Watching Yourself Sleep!

It is just so very VERY strange watching yourself sleep.  Watching yourself helpless and unconscious.  It’s one of those things that you only usually sleep with people you really trust (with or without sex), and so I was really surprised to get a v. similar response to watching myself sleep as watching someone who trusts you enough to sleep with you, sleep (an emotionally bonding experience!!!).  I know that sounds WTF!!! narcissistic, but I don’t think it is…. I’m guessing its more of that there are no biological mechanisms to determine how to respond to yourself when you are unconscious: this isn’t like seeing your reflection or similar!

However the other reason I was doing this is I was testing audio setup.  Now I’m still a *NOOB* at this sort of thing, so your feedback would be appreciated.


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14 Responses to “Watching Yourself Sleep!”

  1. Ken Dukes (@BeyondKenny) Says:

    Audio A-OK.

  2. headoffury Says:


  3. hannanibal Says:

    I found this very difficult to masturbate to.

  4. Adrian Says:

    The audio was very clear. No problems.

    One thing I would like to add about sleeping. Being unconscious instantly removes all the guards we put into place in order to work with other within our society. Sleeping with another person automatically allows that person to catch a glimpse of us with our guards down.

    Having said that, watching yourself sleep instantly takes you to the point of being third person to yourself and you see a more primal version of who you are. The “you” you are seeing is the one without the rules of society (combed hair, straight posture, etc.) but it is the “you” with the combed hair that you see in the mirror everyday. It is this “you” that we often attribute our self identity.

    When you watch yourself sleeping it is bound to be a little strange because you are seeing a side of yourself that is usually hidden behind the conventions of society.

  5. Great Ape Thoughts Says:

    drinking a bottle of wine for science… why didn’t I think of that? 🙂

  6. Hunt Says:

    I think there are two kind of people, those who can sleep in public and those who can’t. Sleeping on public transportation or airplanes is “sort of” sleeping in public. There are also people who can sleep on park benches or on couches in campus centers — and there many people who can’t or won’t do any of those things. I think I’m the type of person who could sleep in public, except for the fact that I know many people would think it odd. There is a certain social taboo against public sleeping. In a culture where sleeping itself is vaguely frowned on and considered “slacking,” public sleeping is considered abnormal or lazy. In our driven society I’m always even a little hesitant to admit that I sleep late in the morning. I recommend Mark Twain:

    “Give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep ’til noon.”

  7. Chris Says:

    Shouldn’t that be “No Thunderf33t were harmed”? 😉

  8. Marlo Rocci Says:

    Suggestion: Security camera software can be setup to use timer settings to turn the camera on and off. So if you want to repeat the experiment with a bit more alcohol, get a security camera kit and point it at your bed. Set the software timer settings to cover when you sleep so you don’t have to fiddle with the camera while drunk.

  9. PirateFish Says:

    I can sleep on a plane, I can sleep on a train. I can sleep on a bench, in the park, like a lark.
    I’m one of those people who can sleep just about anywhere and around almost anyone, whether I’m alone or not, whether I’m at home or in public. From the blog post you could surmise that I’m a rather trusting person, one who always assumes the good in everyone until proven otherwise, and that assessment would be fairly correct. However, this trait is also responsible for why I’m so often disappointed with so many people at large and in relationships, and it’s also how I’ve allowed myself to get utterly and completely screwed in both of my divorces.
    BTW, the audio sounds to be working perfectly fine from my perspective.

  10. justnorrik Says:

    I’d also recommend sleeping without blankets, in order to see what you do with your arms and legs while you sleep… You’ll find some interesting stuff doing sleep studies…

  11. Margaret Says:

    Audio sounds clear.

  12. Neil Joseph Woerner (@njwxyz) Says:

    Audio is clear, but there is what sounds like natural reverb- from the acoustics of the space, maybe? It sounds good for effect (like singing in the shower), but less so for narration. But then again, I just watched a bunch of TheThinkingAtheist vids and Seth’s audio is superb. All those years in radio, I guess… having a studio probably also helps. 😉

  13. tow truck Says:

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  14. Anonymous Guest Says:

    I love this process

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