Ban Feminist?

So Time Magazine didn’t like the result of their own poll of ‘which word should we ban in 2015‘.

When they pulled the plug on their poll, the word ‘feminist’ had almost 50 % of the entire vote.  Indeed more that 10x as many people thought the word we should ban in 2015 should be ‘feminist’ as those who thought ‘bossy’

feminist poll


Naturally I don’t approve of banning words, however in this case I’m willing to make an exception just to see the incensed outrage of the feminists who think only THEY should have the right to ban words!

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92 Responses to “Ban Feminist?”

  1. Dick Justice Says:

    Still a tad surprised Time actually took down the poll. The way they worded it made it clear that they had nothing against feminism itself, just the over use of the word. Haven’t seen a feminazi cabal listen to reason yet, though.

  2. Isaac G Says:

    Well I think we should ban the word Patriarchy first. I mean, if not only for the Patriarchy first.

  3. Kevin Tysick Says:

    I guess the people at Time were just being too Bossy about choosing which words should be suggested for banning and someone had to tell them they were being that way and which word was more appropriate

  4. William Bradley Says:

    Maybe we have outgrown the need for the word Feminist. A better word might be just Fair. Fair for everyone.

    • deleted Says:

      Yes exactly, feminazi would be the more appropriate word since these so called “modern feminists” like Anita Sarkeesian, Suey Park, Rebecca Watson, Melody Hensley and others like them are just outright man haters. That’s not to say that I hate women or feminists because I don’t, the only thing I hate is their facepalm stupid arguments where they just spout out lies and bullshit to us and expect us to eat it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      “Maybe we have outgrown the need for the word Feminist. A better word might be just Fair. Fair for everyone.”

      Lol! You so crazy Brah. You just mentioned feminist and fair in the same breath/paragraph. You crazy or brave. The feminists are going to come for you.

  5. Harley Says:

    Feminazism strikes again.

  6. Christopher Arjaans Says:

    I was one of the people that managed to vote on Feminist on the TIME poll.You’d think the response they got in terms of poll numbers would have interested them.

    My reasons are more towards the appropriation of the word that used to stand for something good to now stand for something very disturbing.

    I’m guessing these “feminists” dogpiled TIME much like they did Dr. Taylor. Acting as oppressors while screaming about being oppressed. I’m guessing this is the same pressure that’s causing the Hollywood types to make statements. It’s something they’re scared will tarnish their image if they’re against (being ‘against feminism’ doesn’t sound very good, hence the genius move to appropriate it) not realizing just what it’s now become.

    These are people who have never dealt with a day of oppression in their entire lives. They are so blessed by the heroic actions of those before them that atheism, videogames, the word ‘bossy’ and a colourful bowling shirt are their big oppressive issues.

    They’ve turned one of the greatest movements of the 20th century into a laughing stock.

    • marc Says:

      “They’ve turned one of the greatest movements of the 20th century I to a laughing stock”

      Brilliantly put. But I would contest that it’s more of a hate movement than a simple laughing stock… and that is terribly sad.

  7. Vicky Caramel (@MrsVickyCaramel) Says:

    As GamerGate is a right wing hate group (according to the media) it would be very interesting if you did a poll to find out our political affiliations… liberal, conservative, libertarian etc.

  8. Lara Says:

    I managed to vote on Feminist on the TIME poll and I’m a woman. Thank goodness the Feminist trolls saved me from my internal misogyny 🙂 And then they wonder why women themselves don’t want anything to do with Feminism… I’m offended! Ban words that offend me! I don’t like that shirt! Change it! i don’t like the game/movie! Change it! And while you’re at it, feel ashamed because you were born male! Disgusting trolls. Utter madness. The end of democracy. Feminist totalitarianism is coming.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Orlando Says:

      I’m fed up of feminism too, speaking as a genderqueer male, who used to kind of identify as feminist at one point. They regurgitate dogma about the patriarchy, and dodgy statistics, and try to make out women in the western world (who are some of the people with the best health and longevity and prosperity and choices and opportunities and freedoms and rights) are just as badly off as in third world places with medieval-style laws and customs, and that having a penis makes you incredibly privileged and some oppressive person who’s responsible for all of the world’s problems. I also object to the idea that if you are in any way LGBTQ then you should also automatically be a raging feminist instead of having a balanced and nuanced view of how the world is.

  9. Richard R. Barron Says:

    Don’t. Ban. Words.

  10. Ban Feminism? « Financial Survival Network Says:

    […]… […]

  11. Neal Says:

    If Someone asked me to ban boosy I would call them boosy

  12. Kay E. Says:

    “Banning words is OK when we do it.”

    “Banning words is EVIL when others do it.”

    Hypocrisy at it’s best 😉

  13. watch Mykeru's latest video Says:

    Most people would agree that banning words is just pathetic. More interesting would be the issue about how 3rd wave feminists declare that Gamergate is a toxic label and should therefore be dropped, while refusing to even consider dropping the Feminist label which is even more toxic. Not to mention the Gamergate label is largely toxic because of the actions of its detractors, while the Feminism label is toxic because of the actions of those who wield it.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    How about we just ban all words?
    Then we can communicate through grunting, like God intended.

  15. scottlyon356 Says:

    I’m against banning any words. I AM for using them correctly though. I am not a misogynist.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t funny that women in the “Ban Bossy” ad, who claimed that they were called “bossy” when they were girls, all grew up to become influential, powerful women who have become bosses?

  17. manligblog Says:

    Basically, I am against banning certain words, but I like your humorous initiativ.

  18. Allen Harris (@crash_matrix) Says:

    ROFL – 70 times more people want to ban Feminist than bossy. That’s too funny…

  19. Aashay Sukhthankar Says:

    Let’s ban Feminism.
    Long live the Patriarchy!!
    Long live male privilege.

    • krischik Says:

      Good thinking. You go ahead, tell all the men who bleed on battlefields, suffocated in coal mines, drowned on sinking cargo ships that there patriarchic privileges will live on.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Boo-fucking-hoo! That’s their choice, not to mention those are all REALLY stupid things to do.

        And just because someone is a victim of the patriarchy doesn’t mean they don’t also uphold it. Hell, most second wave feminists uphold the patriarchy as much as the men.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I am glad your response was well thought out and straight to the point. You are clearly a very educated individual with outstanding morals. In fact, you are such a smart, swell person I wrote a Haiku about you. Enjoy.

          You berate man’s fate
          So your ego I inflate
          You clearly are great

          JK LOL U SUK! Sorry not sorry.

  20. TheRev Says:

    Ya know I hate to vote literally in this case. In the world as a whole I agree that there are some places (Usually Third world countries) that have people being oppressed because they are women.

    These people are not feminist.. These are people who have fallen into a psychotic cult of socialist that believe that they should be telling everyone else what to do/believe. Marxist.. bigots.. most definitely, but far from feminist who are just trying to make sure that ladies are not being dehumanized because they are female.

    I believe they have stolen the word from real feminist, from the people who would have no part in this witch hunt, just as literally has been co-opted to mean both figuratively and literally. Words have specific meanings, we use that to communicate thoughts and ideas to others. If we don’t use them the same way then I can say “What an Apple two Orange”, and be telling you its a nice day.

    Finally about the “Ban Bossy”… My boss was bossy, the President is prob bossy, people in places of authority are usually bossy. It kinda makes ya wonder if Bossy is such an “Evil” word, or a compliment. It could mean that you have the attitude to achieve other then just complain about things when it doesn’t go your way.

  21. Duck Says:

    “We should not have included the word in the list” Yes you should have, as made obvious by the amount of people voting for feminism.

    • Ben Says:

      That was my exact thought. When the overwhelming majority of people vote for something it’s a good indication that it’s a valid entry. Things with only a few percent of voters would indicate a poor choice.
      Ugh. I wonder how many social threats Time got for that?

  22. Esben Says:

    Luckily I am living in a democracy and thus words cannot be banned, but I woted for ‘feminism’

  23. Astrokid NJ Says:

    Be careful, PZ might “pharyngulate” your poll with his 1000 followers. LOL

  24. Anonymous Says:

    It is interesting to see how the same Lockstep Logic Protocol that brought us the Wars on Drugs & Terror is being used again with modern “feminism” in mainseam media.
    An argument is presented where you must Appear to be crimminally insane to be against it – so that it is Above Question.
    Detractors will be shunned, ignored & locked out.
    NO ONE wants to be seen as “against” women nor siding with people who make death threats – so there is No Thinking Required to take sides.
    I like to think that Most THINKING people find this tactic hollow, despicable & nowadays entirely redundant.
    But intellectuals went out of style under George the 2nd & are drowned out by kneejerk emotional reactions on all sides…

  25. Van Fanel (@VahnFannel) Says:

    Surprised no Feminazi has tried to ban “Egalitarian” or the like.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know what “bae” means, so i would ban the shit out of that!

  27. ZURATAMA1324 Says:

    No words should be banned.

  28. Homey C-Dawg Says:

    If we could ban any word it should be “misogyny”. Most commonly and incorrectly used word by modern feminist radicals.

  29. thunderf00t Says:

    I hate women so much

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I am sure this has been noted, but ‘So not Sorry’ is meant to be ‘Sorry not Sorry’. Well, it was when I took the poll anyway.

    Of course the Feminazi’s are getting their panties in a twist. Feminist is pretty much a member initiation title in the special snow flake league.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I’m surprised that a man of science would even be interested in running such an obviously flawed poll.

  32. Control That Narrative Says:

    Feminists missed the nuance? Well I never.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I think it was either Karen Straughan or the Honey Badgers as a whole who, around the time of the Women Against Feminism thing, said that feminism, as a whole, basically has a personality disorder and tries to hold women hostage in the relationship because the movement can’t handle the idea that a lot of women don’t feel that they want or need it.

    There’s a reason that, while most consider themselves to be for equality, only a fairly small number consider themselves feminist and why so many people are just sick of hearing about it. I think that the more things like GamerGate, Ban Bossy, ShirtGate, and WomenAgainstFeminism that make it onto mainstream news, the more the general population is going to see these individuals as being off their rocker, as people who want to control what others are allowed to say and think. The more attention these things get, the less people want to hear about feminism and the less people want to associate themselves with these things.

  34. Andy Says:

    Ug, I think it should still be “bae”. Can’t stand that word. (Oh nom nom, a strong 2nd).

  35. wetnap Says:

    Truth is feminism has become corrupted by 3rd wave feminists who have made it something toxic.
    They have made victimhood a profession.
    Creepy Clowns: Freethought Bullies and the Threat Narrative Clown Horn

    As mykeru explained in the atheism plus days when these people tried to dox him into silence, these are bullies who pretend to be victims, they are wolves in sheeps clothing. And its time to stop tolerating this nonsense.
    Just think about the way they lie about statistics. Imagine if we used the same tactics against another group, people. Scared of crime and black people? Make some numbers up, 1 in 5 black people will murder a white woman!! This is true or else you are for white women being murdered!!
    Clearly using made up numbers to demonize a group is flagrant hate mongering.
    So really, at this point feminism is a hate group, that is the simple and ugly truth of the matter.

  36. geordie turner Says:

    As mostly your subscribers myself included will be taking this poll I think it may be slightly biased but at least you won’t wuss out like time

  37. Ben Says:

    Interestingly the approval ratio of ban bossy and ban feminist is the same here. Obviously the numbers are quite different, however I think what Time, and to a lesser degree this example show is that the mass media overestimate the approval ratings of the SJW camp.

  38. jgtemolder Says:

    At first I was going to choose some other word than feminist; as it would mean you could no longer call feminists and feminism out on their bullshit; but then I realized, if they can no longer use the word, they actually have to start addressing the issues, instead of going, “Feminism means equality, just look at the dictionary, and if you’re not a feminist, you’re a misogynist!” and leave it, sadly still far too often effectively, at that.

    The moment they actually have to bring up issues and arguments, feminists and feminism will crumble before our eyes.

  39. Woody Says:

    Last time I was at the Claisebrook Train Station, half-way up the stairs to cross the bridge and choose a platform for the right train home, I noticed a small female grunting with effort to drag a heavy case up to the stairs (even though its bottom corner had little wheels on it.
    I called out, “will you be OK getting that thing up the stairs?”
    She answered, “probably not”. So I went back down and took the heavy case in hand to carry up the stairs for her.
    As we ascended the stairs she declared through a wide smile, “fuck equality! Thanks mate!”

  40. thebibosez Says:

    Small variations in this poll: the TIME poll included “obvi”, not “obvious”. Also, the original has “om nom nom nom”, not “om nom nom”. Also, “sorry not sorry”, not “so not sorry”.

  41. Tubbsfarquar Says:

    Not that we should ban it, but what about ‘cisgendered’? I smirk every time I read it.

  42. Tubbsfarquar Says:

    I know it’s not a word, but can we ban Suey Park. She decries sexism and racism by being sexist and racist. Hypocrisy FTW!

  43. Tanuki Says:

    I would not ban the term feminism. I would fight to give it the same social standing as the term National Socialism. Saying in public ‘I am a feminist’ should provoke the same reactions as saying ‘I am a nazi’. Not that much of a difference anyways. National Socialism: Supremacy of the white race, hatred against Jews. Feminism: Supremacy of women, hatred against men. Only real difference: One group already had their killing spree, the other group is still dreaming about it.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I got one better than feminism to ban: Patriarchy. The original meaning was lost, anyways.

  45. DeadlyFoez Says:

    I’m not for the banning of words, since it can’t be imposed anyways, but they could at least try to ban the more offensive words like nigger, faggot, cunt,…

    • Tanuki Says:

      I might have missed something, but I thought those words are called ‘insults’, which means they are already as banned as they can be in an open and free society. The only problem is that ‘feminist’ is not among them.

    • Vicky Caramel (@MrsVickyCaramel) Says:

      I think the idea of the pole was for people to show which words or expressions make their eyes roll and piss them off. Not to actually censor anyone.

      The delicious irony is that feminist claimed that 4chan (which i hear is changing its name to FemChan) blitzed the poll and so had this descent censored.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    I think we shouldn’t ban words, but ban people that use words incorrectly or stupidly.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Voted human rights

  48. sigebrand Says:

    It’s depressing that bossy has more votes than literally…

  49. Vicky Caramel (@MrsVickyCaramel) Says:

    Holy crap, looks like 4chan is trying to vote up ‘bossy’.

  50. Mohammed Ahmed Muniser-saleh Says:

    feminist needs to go

  51. Ben Shannon Says:

    Am I the only one that sees the positive aspect of this poll. While yes Time may have took it down because they are afraid of the pseudo outrage machine known as feminism, this says to me that almost half of the population sees that the popular opinion expressed by the main stream media doesn’t reflect the actual opinion of such things. It tells me that people are starting to see though the lies and half truths that the media puts out there.

  52. Michael Says:

    The amusing bit is that in trying to ban “bossy”, a hypothetical success would merely encourage the more verbose among us. There are plenty of other words to express the same sentiment and which better lend themselves to an additional condescension- “domineering” and “martinet” immediately come to mind, even if the latter may be a noun instead.

    Eradication of expression inevitably encourages alternate expression to fill in for the same use case.

  53. Joel Says:

    I find the notion that we can, or even should ban words at all to be ludicrous and silly.

  54. Pablo García-Campo Says:

    i agree with the guys who say Patriarchy should be banned

  55. Anonymous Says:

    What’s funny about these “feminists” is that they are totally oblivious to what’s going on in the world, for example Saudi Arabia where women aren’t even allowed to drive a car or they will get jailed yet these so called “feminists” are complaining about misoginy in games, a t-shirt and the word bossy. And here’s another good example, Malala Yousafazi, she stood up for girls’ rights to go to school and literally got shot in the head by a masked gunman. She survived but she never complained once that she was getting so much hate from other men and said that if you want revenge on that man you are only lowering yourself to his level and she never bragged once how brave she was, not once, whereas miss Anita Sarkeesian brags about how much money she made, cancles her USU talk just because of one death threat and crys because she’s recieving so much hate from male and female gamers. Compared to Malala, Anita is a whiny two year old who won’t stop crying until she gets what she wants, what a joke she is.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    I like it how those “feminists” say that bossy holds girls back without providing any scientific evidence to support their arguments. Where do they get their logic from and how stupid do they think we are? Just because they happen to have high paying jobs doesn’t mean they can say bullshit like their ban bossy campaign and expect others to support them just because they are women.

    • Tanuki Says:

      I don’t think ‘bossy’ is the real problem. See this speech of this UN suppository Emma Watson.

      Minute 3:14: Those dick bearing subhumans did not follow her lead willingly and without questions. Hear how she stresses the ‘I’ in ‘I wanted to direct the place…’. Yes, her brothers wanted that, too. How is her wish more important than theirs? So important that it is still on her mind after all those years? I suppose ‘bossy’ would not have mattered… if she would have gotten her will. But a clear sign, that the brainwashing of the inferior gender cannot start early enough. Boys having their own minds…. such misogyny.

      • deleted Says:

        I agree 100% with your argument and may I mention one thing? I have nothing against women or feminists, I believe in male and female equality. The only thing that I have against these modern feminists is their facepalm stupid arguments for example Rebecca Watson said that if you’re an intellectual man and you’re not interested in feminism, you’re worse than a rape threat. For serious? It’s feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, Rebecca Watson, Melody Hensley and others like them that give feminism a bad name.

        • Tanuki Says:

          I have nothing against women. But I have very much against feminists regardless of gender. Actually it is exactly the same I have against Islamism or Nazism… or quite a few other “isms”. For exactly the same reasons. You make a difference between “old” and “modern” feminism? I don’t. Sorry, but like with trade marks labels like that have to be defended. If there are sane feminists out there, they failed to do so. Now this brand is burned.

          • Anonymous Says:

            So in other words, the meaning of the wordfeminism has changed to man hating. True, if you look at feminists nowadays for example Melody Hensley says she has PTSD because someone called her smellody on twitter and she wants all the veterans fired who disagree with her opinion. That’s not feminism, that’s feminazism. I mean for real she thinks that an insult on twitter is the same as gunfire, destruction, watching people die and getting blown up in front of you. And yet these so called “feminists” are wondering why they are getting so much hate from other people.

  57. Rich Says:

    I came here earlier and Bossy had 11,000 votes to Feminist’s 10,000. what happened?! Bossy was winning and now it barely registers. That seems really shady to me Thunderfoot………

    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree it is a bit shady, but it’s nothing compared to the dishonesty and stupidity of the arguments of these so called “feminists”, Anita Sarkeesian being a good example.

  58. julesbollocks Says:

    Who would have thought- feminism becomes a new age cult where its members can demand special treatment not to be ‘offended’.

    Feminists have become an insult to those who battled and still do to bring equality

    • Tanuki Says:

      …and still do? Where? In Saudi Arabia? If you mean in western countries, please tell me a single right, which men have, but women don’t.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Exactly take a look at malala yousafazi who literally got shot in the head (and survived) just because she stood up for girls’ rights to go to school and do these western feminist give a damn about her, nope, instead they are complaining about video games, a guys shirt and that they are being “harassed” by straight male gamers to which they have no evidence to support their arguments, yeah, as if other women don’t disagree with them.

  59. psychtld Says:

    I … er … voted to ban the word ‘sarkeesian’. If we’re gonna ban words at all… I reckon that’d be a good one. That way, we’d not need tot alk about her. Not that I don’t like your YT videos about the whole issue: I do!

    It’s just that there’s a danger now of her name becoming an adjective (oddly enough, that’s what like it looks!)… and she’s getting up to enough shit to eventuate that usage. So, I’m thinking – pre-emptive ban. Yeh?

  60. Oscar Says:

    If you’re going to ban ‘feminist’ won’t we need to ban other words like: feminism, feminazi, etc…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Feminist should be banned and feminazi should be its replacement because these western “feminists” are just man haters

  61. Rob Says:

    Don’t ban om nom nom nom

  62. Ben Lacy Says:

    The problem with banning any word (e.g., feminist) is that idiots would lose the ability to label themselves with terms they don’t understand. I vote we ban the word BAN to preclude deminishing the “Thunder” cannon fodder.

    Keep up the great work!

  63. RedstonePowered (@RedstonePG) Says:

    Lol bossy has less then 1%(as of today)

  64. Satyajay Mandal Says:

    don’t ban feminists

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