OMG, Drcraigvideos is down!

OMG, Drcraigvideos is down for ‘community guideline violations/ multiple copyright infringement’!

Well it could be baseless flagging, but I doubt it, that seems to be a rather one way street. I mean I like having folks like Craig around in that if you don’t have folks like Craig around, you can’t show how stupid they are.

It is more than possible that Craig was uploading multiple complete hour long videos to which they did not have the rights and that this has come home to haunt them.

Indeed it may also be that Craig and his stunningly repetitive ‘debates’ has decided that having all this material online is simply a hostage to fortune.  I mean he’s in serious danger of people finding out that he hasn’t had an original thought in his ‘debates’ in 30 years, and that all the ideas he has in debates are just rehashes of arguments that died out, often centuries ago, because they were so unconvincing!

Odd timing though, looks like it happened over the weekend. hmmmm…. Many thx to DogmasDemise for the heads-up.

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54 Responses to “OMG, Drcraigvideos is down!”

  1. jameow Says:

    I’d rather listen to Craig’s nonsense than Eric Hovind and Sye ten Bruggante (apologies if I got the name wrong) at least Craig pretends to HAVE an argument.

    • Anonymous Says:

      having recently seen sye ten on TMSS. I really wonder why anyone bothers to engage with him at all, given that straight of the bat his arguement is just an idiotic baseless assertion. Its like argueing with a 3 year old.

  2. victor solis Says:

    Well.Its rather fun having guys like him,other wise,what would you do with out him ;P

  3. Luke Walker Says:

    Kent Hovind makes me laugh so much.

  4. hishamh Says:

    Dr.Craig is a deceitful Gish Gallop. However, I don’t think he removed those debates. I mean… his typical fans don’t mind his repetitions, and as it is said, a repeated lie becomes a truth to some people. WLC’s important debates can be still found on other channels, and he repeats himself in them too. To be honest, he is the most uninteresting debater I have came across. Even John Loftus sounds more interesting.

  5. Kostyantyn Myro Says:

    If you hear one of WLC’s arguments, you’ve heard them all. He doesn’t even try to refute his opponents, he just drones on about Kalam, kalam, his eyes begging the audience to surrender their sanity and give into his bullshit. He then allows himself to act like a condescending prick to audience members who ask legit questions that dismantle his argument and ignores his opponents questions instead twisting them to fit into his narrative. Like has been said many times, he’s a decent enough orator, but he’s awful with coming up with new ideas.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What is WLC? Wrong Logic Collider?

  7. Peter Baltzer Hansen Says:

    that piece of news just made my day go from bad to hillariously funny, craig certainly had this comming a looooong time

  8. Dogma's Demise Says:

    LOL! I wonder if YouTube decided to do a 180 and punish John Leonard for his obviously-baseless DMCAs. 🙂

    • Thunderf00t Says:

      Many thx 4 the heads up dogmasdemise! 🙂

      It’s possible that the chickens have come home to roost. The interesting thing will be what happens next.

      If they are legit copyright claims, its difficult to see a way back for drcraigvideos at this point.

      If its chickens coming home to roost, again that’s pretty much curtains.

      If its some form of baseless claim it will be interesting to see if they have the will and spine to fight it.

      Either way there is an element of poetic ‘he who lives by the sword’ type justice to this.

      • VyckRo Says:

        First of all, is just false DMCA, like when my channel was closed, like many other Christian channels. Apparently atheists do not support the truth be online. several Christian channels were closed in recent years by the owner because of threats received from atheists.
        This time was T.Fool, who is the instigator!

        Below I public the “dogmasdemise” sorse:

      • VyckRo Says:

        @Thunderf00t You coward, listen to me the DMCAs filed by drcraigvideos were perfectly legitimate. As a content owner me/you have the right to ask youtube, to check whether an abuse has not been committed whit our material. Your video was intentionally misleading, that’s the truth. You Intentionally did not quoted source used (which is the academic standard, last time I checked) and you have clearly suggested that the video content belong to you ( what is called plagiarism).

        Otherwise everyone would upload the latest hollywood movies, whit a little text at the beginning and end, and 2 minutes of comments.

        If you wonder why I call this FOOL “coward,” see this link:
        There is nothing in the world what this FOOL does not love more than to massacre science.

        Thunderf00t = Enemy of Science

      • Anonymous Says:

        VYCKRO = deluded, idiotic, lying twat

      • Dogma's Demise Says:

        VyckRo, wonderful logic, an atheist DMCA’d so now we’re all complicit. Fail.

        No, Thunderf00t is not an “instigator”. At no point did he say “Well, I got false DMCA’d so I think we should do the same with drcraigvideos”. People simply chose to do it if they did.

        If it’s a false DMCA, then why didn’t drcraigvideos counter-notice? It takes a while to be suspended, you’re first given the option to counter-notice and if the person doesn’t sue, you’re home free.

        No, John Leondard did not have the right to file a claim. Prove to me that he is the legal representative of Craig. I can prove to you he’s NOT. Craig said himself, people (including drcraigvideos) PIRATE his videos.

        Thunderf00t borrowed 2 minutes out of an entire lecture. You’re misrepresenting the portion taken.

        Thunderf00t didn’t need to cite source. Anyone could tell it was WLC in the video and not TF. It’s not plagiarism, the context is obvious, unless you’re a nitpicker.

      • VyckRo Says:

        @Dogma’s Demise

        Perhaps this is the case, if you get a simple complaint
        You’ve never been DMCA?
        Wait a minute!
        You have no video! Right?
        You’re just a faceless and voiceless Troll! Right? which is trolling my channel and offends my Subscribers

        “an atheist DMCA’d”
        – you get the idea congratulations!
        You know many proofs I have for this? Just that much how many T.Fool had, two years ago when he accused “creationists” of vot-botin his videos.

      • Dogma's Demise Says:

        “Faceless voiceless troll” – LOL! I like how that sounds. It sounds like some kind of Cthulhu Mythos-based creature.

        I actually have 2 videos, yes both “faceless and voiceless”, your channel is also faceless and occasionally voiceless using text-to-speech software to get your message across.

        My identity must remain a secret to protect myself from fundie bigots. Maybe one day you’ll get the chance to see who’s behind this name. For now, no.

      • Mike Says:

        Dear VyckRo,

        Please STFU.

        That is all.

  9. mortif3r Says:

    hahaha, was about time…

  10. antithesis314 Says:

    Since Reasonable Faith now runs Drcraigvideos, I doubt it’s any infringement regarding Craig’s debate videos. I wonder if it’s the false flagging (sounds more plausible).

  11. Mike Says:

    He will rise from the dead and in a fit of unoriginality will no doubt have a new channel name like drcraigvideos2.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    1. Every stupid argument begins to exist and has a cause.
    2.Dr craigs arguments began to exist.
    3.Therefore, Dr craig is the cause of stupid arguments

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Dunna dun dun dun, another one bites the dust…

  14. CommanderTuvok Says:

    VyckRo: “listen to me the DMCAs filed by drcraigvideos were perfectly legitimate.”

    No they weren’t, and YouTube agreed. It seems you have never read the terms and conditions regarding “fair use”, even though people have told you to aquaint yourself with them hundreds of times.

    The comparison of Thunderf00t’s fair use of material put up on YT with uploading entire films is a complete red herring. TF is using stuff legitimately already uploaded to YT and then abides by YT’s “fair use” conditions is taking snippets from it. Uploading a Hollywood film to YouTube is simply illegal to begin with.

    Only a total fool could fail to see the distinction.

    BTW, what is your evidence that TF was the “instigator” in this. TF does not have a history of launching copyright or DMCA claims, unlike drcraigvideos, of course!

  15. christianjr4 Says:

    I hope the channel will be restored. John Lenoard no longer has control over the drcraigvideos YouTube channel. Craig’s representatives officially acquired the channel from him a couple of months ago. Since then, they’ve only uploaded Craig’s material, so I highly doubt that it is a case of genuine copyright infringement. Even before the “Reasonable Faith” team acquired it, virtually all of the material on that channel put up by John Lenoard was Craig’s material as well so it is again hard to see how it’s copyright infringement. The only other thing then is the case of possibly improperly filed DMCA’s while John was still managing the account, but that’s debatable.

    If it is a case of false flagging, YouTube should restore it, but I’m somewhat skeptical that they will given the so many stories of false DMCA’s being filed against legitimate accounts and YouTube not doing anything to remedy the situation when complaints are sent in by the user.

  16. shadow Says:

    I don’t mind drcraigvideos, my only apprehension is that none of my comments have ever been approved. Not a bloody single one.

    • Mike Says:

      shadow said: “my only apprehension is that none of my comments have ever been approved. Not a bloody single one.”

      Yep. It’s fascinating that 99% of theist videos disable ratings and heavily moderate comments (if they allow them at all). Atheist-produced videos, on the other hand, welcome free and open discourse.

      Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

      • tpaolini Says:

        Of course yes. New-atheists are offensive so they get their comments rejected. The “free discourse” on atheist videos is more like “free insulting”.

      • Mike Says:

        tpaolini Says: “Of course yes. New-atheists are offensive so they get their comments rejected. The “free discourse” on atheist videos is more like “free insulting”.

        We can’t help it if theist’s beliefs are so stupid that they act like an insult-magnet.

        When people stop believing in fairy tales and invisible super-beings, atheists will stop insulting such foolishness.

  17. christianjr4 Says:

    Before the channel went down, no one (not even myself) could post comments there any more. They simply disabled comments completely. But they did unblock everyone from what I heard (again, this is after Craig’s team officially took over the channel from its former owner).

  18. Anonymous Says:

    To Christianjr4:
    “They simply disabled comments completely.”
    That’s the difference between Craig and Tf00t; Craig and his ilk are censors, they all just want an echo-chamber where they only hear what they like. Tf00t is open to everyone.

    Besides, DRCV blocked me on the grounds of my being an atheist. Tf00t hasn’t blocked anyone based on their religion or even their creationist ideas.

    • christianjr4 Says:

      You’re totally overreacting. That’s hardly censorship. They disabled comments simply because they want people to join the forum on their website and discuss the arguments there in a substantive way. Since I frequently visit there I can attest to the many atheists there who openly criticize Craig’s arguments without being censored simply for disagreeing. And to be honest, it’s silly to suggest that because Craig’s representatives disable comments on a YouTube channel (God forbid) that they therefore can’t handle disagreement. Craig’s whole field of study is about writing professional papers in journals that in large part is responding to professional philosophers who have criticized his own professional publications. And of course, the fact that Craig is also an apologist should make it even more obvious that he’s not afraid to deal with objections to his views.

      Also, if you were blocked, it would have been before the Reasonable Faith team took over the channel.

      • Miguel Chavez Says:

        You’re apologizing. DRCV only censored comments critical of Dr. Craig, even if they were posed politely and respectfully. The fan couldn’t tolerate criticism, and it is behavior atheists and theists should admonish.

      • christianjr4 Says:

        @ Miguel Chavez
        You’re not listening. I’m talking about the new DRCV channel that was acquired by the Reasonable Faith team. I’m not talking about what the former owner did as far as blocking. I’m simply defending the new management’s decision to disable comments completely (for both theists and atheists), as well as unblock everyone.

  19. Gunner Says:

    The comment above is me: Gunner

  20. Mike Says:

    Let me be the first to say, “Ha Ha”.

    So long, DrCraigVideos, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. 🙂

  21. Lacocacolaman Says:

    I think it’s so vile what the atheist do. I mean how can they claim that Christians make themselves look like fools and then want to turn around and censor all the “evidence” of them looking like fools, LOL! I really wish YT would revoke the right to flag videos from the idiots who use it as if it were a thumbs down.

    Atheist are the most intellectually lazy people I have ever seen.

    • Anonymous Says:

      earth calling lacocacolaman. Come in lacocacolaman. . . Earth calling lacocacolaman.

  22. speakeasy Says:

    Dear Thunderf00t, I think it would be worth your giving this guy a response. It sounds as though he’s done a lot for you and is growing very disappointed in your lack of interest:

    • Anonymous Says:

      I dont think Brett is the flavour of the month. But while he did some good stuff early on questioning preachers and the like. I think his character and actions have been bought into question, by the atheist community more than the theist community. Now I could have this wrong because I Hadnt paid too much attention, I think straightdope had something on it.

  23. CommanderTuvok Says:

    Have any of you guys checked out RF’s Facebook page? They are convinced an atheist conspiracy took down the DCV channel. There is one prolific poster called Joyce Willis, who freaks out at any sign of criticism towards religion or Dr. Craig, and is completely paranoid. The cognitive dissonance on show in that group of RF worshippers is illuminating. They just don’t want to accept that “John Leonard’s” behaviour was wrong.

    Very funny stuff.

    • Mike Says:

      “They are convinced an atheist conspiracy took down the DCV channel.”

      LOL, yes, because we evil atheists are SO AFRAID of open discourse or opposing opinions. lol

      It’s hilarious- 99% of theist videos disable ratings and heavily moderate comments (if they allow them at all). Atheist-produced videos and blogs, on the other hand, welcome free and open discourse. Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

      “The cognitive dissonance on show in that group of RF worshippers is illuminating. They just don’t want to accept that “John Leonard’s” behaviour was wrong.”

      They *know* that it was wrong but their position is so fragile that they simply can’t afford to acknowledge anything that reflects poorly on them or their belief system.

      Religion and creationism are both hanging on for dear life by their fingernails. The whole pile of nonsense is so close to collapse that anything opposing their world view must be ignored or shouted down. They really can’t afford to give an inch or be intellectually honest, or they’re done for.

  24. Optimisticcynic715 Says:

    OH NOES! I’m not joking. That channel is a treasure trove of arrogant stupidity, and it should last forever..

  25. CancerMan Says:

    From what I have herd someone filed phony DMCA’s on the channel…can any of you close minded atheists say hypocrisy?

    • Mike Says:

      No, I had not “herd” that. lol

      Can any of you close-minded believers provide some proof? (Or is that asking too much of your teeny-tiny brains? We know how allergic to proof you are.)

      And from what I have “herd”, most christians are child molesters, especially the priests. At least that’s what I “herd”.

      • CancerMan Says:

        You need proof? You could try investigating, you know…google…searching… know the old seek and you shall find philosophy? If you want Evidence num nuts start at least looking for it. Perhaps that’s asking too much of you. Oh and I “herd” all atheists are trolls…

      • Mike Says:

        “You could try investigating, you know… google …searching … forums..”

        Do your own homework, dickweed. lol

      • CancerMan Says:

        I’ve already done my homework. Its already been confirmed he was false dmca’d. Its nice to know you wont even go looking for the evidence…so much for that open minded logical sound atheist…

      • Mike Says:

        Havin’ trouble letting go, huh? 🙂 lolol

        Go pray to your sky-daddy and stop wasting our time.

  26. SMH :P Says:

    Erm… Drcraigvideos is back! I repeat… Drcraigvideos IS BACK! Yes, Drcraigvideos!!! YouTube brought is back! So you can stop your evil laughter now 😛

    • CancerMan Says:

      the counters were filed, that’s why he was brought back. someone filed phony dmcas on him.

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  28. mimi Says:

    This is a very old post, but adding a comment in hopes you will see, There is a new false DMCA lawsuit in the works.

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