The Edge: This time its HARDCORE!

   Before next year (2012) is out, I plan to have taken you to the edge of the unknown, and give you vision beyond mere sight.  To guide you up the more accessible foothills of the unknown on a voyage of discovery leading to an intellectual vantage point from which you will understand why, given nothing but natural processes, emergent self replicating life seems inevitable, rather than improbable.

-Damn straight! If you are going to do open n accessible science, make it interesting! Shining the magic light of knowledge on the hidden origin of life seems to be a pretty entertaining place to start 🙂

The first footstep on the journey of discovery

   Further, now that many know my real name, I can openly link up with other high profile groups promoting science education (to be announced) to publish this work in the peer review literature.  And sure, why not, let’s be bold and set a goal of getting this work published in one of the top research journals like Science or Nature.

   How does this work start? Why with a good drink of bacardi of course!

And I can fully assure you that by this time next year, you will see SOO much more than an amber, highly volatile liquid that is well know for its intoxicating properties on many carbon based life forms!


   ….and yeah, if anyone’s got a wizard name for this epic endeavor, I’d love to hear it it the comments section below 🙂

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22 Responses to “The Edge: This time its HARDCORE!”

  1. shlunko Says:

    Noooo don’t waste the precious bacardi!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Call it Rum Precambrian Rabbit Rum. ☺

  3. Paul Says:

    Since you mentioned it, “The first footstep” has a nice ring to it.

  4. Riggers Says:

    Roots Research, like Roots HipHop

  5. John Vezina Says:

    I would call it, “The Uplift War”. I use that term myself. It is the title of a David Brin SciFi novel about uplifting a sentient species to the next level, something we all so desperately need. It is my understanding that one cannot copyright titles so it is perfectly OK to use it.

    By the way, can I ask that you not use the color yellow in your emails? I always have to cut and paste that color text into notepad because it is otherwise invisible and unreadable. In notepad it pastes as black text of course. Not a big deal, but a tad inconvenient. Thanks.

  6. Alex Says:

    you can call it, “Genesis Abridged”

    In the beginning, stars made the earth

    so on and forth and whatnot.

    I can’t wait to turn Youtube into a forum for science, or at least some similar webzone. Some of it is out there already, people sharing evidence of natural phenomena or detailed recordings of it. ZTResearch channel, for example, has high speed camera footage of lightning strikes using some pretty impressive equipment.

  7. wizard970 Says:

    Something like “New Genesis” would work well. Whatever you call it, I’m sure it will be great.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Right on. Can’t wait. Call it “The Rum Diary.”

  9. derAnubis Says:

    Oh Dr. Phil, you so silly. 😀

    “Bacardiogenesis” maybe? Because it all started with Bacardi… 😮

  10. St. Lucid Says:

    How about the Wizard of Evidence?
    You can have “Saint Lucid.”
    Dr. Factual,
    Mr. Well Duh you can see it for yourself unless your blind and in that case that sucks
    Professor Nature
    Dr. Reality
    The Great Thundini
    Facto Maximo
    Lord Thunder!!! Fuck yeah! Keep the thunder and bring the science!
    Sir Foot of Thunder

    Can’t wait for more videos! Thanks ThunderF00t.

  11. Prelude610 Says:

    I was going to go with some kind of “beginning of knowledge” idea, but then found this “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Damn. Now I need to find a latin-esque term for my next idea — prove it, then believe it.

  12. andrew Says:

    Alcochemy or olchemy as chemistry basically began with rich eccentrics at home doing alchemy. Also wizards seem to be inspired by the alchemists of past.

  13. Monkeyballzster Says:

    Excellent work Thunderf00t.
    Just one persons opinion but don do a Dawkins and refer to adhomien attacks. You used to refer to substance of DF and Venom which made it interesting

    I did my youtube rounds today and your newly discovered channel is very kewl! Ive caught up of whats happened in past 2 weeks. Christians can appreciate your satire, as you actually refer to scripture on hypocrisy in light hearted manner.

    I think its excellent you are assisting potholer, as I think Amenakin is a positive influence on young muslim girls, but that doesn’t absolve her of fair criticism. Potholer could not have been more amicable and critiqued with good taste. This defo needs to be resolved. I also like where DW is heading, but I am disappointed he momentarily seemed to convey that he thinks ALL Palestine’s are good people purely because their identity is Muslim. They have international sympathy and they are clearly at dyer straights with pending action to resolve their political system and freedom rights from Israel. I am confident he understands that some of the Palestine’s who have killed woman and children have committed evil acts, regardless if they call themselves Muslim. However I think he is back on the right track now. It is tied in though, DF knows Muslims are not immune from criticism and is doing a great job answering questions and his assertions on Theology.

    It is Intentionally recognized that Palestine and Israel have to resolve territory with law and order and I have a lot of sympathy for them but also criticism, I am sure DF does too.

    No-one disputes Israel’s handling has not been ideal, but hopefully he’ll stay away from Politics and denounce Islam Fascism such as Anjem Choudary. I am sure he supports Secularism Democracy like Turkey with positive constructive aspects of the economical model derived from Islam merged with many other economical structures Keynes etc. I am sure the west can adopt a few of the Islamic principles for its economical system, Of course only aspects as all out Sharia Law would be going backwards.

    I am sure that he is against actions such as below :-

    In its context! I am sure he is also disagrees with Anjem Choudary on a political level. Clearly is only provocative and intentionally controversial to become more significant than he ever would have been otherwise. Problem is that he is dignified seriously.

    In reality I think it is more Muslim to work hard spreading love and contributing. A society would not be sustainable with characters such as Anjem Choudary, who lives on state benefits.

    Sure DF will clarify his world view in future video and clarifying Quran scripture in h his flat earth video 2 video. DF is courageous as he accepts criticism.

    Lastly dprjones as an acquaintance is devaluing your status and undermines what you do. I have no idea why AaronRa lets him on MagicSandwichShow reveals he is not on the same level as you and Venomfangx.You were debating Venomfangx well until you misconstrued his argument on Gods contingency. DPRs latest video on Venomfangx shows DPRJones is in way over his head. Venomfangs very dry sarcastic response just shows how much character and backbone with substance Venomfangx has over DPRJones.

    Good Luck Thunderf00t and will check in a few more weeks and hope you start reverting to your old fashioned style alongside the new satire. I think a small video on both DF’s and Venom’s arguments rather than who they actually are.

  14. Dustin Says:

    dawahfilms said atheists believe in “naturalism of the gaps” thats like venomfangx. must mmake a video about it

  15. Anonymous Says:

    message to thunderf00t: “Would you care for another banana?”, Yours truly – theamaizingatheist.

  16. Cephas Borg Says:

    Oh my… after 16 days without phone or internet access of any kind because of a “clerical error” (gee, thanks Telstra!), I’m running to catch up…

    Anyway, assuming the corniness factor isn’t too high and/or it’s not already taken, what about “The Knowledge Republic”? Or something similar, the Republic of Knowledge. Feel free to substitute “facts”, etc. More coming, watch this space…

    Thanks guys & girls, I missed you all so much…

  17. Satyajay Mandal Says:

    provide some more info

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