Dawahfilms, and the (lynch) PARTY!

     So it looks like Da-WAAHHHH-films has played all the cards in his hand.  His devastating ‘Thunderf00t, Game Over’ play being about as effective as his prayer and as impotent as his Allah.  Y’see he evidently hoped (against reality I might add) that this would be some devastating show stopper, but in reality it turns out that no one really cared what this one VERY whiney muslim with a victimhood complex was complaining about.

Delusional enough to believe in Islam? Why hold back? Why not claim to have won the game even while everything is proceeding exactly as it was before.

     So I find myself at a lose end for a few minutes flicking through his comments on his video, just for chuckles (and believe me there are plenty of them!), and what do I find, but yeah, apparently Da-Waaaah-films actually enjoys taking part in lynch parties with his muslim friends!

Don't like someone, why bother with law and order when you can take part in and enjoy a good old fashioned Islamic lynching!.

    Thats right, Da-wahhhh-films happily displaying the skills he’s learning at his muslim university which describes itself as ‘a garden of knowledge and virtue’.  Of course why would you waste your time with law, order and a judicial process when you have yourself an Islamic education and a lynch mob!

Islamic gardens of knowledge and virtue, known by the fruits of the lynch parties 'liked' by their students :-p

  Even more funny is the fact that Da-wahhhhh, the wannabe ‘Islamic scholar’ (similar to Toothpixie scholar) has found a new word to describe me and everyone who disagrees with him ‘sociopath’.

Losing the argument and shouting 'Bigot' not working? Try calling someone a sociopath, and hope no-one notices the projection!

Comically enough, wikipedia’s line one item for sociopathic behavior is:

‘failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest’ -wikis line one item on sociopathic behavior

   Hmmm, now I wonder how I would describe someone who says he ‘likes’ being part of a lynch mob.

Yeah Da-wahhhhhhhh, I’ve got another word for you to look up, PROJECTSHUUUNNNNNNN

    However while I must admit it’s been great fun watching dawahfilms puff himself up like a ‘big man’ in the delusion that, given the public forum, youtube, and the legal arena all thought he was a whiney little pussy, that somehow an Ivy League University would come to an ENTIRELY different conclusion, I really should try to draw a line under this.  Not so much because he doesn’t deserve it, as his actions have shown him to be a petty, spiteful and capricious man (probably from eating all that fruit from his Islamic ‘garden of knowledge and virtue’), but for pity.

     But regrettably, while there are a billion or so muslims in the world, the number stupid enough to 1) believe in this non-sense (things like ‘Mohammad was a perfect man and that god wanted him to have sex with this 9 year old girl, so it was all okay then’, and YES Dawahfilms is stupid enough to actually believe, and try to justify this),

When the best excuse you can think of for sleeping with a 9 year old girl is that, 'Allah told me to do it', your ass is going to jail! Well unless you are living among v. dumb and v. gullible camel herders!

and 2) try to defend it on a public and open forum, is comically small.  So yup, if Dawahfilms and Amenakin are dumb enough to try to promote such comically stupid ideas on a public forum, they can fully expect to get called on it, especially if they intend to profit of the institutional subjugation of women by islam, as is the case with Amenakin.

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134 Responses to “Dawahfilms, and the (lynch) PARTY!”

  1. Foooey Says:

    Extremely well written thunderf00t, I’m currently in the process of doc dopping dawahfilms till receipts from his local none halal butchers to Dawah’s Mosque

  2. Mike Says:

    Yeah, there really isn’t too much left to be said about DawahFilms. Is he going to have to face any reprocutions from dropping your docs? Or is that just going to be tossed to the wind?

  3. werewolf Says:

    lulz looks like dawah has no comment for once. he knows he cant worm his way out of this one

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thunderf00t perhaps you should just stop feeding the trolls. This is getting childish from both sides, not just his. Now you’re quote-mining any little word you can find in his comments section. Just let the situation die. He’s not worth your time, he will probably settle down and go away once you’ve stopped feeding him. He has an obsession and as long as you feed it, you are serving to propagate the situation over and over.
    it’s likely that your fans are tired of this crap and wished your YouTube and blogging time was spent on something productive… Like promoting science, debunking bullshit, and demonstrating why religions and religious beliefs fail. Please go back to being awesome.

    • operatoroscillation Says:

      If Thunderf00t doesn’t feed DF, TF’s haters will, such as Coughlan, Peach, and Payton. DF usually leaves comments of approval whenever someone makes a video against Thunderf00t. Reinforcement from such types probably plays a part in why DF won’t let this go.

  5. Domino Roll'd Says:

    Okay, how’s this for quote-mining, apparently DawahFilms endorses the following statement:

    “Sorry to be offensive, but I have to say this (also as a clue to my next video): When someone says I need to provide evidence for God, I perceive them the same way I would perceive a homeless guy in the city who has obviously been on too many drugs comes up to me and says “The world isn’t real man!” and then goes on to attempt to persuade me about the reality of the matrix so that he can get a dollar and buy a happy meal. No joke.”

    Not immoral, just a very stupid statement. I don’t know if he’s the real author or not since I seen someone else copy/paste it too. But he clearly endorses it if he features it on his channel.

  6. Domino Roll'd Says:

    Frankly after seeing these messages, I would strongly recommend for anyone to stay away within a mile radius from him. After all, you don’t want him to confuse you with a terrorist on the street and go vigilante on your ass. :)))

  7. King Kool Says:

    To be fair, what Dawah was responding to is really not any better than what he said. “I can’t wait to learn your address?” That’s either a very bad joke or a threat.

    That’s not to say that his response is acceptable, but I think you’ve given him enough of a thrashing/attention.

  8. DawahFilms Says:

    So you’re okay with what your fanbase says to me about wanting to KILL ME, but you’re not okay when I say Im going to retaliate in self defense.


    And this coming from a guy who thinks my existence is at his own good will and that I deserve to die if terrorists attack the U.S. again.

    So yes, you’re a sociopath, because its within my rights to legally defend myself against a murderer.

    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      We’re back there again with you accusing TF of condoning genocide EVEN AFTER I TOLD YOU TO WATCH ‘The Sleeping Giant’ video?

      How about you name ONE instance where an atheist has gone to hunt down a Muslim IRL over a disagreement? See we don’t have these religious figures that issue official fatwas and calling out for the murder of those who insult atheism. Islam has however, you do not agree with their particular interpretation, but they exist, they claim the same theological authority on understanding the “true” Islam, and they can cause real harm. (Think Theo Van Gogh being killed or Molly Norris going into hiding over Draw Mohammed Day.)

      Don’t worry nobody is coming for you. They’re just kids behind a computer.

    • Thunderf00t Says:

      Only in islam can you enjoy lynching someone, and then claim ‘but we only lynched him in self defense’

      Always the victim da-wahhhh, even when you are talking about about lynching people.

      This is the difference between us though dawah. I actually provide the screenies or video of you saying psychopathic stuff. Meanwhile the crazy things you CLAIM I’ve said exist nowhere outside your religion addled deluded mind.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        So just because you’re narrow sense of justice based on your cultural supremacy doesn’t allow lynching, I’m a sociopath? No, you are. And why don’t you give some proof that you’re still employed at Cornell? We’d all love to see

      • fade_o_u_t Says:

        Here’s the thing Da-waaahh, the ‘narrow sense of justice’ you relate to is the American Justice System, which enforces laws, regulations and such Throughout the United States, the country you live in. If you or your religion don’t agree with this system, then you are Shit out of Luck, because as long as you live in the U.S. you live by Our rules. Lynching or causing harm to others is illegal (unless in defense, but Lynching someone requires that you be on the offensive, Not defensive, position), as even a fist fight will land you either a fine or a jail sentence. Anyone wanting to lynch someone, Anyone, is outside the social norm and is thus considered a Sociopath.
        Also, in the matter of what is being discussed, how is TF’s employment at Cornell germane to the topic? You were just trying to pick away at his credibility, Very poorly.

      • Domino Roll'd Says:

        I knew DawahFilms condones vigilantism. Damn, Dawah, what do we need all these courts for then? We should just hire DawahFilms and his crew of angry Muslims. 🙂 They can be police, prosecutor and judge all in one. Special deal!

        (And let’s clarify Dawah, I’m not condoning genocide or saying that all Muslims are angry. Please keep this in mind because you make another angry comment, DaWAH.)

      • Anonymous Says:

        DawahFilms: “So just because you’re narrow sense of justice based on your cultural supremacy doesn’t allow lynching, I’m a sociopath? No, you are.”

        I really hope this is not the real DawahFilms. But it is really difficult to distinguish his comments from that of a troll.

      • DawahFilms Says:


        You are such a brainless loser. No wonder all you can understand is Food Science.

        You HAVE to search for comments I make because you’re so butthurt. Dude, I’ve moved past all this. I got what I wanted. You’ve been exposed for the pathetic low life you are. Im done. Get over it already. I only respond because you make stupid comments.

        If you REALLY want to talk about pyscopathic babble lets go to your video “south park vs. Islam” where you mention how people will suffer worse than “shock and awe” and how others lives are based off the good will of the civilization you live in. How they will receive the “self same judgment” of genocide. Seriously? Its all there.

        Grow up man-child. Im happy you’re no longer in academia. You were never worthy of it and you’re a stain to the system.

      • Anonymous Says:

        DawahFilms: “No wonder all you can understand is Food Science.”

        from your comments it’s blatantly obvious that you really don’t have a clue about what science is.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        I know what real science is, they teach it at my school. Apparently they don’t over there in the west, because you people lack any type of rational or scientific mindset.

      • Random Callsign (@RandomCallsign) Says:

        define “real science”, Kevin.

      • Dandanel Says:

        Funny how Kevin can keep on questionining your employment at Cornell. One quick google search with your name and the university shows you’re a guest speaker employed at Cornell in september 2012…

    • St. Lucid Says:

      If you have a rope ready to lynch then your offensive. He never ever said kill all Muslims you daft fuck!! You and your drama can Go away! All you want is attention.

      If it was a real issue your muslim leaders would’ve contacted authorities out of real concern and then grown ups would talk about it. Obviously your flying solo and socio….

    • Anonymous Says:

      I think the main issue is you claim your superstition gives you a mandate to kill! (and that you speak for the majority of muslims) . . . . . . . But you just can’t seem to get your religion addled head around that can you?

    • Random Callsign (@RandomCallsign) Says:

      Kevin, as mandated by the QUUUUU-RRRA–N, firstly you have to rape a young 9yo girl, and afterwords you talk with the gorwn-ups.

    • Anonymous Says:

      DawahFilms: “[…] retaliate in self defense.”


    • IslamicNeurosis Says:

      You support and celebrate the release of people who killed children, infants and innocent people. You think there is a problem with people wanting to kill YOU? man, you are one fucking retard.

  9. ShouldersofGiants Says:

    If you really want to get Dawahfilms, forget about him, do not mention him, do not respond to him, get every atheist who comments on his channel to stop, his semi-narsassistic need for attention will drive him to more and more ludicrous comments, he will make himself look insane so he can try to get back into the spotlight.

    If people keep giving him a platform, then he will remain convinced he is winning

  10. Anonymous Says:

    lol fuck this is boring. don’t you have better things to do with ur time?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    hi Thunderf00t,

    Do you have an endgame planned for all of this stupid bullshit? You don’t have 140,000 + subs because they want to listen to you have a childish argument with some delusional religious nut. Maybe you should step away from all of this stupid internet bullshit and get some perspective. Atheists are fairly sure that we only get one shot at life yeah? Is any of this worth one second of your time? Nobody gave a fuck about Dawah until he appeared on your channel. Why do you keep bringing up that Muslim lady? She made some ignorant comments about evolution. So what? I bet that a lot of your subs (at least the ones that tend to leave comments) don’t have a solid grasp on the theory. Why not use your education and experience to educate and elevate? Education FTW… right?

    • operatoroscillation Says:

      “You don’t have 140,000 + subs because they want to listen to you have a childish argument with some delusional religious nut”

      How is this different than TF’s videos about venomfangx? I’m sure that had something to do with how he ended up with 140,000 subscribers, not because he likes to fly radio controlled airplanes. If you only have a problem with TF making video attacks when the “delusional religious nut” is a muslim, then FT has no reason to take your request seriously.

      • Anonymous Says:

        “If you only have a problem with TF making video attacks when the “delusional religious nut” is a muslim, then FT has no reason to take your request seriously.”
        he did not say anything about it being specifically a muslim, read the comment again, read it right.

    • Anonymous Says:

      i actually agree on this one, a little bit of drama was ok, but now theres a whole book on this, and really, its not even a good one, true dawah took a step too severe, but quite frankly, its in the past now… I have enjoyed thunderfoots videos for a lot of time now, i was there way before the drama with VFX too, and believe in thunderfoots cause, continue with the good videos thunderfoot, you will always be great 😀

    • WhatsyourEndgame Says:

      Do you have an endgame planned for asking if TH have an endgame planned ? See how stupid this sound.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m not sure. Would you like to elaborate with an intelligible post? “End game is the ending scenario of a particular game; when and how it will end, most prominently used in chess.” -wiki

        My endgame in asking the question was asking the question. I would not expect TF to answer it publicly, but if he reads it and thinks about what I have asked I am happy with that. He still makes great videos, but they are becoming few and far between. I’m am questioning whether this is strategy or obsession on his part. You are making my point for me regarding some of his more vocal subscribers.

  12. IslamicNeurosis Says:

    It is no surprise he supports lynching and killing of the innocent. He celebrated the killing of children & woman before. He celebrated the release of people with 5 life sentences for killing children.

  13. Martien de Jong Says:

    I’m calling for docdrop Thunderf00t day

    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      Here is a warning: Martien de Jong and people who THINK like you, if ANYTHING ever happens to Thunderf00t,

      We atheists… will mirror Thunderf00t’s videos on a million channels.

      Let’s you see you beat that, bitch.

  14. Phill Says:

    Oh TF you are such a rationalist. You are the biggest mind on the youtubes and the greatest intellectual of the 21th century. Thats why you need to call people petty names that would even be childish in kindergarten. You are truly pathetic.

  15. Phill Says:

    I mean ffs thunderf00t. You really need to call dawah films da-waaah in every comment and blog you write? Are you truly THAT pathetic? I mean its even more childish then VFX calling you stupidfoot. Weren;t we part of the LEAGUE OF FUCKING REASON?!?!?!?! Yeah we are so reasonable that we are allowed to use petty fucking childish name calling to prove our positions. What? Logical fallacies? They don’t apply to me, I am too reasonable, I am a fucking pearl ffs. Fuck you Thunderf00t, fuck you hard in your childish pathetic ass.

    • ShouldersofGiants Says:

      This might be a tangent, but you just committed the ad homenim fallacy, this puts you on the same intellectual level as Dawah, or PCS, present actual arguments, rather than mocking someone who any objective observer would classify as smarter than you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Take a chill
      pill! Phill.

  16. Rando Says:

    Islamist vs Atheist. What group has blown themselves up the most in public places to kill civilians?What group beheads anyone who don’t conform to their radical ideology? Soooo who’s crazy? Very interesting.

  17. Observer Says:

    DWF has shown both near-fawning behavior (multiple PMs and call for TF to please, please change his videos) and hatred towards TF–this is called splitting, and is characteristic of borderline personality disorder. DWF can’t admit that he made a public video threatening TF with death–this is called lack of insight, and is characteristic of borderline PD, histrionic PD, and antisocial PD. DWF is seen making comments, insults, etc., over a vast number of TF and DWF videos and blog posts–this attention-seeking behavior is characteristic of narcissistic and histrionic PD. High drama and emotionally charged outbursts during conversations when unaffected persons would be expected to speak levelly is also characteristic of both conditions.

    DWF has shown that he is searching for something to fill a void in his respective embracing of first fundamentalist Christianity and then fundamentalist Islam. Feelings of emptiness are, again, typical of borderline PD. Self-destructive behavior is also seen very often in BPD, and DWF demonstrates this with public death threats, public calls for people to come kill him, entering into dramatic arguments in which he has no place, etc. It would not surprise me in the least–though of course I cannot know for sure–if he has a past filled with empty romantic relationships, alcohol/drugs, gambling, and “cutting.” He also frequently uses the inefficient psychological defense mechanism known as “projection”–which TF mentioned–to label opponents with negative perceptions/beliefs which most likely he himself holds. Projection is not necessarily a part of any particular psychological illness, but is, again, seen overmuch in those suffering from ego-syntonic conditions.

    It is almost certain that DWF suffers from one or more of the “cluster B” PDs (sufferers frequently have symptoms of two or more PDs simultaneously)–TF is right, he should be pitied. However, his actions could result in real world harm to the target of his obsession, so pity is not enough. In addition, these conditions are never really cured because persons afflicted think that their actions/thoughts are reasonable (lack of insight). TF needs to bring whatever legal and personal protection he can to combat the actions of this sad, pitiable, obsessed, but still dangerous, individual. The fact that he ascribes to a religion known for its violence, intolerance, and lack of insight doubles the threat.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Dude, anyone on the internet fits those criteria. Especially anyone who creates a youtube channel.

      • Observer Says:

        Dude, that is simply not true. While many who host youtube channels, leave comments, write blogs, etc., will occasionally exhibit moments of narcissism, histrionics, irrational anger, lack of perception, etc., that does not establish a diagnosis of PERVASIVE personality disorder. It is the pervasiveness, the constant trend of the personality to exhibit characteristics of one or more PDs, that allows the diagnosis.

        DWF never strays far from fulfilling all or almost all criteria required for admission to the fair ranks of sufferers of BPD, HPD, and/or ASPD. He never has demonstrable moments of insight, self-perception, or rationality, for these traits are beyond his power. He will most likely never be cured, either. He will also most likely never stop arguing with detractors wherever he is mentioned, as he was quite literally, born a troll. Self-awareness is out of his skill-set.

    • IslamicNeurosis Says:

      It seems he has a psychological profile of a future terrorist. I just hope the FBI and homeland security are watching this guy. I do not wanna wake up tomorrow and hear that he planned a bombing and then celebrated (AGAIN) the killing of innocent people :\

  18. DawahFilms Says:

    Okay people, you can object to my comments just fine. Yeah, I’ve said some bad stuff, but only because I’m bombarded every day with threats and attempts at intimidation. Tf00t on the other hand is STILL lying about not leaving his job or getting fired (I admit I don’t know which is which). People, contact Cornell yourself and ask! He’s not even listed on the Cornell website anymore! Come on people, be skeptical!

    • ShouldersofGiants Says:

      If you don’t like getting bombarded, then perhaps you should just ignore thunderf00t and not make unproven claims about him.

      You stop telling lies about us, we will stop telling the truth about you

    • Rando Says:

      TFs private life isn’t a factor in enjoying what he has to say or does on his blog and YouTube. You Kevin are the only one this interested in TFs life. And that’s just creepy.

    • Anonymous Says:

      And your point is … what? His employment status is inconsequential to the points he is trying to make. You pretend to be the bigger man, then you jump right back into this childish bullshit. In a lot of ways you and TF are two sides of the same coin.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      “And your point is … what? ”

      That thunderbutthurt is claiming in this very blog post that I’ve “failed” because educational institutes do not judge their employment criteria on what dirty muslims like me tell them, and that he’s still working there? How can you idiots call yourselves skeptics? You’re waste of air and should just all jump off a cliff like the lemmings you are.

      • Anonymous Says:


        I did not personally insult you and “thunderbutthurt” did not call you a dirty Muslim. Why are you so obsessed with TF’s place of employment? I did watch your video on the subject (you are bringing legal action against him, he no longer works at Cornell, he’ll only ever be a “lab-rat”… blah, blah, blah). Let it go. Even if everything you were going off about is true it does not matter. Please, please, please, pretty fucking please walk away. Just walk away. End it. You will still get endless hateful posts from losers with nothing to do. Ignore them. Go back to your studies. Allah knows all, he’ll keep you safe from the bad internet men, life is eternal, there is no point for “lab-rats” to even exist, atheists are lemmings that follow TF’s commands, but in the end Muslims will have the last laugh. See you won, don’t you feel good now.

      • Domino Roll'd Says:

        ROFL, Thunderf00t’s employment status is irrelevant, the problem is YOU acting like an asshole and restarting this drama that’s SOOOOOOOOO last year.

      • Observer Says:

        Your crusade against TF has nothing to do with your stated “freedom from bigotry” goal, and everything to do with a personal vendetta. Your distorted world-view couldn’t adjust to the responses TF produced debunking your fatuous claims a year or so ago. Because of your multiple ego-syntonic conditions, your anxiety level increased to uncomfortable levels following the public backlash against your death-threat video, secondary to an internal struggle with your perceived reality, and with the actual reality which was close to be realized by your brain.

        However, instead of altering your world-perception to the truth, you stewed, (allegedly) searched for documentation, (allegedly) contacted TF’s place of employment, and produced the recent trifecta of angst videos we see now. All this activity, and all of your various comments, are characteristic of the inefficient psychological defense mechanism known as “acting out.”

        In short, a temper tantrum, brought on by your inability to learn the nature of reality. Acting out is typically seen being performed by students in response to their inability to learn from a teacher or teacher-figure. In other words, TF schooled you, and you couldn’t handle it. The fact that you now ascribe to a religion known for institutionally encouraging inefficient psychological defense mechanisms is hilarious. Your decline is predictable in light of your behavior, and is a tragedy. Your need to attempt to pull down others with you is tragic.

      • Anonymous Says:

        DawahFilms, have you ever thought about, even if only for a couple of seconds, that there might be a very good reason of why TF won’t discuss his whereabouts in a public forum?

      • DawahFilms Says:

        How is his employment status irrelevant, when he brings it up in THIS BLOG POST WE’RE COMMENTING ON! He claims I lost, and that I’m pathetic and a loser because academia doesn’t care about what I say or about his videos, when it’s clear he got canned (maybe not because of those videos, I don’t know for sure) and is a professional e-begger now. I have a better life and mean more than he ever will.

      • Random Callsign (@RandomCallsign) Says:

        And it doesn’t, Kevin.
        See, there is this guy called Noam Chomsky that says the darnest things about jews and he still lectures in MIT.
        How would a wannabe-Achmed like yourself fire someone?

        Oh, and your docs were dropped 2 weeks ago.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        Where were my docs dropped 2 weeks ago? Are you trying to intimidate me or something? If my docs were dropped, please do share what you know.

    • Anonymous Says:

      DawahFilms: “Yeah, I’ve said some bad stuff, but only because […]”

      Will you ever grow up? Always blame someone else. Never take responsability for your own actions. Grow a pair, kid.

    • IslamicNeurosis Says:

      Your sarcasm is pointless, it does not make you look smart.
      “only because…” Why there always is a retard excuse with you? You sound like a fourth grader.

      When will your docs be released? Maybe then we can fuck-up your job, and show your employers & teachers your youtube comments & support of child murder you little internet fag hiding behind a fake name “Ali”.

    • Ralph Kramden Says:

      You pathetic turd, you write bad stuff about lots of people. If Thunderf00t is still working at Cornell, you can be sure he’s now unlisted with a whacko like you stalking him trying to incite fellow Islamic terrorists . That thought must had escaped your pea brain.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Thunder, I hope you’re not taking these Youtube debates too seriously or putting more enriching things in your life aside for them. These guys like DF and PCS are a dime a dozen, because it is the place of every male college student in his early twenties to swagger out of the dorm and onto the internet with the certainty that he’s got the universe all figured out, and he’s going to be met with oceans of adoring praise for telling the world how to run its business.

    These guys can’t be reasoned with and they’re proud of it, you can’t change their views about anything, and the only thing that will eventually cause 99% of them to mellow out is spending the next ten years of their lives in the real world paying bills and interacting with their fellow man.

    There’s nothing to gain from interacting with these people.

  20. Rick Astley Says:

    There’s only room for sociopath in this town

  21. Latinum Says:

    Hey tf00t you didn’t learn from the last time with coughlan. YOUR not eligible to call people out on mental disorders!
    yeah the lynching comment was stupid, the guy did say he was hunting dawah down and made a threat involving a knife. sooo yeah

    And Dawah since you never responded to me last time i thought i would bring some points up again. k 😉
    1) you claimed multiple different times about the fbi one accusing tf00t, another accusing his subs and resolving with the fbi, and another being so bad you had to contact the council of american muslims. None of which you have provided any proof for.
    2) you seek justice, amenakin was insulted and you responded by attacking c0nc0rdance and factvsreligion, explain was it a poor statement of retribution or stupidity.
    3) you claim you contacted tf00t’s job, show documented proof of this. why should we disbelieve tf00t alone. its not like your above scrutiny here.

    finally i have to say this; yeah you received threats from people i’m sure not all are “thunderfundies”, however you seem to forget and i can’t stree this enough…… YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE MORON.
    as if tf00t hasn’t bee on the receiving end of your subs hate-mail. your such a victim.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      I didn’t respond because I didn’t see a point. You’re a moron.

      • Latinum Says:

        So you ignore any comments against you. regardless of their validity, then continue with adhominem attacks.

        i see how strong your ideals must be to ignore all opposition. a true creationist. lmao

      • Domino Roll'd Says:

        Ah fail. Here’s the thing DawahFilms, you keep whining like a little bitch about the FBI contacting you, yet when asked to provide details (I asked you MULTIPLE times) you can’t even do that.

        I used to genuinely think that the FBI did contact you (even though I thought you exaggerated the situation), but given your evasive behavior I’m going to call bullshit on your ENTIRE story until you can provide an explanation.

        Second, even IF the FBI did contact you, it’s probably because they had a reason to. I find it hard to believe that the FBI simply harasses people based on how many times they are spammed. They get reports sure, but they have to do their own investigation. Don’t like it? You think they overstepped their bounds? Sue them and fuck off.

      • ShouldersofGiants Says:

        If you only respond to people who are not morons, then you can answer this

        Why do your continue to come on here and comment, why do you ever mention Thunderf00t at all, the only good reason I can think of is that if his subs stop going to your channel and stop bothering to watch your videos (for the comedic value of pedophile prophets), then you own subs will realize you are insignificant and a waste of valuable oxygen.

        I am begging every atheist, rationalist, agnostic and person with an IQ exceeding that of a gerbil DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS NUTJOB

        Thunderf00t, can you please move on to an actual challenge, someone here must know a person who can intellectually keep challenging Dawah, like a 5th grader who has made a baking soda and vinegar volcano.

      • DawahFilms Says:

        To Domino Roll’d, why do I have to prove anything to you, or anyone else for that matter?

      • Domino Roll'd Says:

        You imply that somehow your life was turned upside down because some TF subscribers contacted the FBI. You provide no evidence or even details about this matter.

        I mean it’s really important that you reveal more details about this, since this one of your primary reasons for your vendetta against TF.

  22. Rando Says:

    If Kevin reply’s to anyone it usually ends in a insult or that they should kill themselves. Never anything gentle or humane. I truly do hope that one day after he matures that he can find peace within himself to admit to his own failures and grow from them in a positive way.

  23. Rhinoboy111 Says:

    I’ve just wasted literly hours on Dawahfilms latest video post and still never got reason why islam is right over other religions. His reasoning that god didn’t need proof was funny and my comparison to photon wave-particle duality got top rated comments removed (not sure why LOL) anyway my wasted time was so you don’t have to I’ll see if the plebs have responded tomorrow. If you want to be arsed trawling through that lot You’ll see what I’ve put and the replys. It makes me think of a quote I heard on here or somewhere else.
    “Islam, Keeping the middle east in the third world”
    I may have paraphrased that one but hey so what 🙂

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Dawah, why if your God is so powerful, is he not doing anything about all the mean people on the internet hurting your feelings? Surely he could send a little zap of divine justice through the internet tubes to kill them, right? Does he not do it because he doesn’t want to? Or because he can’t? Or maybe just thinks you’re a raging douchebag and doesn’t like you.

  25. DawahFilms Says:

    I find this hilarious.

    The first comment was definately mine, but the rest are someone else. Probably Tf00t pretending to be me.

    You guys are morons. Seriously.

    • DawahFilms Says:

      The above is not me. Tf00t is obviously trying to make me look bad and cause me to be paranoid, but it’s not going to work. Seriously, you guys are the followers, not us “primitive” religious folks. I’m glad tf00t is no longer in academia and as he predicted, when YouTube can no longer give people money, he’ll be on a street somewhere begging for food money. Hell, I’ll last longer on YouTube probably as well.

      Get over it, I won, you lost, your fans are morons and stop talking about me.

      • ShouldersofGiants Says:

        You are the one who gets us to talk about you Dawah, if you stop talking and supporting pedophile prophets, then we will stop calling you on your bullshit.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m the real Dawah. You guys ares morons.

      • IslamicNeurosis Says:

        Dawahfilms, I have freedom of speech, I want to report your internet activities . What are your docs? You had the balls to drop someone ELSE’S docs. so what’s yours?

      • DawahFilms Says:

        IP Address:
        IP Country: Malaysia
        IP Country Code: MYS
        IP Continent: Asia
        IP Region: Kuala Lumpur
        Guessed City: Kuala Lumpur
        IP Latitude: 3.1667
        IP Longitude: 101.7
        Organization: International Islamic University Of Malaysia
        ISP Provider: International Islamic University Of Malaysia

      • IslamicNeurosis Says:

        Docs idiot, not IP address

      • DawahFilms Says:

        That’s all you need though. You’re never going to find my exact docs.

  26. IslamicNeurosis Says:

    Someone should tell Kevin’s tutors & employers about his Youtube comments.

    Its their “right” (that is how to rationalize, right Kevin?) to know with what kind of borderline drama-queen they are dealing with. A “victim” calming for his rights to use violence against the “aggressors” (in plural) it’s all self-defense, the Qur’an allows of it. A psychological profile of a future Islamic terrorist.

  27. IslamicNeurosis Says:

    Kevin: “ThunderButtHurt…”
    Kevin two minutes later: “I would not address someone by something other than what they are called”
    Quantum retard.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    How come IslamicNeurosis, Domino Roll’d, DawahFilms, some Anonymous and others have the same fucking icon (which is generated from IP and stuff). Samefag maybe?

    • ShouldersofGiants Says:

      My presumption is that they just happened to have the same icon generated, I know it is improbable, but I see only 4 different Icons here and every post by Thunderf00t I have seen has the blue icon disproportionately displayed, including in your post.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Just click on the icon to see what is means.

    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      Why on EARTH would ever confuse me with DaWAHFilms? I’m a distinct person, you can contact me on YouTube: DominoRolld

  29. D Says:

    Dawah, despite lots of people trying to give you counsel and trying hard to give you a nudge in the right direction, you persist in what can only be described as immature, petty, vindictiveness.

    I think it is very likely that some comeuppance might be coming your way.

    Please don’t misinterpret that to mean some kind of threat, I mean that you will probably face justice, when your silly antics catch up with you.

    I suspect, you’ll have to watch Thunderf00t go forward with a successful life and career, while you end up very much compromised by your recent behaviour. Let’s hope future employers put it down to crass immaturity and give you some kind of break, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

    When you face what you have to, please don’t whine about it, most of us are all out of sympathy for you, even though we see the silly frightened boy behind the bluster.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Hey dawahf… ala is omnipresent,,, yeah he is where ever you are and he is here now sucking my balls and calling me god,, i have proof,, i am ala’s god so therefor from now on i decree that you must worship me.. as your ala condones it in your curan..

  31. Anonymous Says:

    if you are not sure of this please read your curan better and interpretate in the same way i did .. this is what you are asking of us to do … just go get a life.. one that has realistic foundations to it …

  32. ShouldersofGiants Says:


    Look up sarcasm on http://www.dictionary.com, then read my post again

  33. DawahFilms Says:

    Tf00t has been fired and unemployed, living off YouTube after criticizing others that do so since July. I have been in school enjoying life and having a great time since then.

    • ShouldersofGiants Says:

      Dawah, you do not understand the concept of proof, evidently because you actually believe the Quran, which claims salt water and fresh water do not mix. Give us evidence for what are otherwise baseless claims.

    • Domino Roll'd Says:

      And that great time could have continued but you chose to restart a year old stupid drama.

      TF being fired is speculation at best, so I guess you don’t mind if I speculate on what really happened with the FBI (IF that happened at all): 2 guys knocked on your door and said “Hello sir, I am agent [random] FBI, we would like to ask you a few questions”. Even though there was no warrant or SWAT team, you panicked and vowed to take revenge on TF or TF’s subs or whoever it was that called them. You also contacted the CAIR out of paranoia. That was the last you’ve seen of the FBI…

    • Observer Says:

      Translation: “I have been plagued by obsessive thoughts and have been unable to concentrate since TF refused to be intimidated by my death threats, and released videos which humiliated me. Thus, I stewed in my own juices for more than a year, planning my great revenge. Now that I have dropped TF documents, played the victim card, released a trio of hysterical videos, and repeated my lies often enough, my diseased, free-from-insight ego has finally allowed me some peace, thinking that it has “won.””

      This is the only thing that is happening for sure: your idea of a “life” is making youtube videos about invisible dieties, nonexistent victories, and responding to various replies with hundreds or thousands of irrational variations of “bigot,” “sociopath,” etc. I can’t imagine you’ve had much free time in the last two months, with those holy fingers of yours furiously typing. Not to mention that any Islamic school probably discourages raucous partying.

      You really want to enjoy life? Drop your new creed, be bold and take that flower Amenakin for your own (your unrequited love is obvious from the fury of your defense), and you crazy kids go and have a real life. Advice from an adult to one who is not yet one.

  34. Domino Roll'd Says:

    Hey Dawah, I only have one question for you, what’s wrong with living off of YouTube in the first place? His videos gather a large audience, those videos feature ads. Various companies pay YouTube for advertisement. It’s only fair that YouTube pays its most popular content providers cause at the end of the day all these popular vloggers could just say “fuck you YouTube” and pull the plug on their videos, meaning bye bye YouTube’s popularity.

    And about donations – Who is forcing YOU to donate anything?

    Now contrast this to VenomBitchX obtaining donations by fraud a few years ago, claiming he’d use it for sick kids but actually keeping most of it.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    This is priceless. . . . from Kevins Youtube channel. . . .

    DawahFilms This goes out to all. If you continue to refer to me by my FORMER name and not my LEGAL name “Asadullah Ali”, I will not speak with you. There is no reason to call me by my former name. It’s disrespectful. Period. I changed my name for a reason and that is how I wish to be addressed. Despite any disagreement I may have I would not address someone by something other than what they are called.
    (4 days ago)

    DawahFilms ThunderButtHurt keeps writing more and more entries about me on his blog. I already stopped making videos about it. And apparently IM the obsessed one? Right…
    (6 days ago)

    • Anonymous Says:

      as tf would say “oh the irony. . It burns”

    • Anonymous Says:

      Perhaps kevin (with a little ‘k’ lol) had to change his name because the FBI were after him. But typically for his superior intelect he made the mistake of changing to a terrorist name! Lol

  36. Domino Roll'd Says:

    LOL, Kevin. 😛

  37. RockNroll Says:

    This is such a shame. I would love to see some great videos of Dawah giving his opinions on “religious science”, followed by a video response from Thunderf00t thoroughly refuting it using science and critical thinking. All this petty name calling is doing NOTHING towards progress and honest discussion.

    • Thunderf00t Says:

      to be fair Rocknroll, that’s primarily what I do. I think you can cut me a little slack when a guy takes having his ass handed to him so badly that over several months he tries to hunt you down in real life with the intent of ruining your career.

  38. Haq wal Ilm Says:

    You’re deluded and left astray, and that is why you cannot understand what you’re even writing. Your intention is to debate and to win, but you’re losing each time by deluding yourself that you’re winning, and you’re exposing your ignorance and arrogance towards Allah. You need knowledge, therefore, I hope that you will return to school and get some of it. But as you are not willing to use your brain, you’ll be as you always were; ignorant destined to Hell.

    Allah also says: “Surely We have shown him the way: he may be thankful or unthankful.” [Qur’an 76:3]

    As for your foolish words about the Prophet of GOD (peace and blessings be upon him), I have the following to say to you:

    Bible, Numbers 31: 17-18

    17. Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    18. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    The Jewish soldiers were commanded by “God” in the bible to keep the woman children (little girls) for themselves! In addition, they commanded to kill every woman that hath know a man by lying with him. How these soldiers in those days know if the girls are virgin or not? Simply they verify it by raping them and if the Jews discovered that they are non-virgins then they kill them as they commanded by “God”.

    • la ellah ela allah muhammed rasol allah Says:

      im not say anything but allah bless you
      لن اقول اكثر من بارك الله فيك

  39. Mohammed The False Prophet ( i admit it I Lied) Says:

    @ Haq wal Ilm

    Having been commissioned by Jesus Christ, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy ghost. Amen

    Baptism has returned you to the state of creation … when all humanity was unified

    on line baptisms count to

  40. GOP Debate Says:

    GOP Debate…

    […]Dawahfilms, and the (lynch) PARTY! « Thunderf00t[…]…

  41. The Acquaintance Says:

    Greetings / Salaamu’alaikum

    if anyone cares to converse instead of fight – Im open. Im just curious to know what the topic was and if we can arrive at a more positive point.


  42. Cly Johnston Says:

    I do enjoy how I can hear tf00t’s voice as I read! Very relaxing.

  43. efecte speciale Says:

    efecte speciale…

    […]Dawahfilms, and the (lynch) PARTY! « Thunderf00t[…]…

  44. la ellah ela allah muhammed rasol allah Says:

    u know y are muslims a billion or so , because WE ARE RIGHT muhammed WAS a perfect man and Allah NEVER wanted him to have sex with his 9 year old daughter and was never a pedophile Im a muslim and i say terror is wrong its just not right , in thte time of war muhammed told muslims to never kill a woman or a kid or an old man or woman or a man who cant defend himself nor a tree so i say terror is wrong , but when doomsday come i hope god will throw you in hell

    Allah said :
    وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمْ تَعَالَوْا يَسْتَغْفِرْ لَكُمْ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ لَوَّوْا رُؤُوسَهُمْ وَرَأَيْتَهُمْ يَصُدُّونَ وَهُم مُّسْتَكْبِرُونَ
    or in english
    And when it is said to them: Come, the Apostle of Allah will ask forgiveness for you, they turn back their heads and you may see them turning away while they are big with pride [Hypocrites:5]
    well that just remind me of you

  45. ShouldersofGiants Says:


    You are not accounting for denominational breakdown, Catholics and Protestants should be counted separately, as should Sunni and Shia. Members of these groups often view the others as being of a different faith. I believe there are also denominational breakdowns in Hinduism, though I am not certain of the names of the groups. If you notice, I was careful to differentiate and say Catholics were first, if you go based on blanket definitions then you are technically correct, however to do so is imprecise.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    I request you all please do not bring any of the Prophets in your discussions while blaming each other. if you all wana fight each other, its your matter but do not blame any Prophet if it is Jesus Christ or Mohammad (p.b.u.h) or any other Prophet for any one own deeds. if some body is doing wrong its not taught to him by his Prophet.
    and remove the above false pic of Prophet Mohammad(p.b.u.h).

  47. Akhtar Ali Says:

    Plz remove the pic.

  48. Akhtar Ali Says:

    plz remove this pic..

  49. Anonymous Says:

    plz remove this pic..

  50. adilmukarram Says:

    please remove the image

  51. Anonymous Says:

    plz remove the image..

  52. adeel anwar Says:

    there is no truth in such stories and images , please remove such self created stories

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