Celebrate the Virtue of Killing Children for ‘God’

     You gotta love Abraham.  After all how much more can you show that you love ‘Gods Goodness’ than being willing to kill your own children!  Well I know some smart ass will come up and say, ‘actually sexually abusing them, torturing them, then killing them would be an even bigger test of faith’ but God didn’t ask that did he now.  He merely made voices in Abrahams head that said ‘KILL ISAAC! it’s the only way I can tell you believe in me.  KILLL ISSSAACCC!  Send him to the god he wished he could hear in his head!’

    Now I know there will be a lot of ‘atheists’ out there who will simply say ‘well why does God need this pointless and sick loyalty test if he’s omnipotent?’.  Well, that’s why you’re going to spend eternity burning in Hell, BECAUSE IT’S A TEST OF FAITH!

   And thats why every year some of the followers of the Abrahams God celebrate his faith by the festival of Eid al-Adha.

   Here at Eid al-Adha child-care, divinely inspired by Abrahams example, we will NEVER disobey God.

   It’s the next best thing to trusting Abraham with your children!

many thx to Emily @ Emilyhasbooks on twitter/FB for making the piccie

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18 Responses to “Celebrate the Virtue of Killing Children for ‘God’”

  1. Mike Paps Says:

    Or “We care for your child until one of our untrained, but highly religious caregivers hears voices in his, or her head commanding him to kill it” lol

    • Mike Paps Says:

      My point being a highly religious person would be more likely to believe the psychotic voices in their head are in fact God, and follow their commands.

  2. shiran Says:

    Actually, they celebrating the will of Abraham (Ibrahim if you ask a Muslim) to kill Ismael, not Isaac…poteto-potato 😛

  3. Gary Clemans-Gibbon Says:

    Of course the voices Abraham’s heard in his head came from his God.

    They originated inside his head, the precise place where all the gods throughout history have resided…

  4. DawahFilms Says:

    You little atheist bitch. Yeah I’m talking to you tf00t. How dare you mock our children in your petty vindictive obsession of me.

    • Anders from Sweden Says:

      Dawa, you haven’t yet understood who is whos bitch, have you? If you think it’s a good idea to use a totally innocent child to prove someones faith, and give the kid life long trauma, you are morally corrupt. And so is your god. And being all knowing he allready knew Abrahams reaction before he obeyed. So the test was useless.
      Even today some hear “gods” voice in their head ordering them to kill. But today we know they are mentally ill and even know the chemical unbalance in their nerve system. That’s called science! Beats faith any day in the week.
      And to dedicate child care to a schitzophrenic person hearing voices is as smart as to name a Human Right Center after Augusto Pinochet.

      So now bend over and recieve whats coming to you.

    • Observer Says:

      TF’s “Dawah’s Law” in action: it is well nigh impossible to determine if a “DWF” poster is the boy himself, or a troll. Indistinguishable.

    • IslamicNeurosis Says:

      Kevin, The children you turn into retards that study (if at all) at Islamic ‘universities’?
      How many Nobel prizes did you produce? What is your ranking?
      You little Islamist whore of death.
      They train you in Islam….to be an (VERY) angry cannon fodder (suicide bombers).
      Instead of brains & human compassion, you give children TNT and Allah’s wrath.
      Islam – the most barbaric & violent religion in the world.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Pretty sure this isn’t Dawah…

      If he is well then… LOLOLOL so much for being a “moderate”…

  5. Prelude610 Says:

    About that Bible story, I believe it was told as a parable as a way to tell the ancient Hebrews that they shouldn’t do blood sacrifices anymore, that Abraham’s acts in that story represented Israel’s love of God, and that they can consider those practices a thing of the past. Plus, the story was told/created at a time when Israel had more than one God and that other communities had their God’s, too. So, back then God did need so reassurances from HIS people because he had competition. The story gets screwed up by modern literalists and people who think the god of the early scriptures was the same god as later scriptures and in the New Testament. TF’s criticism, however, is valid because it deals with this modern interpretation, which is still bizarre, and sick.

    I’d like to see a Gallop Poll conducted where they ask people their religious affiliation, then if God told them to kill their kid, would they, and then ask why or why not.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Parable! Sacrifices were taught far past the writing of the Abraham story. In fact, HUMAN sacrifices were encouraged in stories like Jephthah’s Daughter (Judges 11). The writings of the Bible are very primitive, deal with it.

      • Prelude610 Says:

        No worries here. I am not an apologist. I just think the parable interpretation is interesting and that knowing the likely earlier interpretations and working that into the criticism could make said criticism more effects. You know, like being able to show that you really do understand the topic one is attacking. Like my global warming friends who criticize it on some superficial grounds, saying, “Look an early snow storm. All lies!”, to be embarrassed by the rebuttal “Global warming means more energy in the system, with higher highs and lower lows, but with a general and overall warming.”

        Take the Elijah eating human feces story. Sick, but in the context of the story, it makes a point. They guy was f’d up by the death of his wife and among other things had gone all ga-ga about God.

  6. Martien de Jong Says:

    I also think it was originally meant as a lesson to stop human sacrifice. Unfortunately, that is not how many “believers” see it.
    My parents think it means that you should do anything god commands, up to sacrificing your own child. I’m glad that it didn’t happen to me, and my sisters are already too old for sacrifice :p

  7. Prelude610 Says:

    So could it be that God created Planned Parenthood for us because the real message of the story is that he didn’t really care for alters anymore and that all future requests of this kind would be made to the parents before the kid was born?

    Doctor – Why do you want to have this abortion.

    Woman – God told me to. He is testing me. [Quotes the Bible]

  8. Cassie Says:


  9. Cephas Borg Says:

    I do like the “parable” explanation, it’s actually something we’ve lost the skills for these days. Of course, there’s still Aesop’s fables, and the Grimms’ tales, but they’re being forgotten fast in the days of animated storytelling with only happy endings.

    Having said that… The deuteronomic laws can’t be explained away so easily. Killing your kid because they disobey you? Yeah, that’s reasonable. And it’s not a parable or an exaggeration or an analogy or anything other that what it is – an incredibly immoral and unreasonable instruction.

    I find it fascinating that modern jews, muslims, and christians pick and choose which laws and parables they want to live by. The bible (and the qur’an) both clearly state that ALL the laws, ALL the parables, are to be followed to the letter. Not following the smallest instruction is punishable by death* (in some instances), or at the very least, the possibility of hellfire and damnation.

    So why the cherry-picking? And how can they all get away with ignoring what they don’t like and following what they do?

    * Actually, since we all die sooner or later, even following the rules is technically punished by death… 🙂

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