool atheist friends + cool telescope + cool airplane + car to escape mountain lions = winner

    Dawah = no Dr. title + imaginary science knowledge + bad beard cut + scary eyes + named Kevin = looser, and a bad one, too

  45. The Last Baron Says:

    How many people here have taken the time to browse dawahfilms’ channel?

    I have, He really is not an extremist, he a progressive. he encouraged muslims to take part in Draw Mohammed day and has a 15 minute scathing attack on other Muslims who make real death threats, seek to isolate them selves from the criticism and blame all their problems on the west. A video that hits home harder than anything TF00t has done with regard to Islam.

    I challenge you to watch it.

    That being said, I utterly condemn Dawah films in the strongest possible terms for doc dropping thunderF00t, constantly playing the victim card and off course threatening to send thunderF00t to the God he wished he knew

    I also utterly condemn ThunderF00t for his blatant intellectual dishonesty when criticising muslims in his initial south park video, and his failure to admit his errors or even address them when Dawahfilms pointed them out to him.

    • Aaron Says:

      Yes I’ve watched his videos and noticed a marked shift over time in them. He’s not an extremist but he is far too quick to get overemotional and assume the world’s out to get him on the back of anything and everything he imagines is said. He also has different sets of morals for himself and others: for example, it’s okay for him to do something (for all sorts of reasons), but it’s not okay for anyone else to do it (because he doesn’t like it). This is classic egocentrism. He’s hardly well-balanced. And if he wanted this drama to finish, all he would need to do is show how moderate he is, rather than constantly making intimidatory videos and in effect, asking his subs to help keep his side of the drama going. To end on a cliche, it takes two to tango.

    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      Thunderf00t did post a reply ‘The Sleeping Giant’.

      • The Last Baron Says:

        Which failed to address any of the claims in his previous video that dawah showed to be false or at least massive exaggerations.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, this whole thing is juvenile and pathetic now.

    However, ThunderF00t was always juvenile and pathetic…

  47. Anon Says:

    Dawahfilms is such a monumental tool.

  48. jon Says:

    All dawahfilms needed to do was make a sincere apology a year ago and he wouldn’t be in this mess. I re-watched his draw Muhammad day video and again I saw dishonesty. His whole argument is, there is only one way to describe Muhammad and it is his way. The point of draw Muhammad day is to show moderate Muslims what happens when a simple act of drawing an image arouses violence that eventually leads to death in the Muslim world. The point of DMD is to get rid of this irrational holy reverence they give to an illiterate and utterly ignorant guy who they personally don’t know. Just analyzing Muhammad’s marriages can give us a clue on who this guy really was. What sincere boy of 25, who has no wealth and is illiterate, marries a rich old widow and after her death marries 10 more times? I say Muhammad took the easy way out. What if DF, now 26, married a rich old widow and after her death lived the rest of his life womanizing? Why does a man have to marry 10 times after he is 45 years old? Any suspicion?

    Also in his DMD, he basically says it is the west’s fault why Middle east doesn’t have democracy. It is the west that is helping to suppress democratic principles by aiding the thugs that ruled those Arab countries for decades.

    So the story is exactly where it was when DF first started. He isn’t building any bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims. He is blaming the west for all of the problems in the Middle east, and on the free speech issue of DMD: It is his way or the highway. I mean come on guys.

    Let me clarify even further. Lets take an extremist Muslim in the middle east. Who does he blame for the misery in the Arab world? West. Should one have the free speech to draw Muhammad’s image? No, because any image would be a mockery and will be taken as offense. Again, I’m not saying DF is an extremist. But his views fall directly in line with extremists.

    • The Last Baron Says:

      The Whole point of draw Mohammed day is to show that death threats and violence is not an appropriate response to ridicule and criticism. DF agrees with this and has actually come out and said as much. He then proposes his own response calligraphy.

      He does not blame the west for all the problems in the Middle east that is a false statement, (although he does rightly point out the western backed dictators) he has said Muslims must also shoulder the blame for the situation. Its right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOcWjFhH6L0&feature=feedf

      And yes this whole thing would’ve been avoided if DF had not misinterpreted TF’s frankly poorly researched over dramatised video as a call to genocide on all Muslims and went and made a monstrously stupid death threat in response (which i might add was only part of a video which also pulled apart TF’s sweeping paranoid generalisations with those awkward things known as facts).

      An apology from DF for Death threating, doc hunting, doc dropping and generally devolving into a whiny little bitch would be good.

      As would an apology from TF for blatant sweeping generalisations of about 1.7 billion people based on the words of a slack handful of Muslims on the internet and the needless antagonistic sabre rattling.

      • jon Says:

        I agree with everything you said Last Baron. I was referring to the DMD video where he only blames the west, instead of blaming Muslims for their own condition. It is time for Muslims to own up to their backward condition as the fault of their own. Scapegoating will not solve their very real issues which make life so miserable in their part of the world.

        Again, referring to the DMD video, DF is dishonest about DMD. He shouldn’t have the right to tell others how to represent Muhammad. He is not saying we can’t draw bigoted images of Muhammad, he is going as far as saying to an individual you are NOT allowed to make ANY image of Muhammad except calligraphy. That certainly goes against free speech.

        I think DF has great potential and he can help modernize backward thinking Muslims around the world who live in traditional Muslim society. He just put too much attention to TF, even though the issue with TF is a great promoter of western views. TF has the right approach of being aggressive. He should stay aggressive. This whole issue of back and forth argument is fine. Taking real life approach that DF took wasn’t fine. He went too far and that is why TF is now putting more attention to DF. This has to be stopped by DF with an apology in my view just because he brought YouTube argument into real life.

      • Cephas Borg Says:


        I don’t think the West will ever have enough leverage (or support) to get involved in Muslim countries, they’re (the west) carrying too much baggage. The Shah of Iran, anyone?

        Nor will anyone be successful imposing western cultural values like “free speech” on a modern muslim society. It’s taken how long for Turkey to reach what we’d consider a moderately free secular society? And that’s been under attack for years by progressive and extremist muslims alike.

        Muslims as a whole have to figure out 1) how much they NEED to interact with the west; and 2) what they need to change to permit that interaction.

        With such an amazing history, that’s a lot of cultural inertia to overcome. It’s not easy (witness Yemen, Syria, and Palestine) But I watch hopefully. Then along comes Kevin.

        I’m not entirely sure Kevin fully understands that people (western or otherwise) saw NOT what he said he intended, but what they thought he intended. I watched the same films on both channels (though I cringed so many times through Kevin’s “arguments” in all his videos that I got a cramp), and as a metaphysical naturalist (NOT a TF fanboi) I can only say what I saw with an open mind : an angry, hurt young man trying to knock down what he saw as a tall poppy who deserved to be knocked down, but only in Kevin’s mind).

        The fact that Kevin then stepped way, way over the line isn’t important. But the fact that he broke the rules, knowing he was breaking them at the time, renders all his excuses pointless.

        I can only work on evidence. Well, I’ve seen the evidence (as much as is available on both sides), and it says Kevin should either apologise genuinely to TF, or he should get off the internet. Every day he stalls and backpedals just detracts further from his integrity.

        I’d like TF to move on too, but this is _his_ call, not ours. I’m getting a bit tired of watching Kevin squirm and lie and squeal, it’s monotonous.

        If you don’t want to play by the rules, change them, don’t break them and try to say you were misunderstood or misquoted. That’s how life works. (Apparently; I can’t find the user’s guide).

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I think thunderf00t is a pretty cool guy. eh enturbulates Moslems and doesn’t dox anyone

    • Cephas Borg Says:

      Heh heh heh… I think he ‘enturbulates’ quite a lot of religious people.

      I’m thanksome to you for the new word! 😀

    • Leon Says:

      I think TF is a decently educated individual, but he is petty and shady.

      Had to unsub because he rather trash poor religious cretins than be an educator, waste of my time smh. I actually sub’d for his arguments against religion not his bullying of religious individuals

      I’m an atheist of course, but this childish competition between two people and Tf00t encouraging his much longer sub base to assist in this bullying is sad.

      And can’t everyone just accept that Tf00t doesn’t work at a university anymore? If it wasn’t true he would not avoid it for fucks sake, so don’t act like the man is a hero. Its more annoying to me that he’s ashamed of it, rather than just throw it out there and let it be done and no one would care afterwords anyway. Major Sigh on this Drama

  50. DawahFilms Says:

    Tf00t, I ask again, are you still butthurt over losing your job? Butthurt over academia doesn’t support or endorse your bigoted, sociopathic views? What is it that you think I said? “Die in a gutter”? Well you did that to yourself, so go fuck yourself.

    Muslims win, you lose 😉

    • A disappointed sub Says:

      Ali, When is it going to be enough? Seriously, how much longer will you keep this up? Why do you even want to keep this up? I respect you as a man but you’re acting like a spoiled child. How much lower are you willing to drag yourself down? You’re not helping yourself, you’re just lowering yourself to the level of a troll. Stop! For fucks sake, get control of yourself, your emotions & stop!
      “Muslims win? you lose? ;)?”
      Do you honestly think you or anyone has won something? There is NO winner here.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      Impersonation is easy. Are you the real DF? because i’m not.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        @A disappointed sub

        I have won because I have exposed Tf00t to the public, showing who he really is. You so called free-thinkers (who really are sheeple) just don’t get it, someone who you think is some primitive muslim just brought down your god (yeah I went there) and has made him the most butthurt user on YouTube. Face it, he’s a damned loser who’s living off your gullibility, and he’s not going to matter at all at life. He’s lying to you about having a job, I can’t believe you can’t see that. He’s going to die lonely and forgotten in some craphole after trying to collect enough money for food, and I’m glad my Zakat won’t be going towards him. He can go fuck himself, the sociopathic freak.

        There’s nothing Tf00t can do to me that’s worse than I did to him, which is destroy his fragile little ego.

        So yeah, I won.

      • 0fer5chris Says:

        “I’ve won.”

        Well at least you admit that’s what this has all been about. “beating” him. What’s that they say about arguing on the internet?

      • The Last Baron Says:

        If that is the real Dawah, you are really not doing yourself any favours by posting triumphalist nonsense and making personal attacks like spoiled child.

        you have potential, you have presented decent arguments which is breath of fresh air compared to the other Muslims i have encoutered in real life and on the internet.

        However your conduct in this whole incident has been utterly disgraceful, from death threats to doc dropping, from bitching about victimhood to spiteful triumphalism. You have stained your own name with your own words and actions.

        And no you are not the winner in this debacle (if such a term is even applicable to this shitstorm). ThuderF00t stooped low with his videos but you sir, you sunk way below him.


  51. TheSundayFiddler Says:

    I think TF00t’s employment status is irrelevant. He follows his conscience criticizing the poison that is religion. I like to think that may be a more important job right now than conducting research in a lab. Maybe he does, too. And when he’s done raising people’s awareness of the damage faith is causing, perhaps he goes back to the lab. Or, maybe he becomes a drone pilot for the military–he seems to have the aptitude.

  52. DawahFilms Says:

    Insh’Allah I will teach Islamic Philosophy and Ethical theory. I plan on being a full time academic and also being involved in the reformation of the Islamic world. I will be involved with the Arab Spring, giving a new example for mankind through Islam! You will be playing with toy airplanes and digging in dumpsters 🙂

    • Milkomeda Says:

      “Insh’Allah I will teach Islamic Philosophy and Ethical theory.”

      Now there’s a contradiction in terms if ever there was one.

    • chris Says:

      Thunderf00t may have lost here, but there is no way you won. It’s a no-contest. By a mile.

    • A disappointed sub Says:

      There are MANY people who live off YouTube money. There is no shame in that. He holds degrees that can & will make him plenty of money WHEN HE’S READY to go back to work! Hell, I would LOVE to be able to live off YouTube money & travel across the USA, going to meetings, meeting new people, seeing new things.. are you kidding me? Do you know how many people would give their left arm to do that? You seem to be the only person who is miserable here. You spend ALL your time here or in the comments sections or on his channel comments! Don’t you have work to do? Studying to do? You’ve been glued to YouTube for well over a week now, nonstop. TF is having the time of his life, don’t hate, congratulate! 🙂
      I wish you would go speak to one of your elders, maybe they can help you let go of all this hate you’re harboring. If that doesn’t work (and I’m being serious) maybe you should see someone, there are medications for the behaviors you’re exhibiting.

    • Obi-wan Says:

      A full time academic in ‘Islamic Philosophy’ and Ethical theory? Does that mean I can become a full time profesor in ‘Jedi Philosophy’ and have a much better understanding of Ethical theory than you. And get paid for it? Cool.

    • Dumpster Diving Dawah Says:

      If you honestly think he will ever dig through a dumpster, you’re not being honest with yourself. If he posted a video asking his subs for somewhere to stay. He would have THOUSANDS of offers within minutes. I’ve seen people ASK HIM to contact them when he comes to their part of the US if he wants a place to stay. You’re living in (a sick demented) dreamland if you (want) think he will ever go without. He’s too smart, too kind & too likeable.
      How long do you have left before you’re sent back to the states? What job are you going to get with the degrees you hold in the US? If it’s between you & him, I would bet on you being on the streets before he would. Look at Nick Bravo, he holds two degrees in religious studies & he lives in a fucking van! You’re delusional Kevin, you’re a sad little delusional man. I don’t know what the fuck your parents did to you when you were growing up or if you were molested as a child but someone did a fucking number on you. You need help buddy, preferably inpatient!

    • RationalFTW Says:

      Ironically DawahFilms has admitted to being homeless in the past

      • Dumpster Diving Dawah Says:

        He’s also admitted to being in jail too, probably lies. I think Mommy & Daddy have a wad of cash & Kevin hasn’t ever gone without material things growing up. It’s the important shit he’s lacking. Love, attention & trust is what he grew up without. No one paid attention to him (or possibly a coach, uncle or church member paid TOO much attention to his genitals) when he was a kid. Something went TERRIBLY wrong, the boy has no social skills & he’s trying to get his parents attention by jumping religions. Think about it, going muslim is the ultimate betrayal & payback to his christian parents. The only thing for certain, he’s a fucking head case.

      • Monkeyballzster Says:

        Just read ALL the comments. Doubt if anyones going to read this but i’ll post anyway.

        TF & DF, it’d be great to hear what you both have to say of Gadaffi, now he has passed away ‘n all

        TF, listen Kevin *DawahFilms supports the secular revolution.

        Dont you guys get it ? DW understands that Religion is too important for Politics so cannot be brought down with it, it needs to be separate. Religion is a personal thing for each individual, but there is also the socio-politico aspect of it.

        Secularism allows for Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Sikhs etc to live together in peace. DW doesnt want an Islamic state where you are coerced into being Muslim, obviously he would prefer everyone to believe what they want and if Muslims are the majority its incidental if anything.

        I look forward to DawahFilms being in BlogTV debate with you sometime and releasing a scope of interpretation of the Quran on the Flat Earth in the wider context. Neutrinos & Tachyons show how obsolete classical physics is. Virtual Particles rendering the Kalam Argument invalid but leads to more Theology. Which is more skeptical, believing in the current Scientific Laws or believing there is more ?

        As with Venomfangx, I suggest you at least study Patrick Mathews dispute with Darwin on Evolution and alternative angles. He asserts good philosophy with weight at times, rough with the smooth though.

        Do you see how the reasonable faith tour by William Lane Craig a good or bad thing ? I am going to check it out.

        Finally I have to say TF has had a lot of character coming from a working class background in a tougher era. What he has achieved is remarkable considering the circumstances.

        DW, I know you said some things in this blog you may regret, because you said momentarily in anger from all the pain this chapter has caused you, but I insist in future you are less impulsive and think more before you retaliate as now you have more character. Bring back the substance you had with context, objective circumstantial morality, showing Islam has a sense of humor. Afghanistan is having more freedom with stand up comedy month on month being released on TV and the Arabic league is holding Syria Government more accountable as each day passes.

        The epitome of why on the latest videos DW is as equal as TF, is because of DMD. DW stood up for free speech and jeopardized his situation to show DMD did not have to lead to barbarianism. Remember when the Christians were the on the Crusades, Islam were inclined more to Poetry. Thunderf00t could have collaborated with DF on the modernization of Islam through criticism and refining.

        Ultimately I am still in two minds to choose who has the most justified opinion as I dont think you both have yet to define what you stand for coherently. I will watch your Channels over the next few weeks and decide.

        Leave the personal remarks out and go on Substance on the Debate.
        Take it Easy all, Peace \/

  53. TheSundayFiddler Says:

    Giving a new example for mankind thru Islam? Man, that train’s already left the station. And why do have to messing around with the Arab Spring when those folks seem to be doing so well without being overtly religious?

  54. IslamicNeurosis Says:

    Did you see the video he posted of the child, woman and baby murderers getting free? and he is a “moderate” and a man who “loves humanity”.
    He is a little Islamic extremist posing as a respectable human being.

  55. jon Says:

    @DawahFilms What did you actually win? Choosing a life based on a lie isn’t victory. It is self deception by an unworthy individual and his hidden dread of his inability to deal with existence. There are thousands of religions and all of them are demonstrably false, including yours. So what did you win? You won a life of self delusion. You won a life that will be full of people who follows your same delusion. The world will pass you by before you even realized what terrible choice you’ve made. I am willing to accept your religion and Allah may be true, a farfetched and overreaching conclusion, but it isn’t fact at the moment due to the lack of proper scientific evidence. According to science and rationality, your Allah doesn’t exist. No scientific law says the functioning of this or that is worked by your all powerful Allah. What did you win? You won a life of a primitive, backward, ignorant, violent, misogynistic cult that still won’t let women drive. Really? You won?

    Arab spring is a secular revolution due to western inventions such as the internet, facebook and google. What is known as the Muslim humiliation, an era that started around 12th century, will finally be overcome by secular values such as citizenship, free press and the liberty to voice opinion freely. Muslims have been “butt-hurt” for almost one whole millennium. They are finally realizing what the problem is: Authoritarian rule. After this realization, next step is obviously secularism, which in turn will lead to the demise of the ultimate authoritarian: Allah.

    You are gleeful of the Arab spring, yet the spring represents modernization, secularism and freedom from authoritarian rule. Those concepts are the antithesis of the backward life you are now moving towards. You are moving towards an ideology that prevented the Arab spring, yet you boast as if the Arab spring somehow has everything to do with a person like you.

    • Cephas Borg Says:

      Couldn’t have put it better myself, jon!

      As with every theist in history (or former theist, myself included), Kevin’s cherry-picking the bits he likes about his current religion, and projects that on to other followers/cultists. He doesn’t realise yet that outside of particular Islamic learning establishments, not all muslims hold the same views as he does. Would a catholic priest come out of 4 years in a seminary knowing how to fit in to any real-world parish? So what makes Islamic “universities” different?

      Sure as sh!t the people trying to lift the cowl of dictatorial oppression don’t think the first thing they’ll do when Arab Spring has finally sprung is to get on YouTube and attack people who stood up to Kevin’s bizzare bleatings. In fact, I’d be inclined to think they’d look at Kevin as we do – a misogynistic, egotistical, cultist with psychopathic tendencies. Not much different to most militant Islamic fundamentalists, after all.

      But Kevin’s happy where he is. Nice, quiet “university”, where all he needs to do is repeat the same thing the guy before him said, word for word, ad infinitum. At least he won’t need sabbaticals to learn of all the new concepts in the qur’an. Now THAT’S a sweet job.

  56. IslamicNeurosis Says:

    Dawahfilms supports suicide bombing of school buses and restaurants. The face of a self-proclaimed “moderate Muslim”, he celebrates the death of innocent woman and children and spits on there graves celebrating the release of there cold blooded killers.

  57. Jakob Says:

    Whites are racist. Pure and simple. They hate Semitic religions and often blame their problems on non-Whites all the time.

    The white culture represents inequality, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, Judeophobia and oppression.

    Whites have a history of racism. My advice to Muslims is just ignore them. There is nothing wrong with your religion, whites are just bred in a racist culture and grow up racist thinking they are better than everyone else because they have white skin. Their culture is quite primitive.

    Racism was spread in the world by them. This Thunderfoot is:

    1). A white male
    2). Depressed with his life because he’s a scientist who isn’t even in a well respected field.
    3). He blames Muslims and call for their genocide.

    These are the 3 ingredients of a racist. Being white, depressed and a blamer.

    • Celen Says:

      Whites are racist?!! Lol you are a misguided racist yourself, you are branding anyone depending on their skin colour ! Furthermore all this has nothing to do with race you plonker. religion has NOTHING to do with race or skin colour. Furthermore saying that only whites are racist is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. while I was in Kenya for 8 years I encountered large amounts of racist behavior towards me.. I was WHITE.

      You sir are a huge racist, get the hell out of here and crawl back to the rock you call home. The kind of intolerance you spout has no place in this world.

      “Whites are racist” you are a troll right ?
      as far as I can tell TF is touring the country making videos. yeah I am sure he is so depressed and yes its all the muslims fault.

      I am quite sure you will resume with more racist crap

      • Jakob Says:

        Well, you can’t say you didn’t deserve it. If anyone deserves racism its whites. But racism isn’t possible against whites since whites invented racism.

        You whites have slaughtered every race just because you perceive them to be non white. You’re culture is just savage, full of inequality, racism and cultural phobias of all kinds.

        In the last century you people hated Jews and were taught they poisoned wells and wanted to take over. In the last decade you are taught that Muslims are poisioning the minds of your children and brainwashing them for a “global jihad”. A laughable idea at best.

        I’m Jewish and I know how you whites work better than any other group ever could. You just like victimising non whites. Dawah Films is clearly correct here but you idiots hate him because he isn’t white enough for you.

        As Mark Twain once said “There are many humorous things in the world, among them the white man’s notion that he is less savage than the other savages”. 99% of serial killers are white. 99% of wars are caused by whites. Whites tried to oppress the world through colonialism. And on the way terrorised and butchered 180 million people along the way from Morroco to China to America. Your culture is the most genocidal to the world and a threat to human civilisation.

        • Celen Says:

          There is no racism against whites ?!?! you got to be kidding me.. I have lived in Kenya and the mere fact I was white made me a target for all kinds of stupidity.. I was white.. so I was wealthy, I was white so I am oppressive, I am white so I must have slaves.. just being white meant you were that much more likely to be the target of a crime.. my friend that is far worse than any racism you will come accross in europe. Each Culture/race/society will have racists in them.. profiling by the colour of the skin happens everywhere.

    • The Last Baron Says:

      I love the Irony here.

      Assuming that some will have a certain set of negative traits based society on their the colour of their skin is the very epitome of racism.

      Jakob is a racist (must be white)

    • Mike Says:

      Remind me again where tf00t calls for a genocide (of anyone)? I also recall that Thunderf00t got his start by calling out Christian Creationists on their bullshit with his main whipping boy being VenomFangX… a white male, depressed because he wasn’t respected, and regularly tried to attack Islam.

      So… ?

    • Obi-wan Says:

      FFS are you a troll or just a retard?????????????????????????

    • IslamicNeurosis Says:

      I must say this is the most stupid comment ever written here. All cultures have forms of racism within them, it is a HUMAN thing. You turn racism into…well, a racist thing. What a moron. You play the victim (and not turth) card like DawahSmallDick.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You’re a fucking moron, Jakob.

  58. El Toro Loco Says:

    Everything Tf00t has said about Islam is true. Granted, I do think both sides are being somewhat childish about this whole situation, but Dawah is just an attention seeking child, who had no idea how to deal with the criticism we all run across when we put our thoughts into the realm of free speech. He wasn’t ready for the intellectual bitch-slapping he received, and instead of being the bigger man, decided to take the egomaniac’s path and attempt to come off as a hard ass, which did nothing more than prove Tf00t’s point about Islam and how they react to criticism.

    Face it Dawah, after tracking his name and docs down, releasing them to the public, sending him death threats, and making overly long videos about how right you are and how wrong he is, it’s become quite obvious that you have some serious anger and mental issues that you need help with, and that your religion is truly one of violence, censorship, and oppression, not peace.

  59. KKK Cletis Says:

    The holacaust didn’t just happen! The Jewies brought it upon themselves.
    All you have to do is smell a Nigger and you know why they should DIE!!!
    Big lipped fucking porch monkeys.

    REMEMBER!!!! The Jews don’t accept Jesus so the Damnation is already
    written and those niggers worship Satan in the name of Islam.

    For further information Contact the White American Coalition on AOL in
    the ACLU Area.


    Cletis KKK Perkins

  60. jonesjon@yahoo.com Says:

    Dawahfilms seems to me not only a confused individual who made a terrible choice of choosing Islam, but a person full of excessive pride. He seems to think people are just downrating him due to spite. I think there is a miniscule amount of truth in that. After blocking most people who disagree with him, shouldn’t he hold some responsibility for the amount of spite he receives? This is the whole issue with a person of such excessive arrogance. He just doesn’t realize he is greatly at fault in why people just can’t seem to like him. Stop censoring! People who censor never succeeds in propagating their idea because the idea is becomes biased. His channel is biased because he blocked people who actually have constructive and interesting things to say. I think his channel would greatly benefit if he lets opposing points of views across.

  61. andy Says:

    alluh akhbar alluh akhbar, god id great, god is wonderful…that whyhe gives african children aids everyday!!

    • Cephas Borg Says:

      Yep, Allah’s a racist.

      You don’t see angels or djinns touching tens of thousands of white kids with AIDS every day, do you? Ergo…

      My favourite refutation of a loving god came from David Attenborough. He used the example of the worm larvae that kids in Africa get in their eyes through contact with infected water sources. This loving, cherishing god designed the larva to chew it’s way through the eyeball and spend the next phase of its life growing in the kids’ eyeball, turning them blind.


  62. Anonymous Says:

    DawahFilms are stupid

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