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38 Responses to “About”

  1. Jeff Murray Says:

    Hey tf00t, been a supporter of your channel since being introduced to it and have even donated to the cause, but that’s all beside the point.

    I am writing this in regards to your thought on things such as the SAFIRE project and works from the Thunderbolts Project team because I know you are an avid astronomer. I’ve become very interested in the prospects of their research and their abilities to create a predictable model that has been correct in making these predictions, especially in concern to the comet events of tempel 1 deep impact mission. I have been curious about your thoughts on them if you have come across their work and would like to know your criticism about them. Likewise, if you feel that they might be on to something then I believe it would be of great service to the scientific community to advocate the possibility that science has been following a misguided path which could be traced back to Hubbles discovery of red shift and the misinterpretation of the data and that further scrutiny might need to be considered concerning the standard model of cosmology.
    I cannot imagine that a free thinker as yourself could not be open to this possibility and would love to see future videos either for or against it. If correct, the implications of their theory would completely shake the scientific community and it’s no wonder that people like Halton Arp have been ostracized for going against the standard model. This fact alone shows that even science can be stubbornly rooted in faith.
    Anyways, I thank you again for your time and hope to have a personal response even with your time restraints

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “Should Scientists Trust Gut Feelings”

    Do a response video to this one please.

  3. Dandelion Says:

    Hi Thunderf00t,

    Longtime admirer, first-time caller. I sent a few messages via FB but who knows if or when you’d see then, what with FB’s crappy handling of msgs from non-friends. So here it is again:

    I have just become aware of rapidly spreading SJW attacks on a Newsweek cover & article regarding the eating of “bushmeat” (usually primates) and how it is linked to Ebola’s repeated reemergence in human, and how smuggling of bushmeat could pose some risk to other nations. The cover shows a chimp. (It’s worth noting that the bushmeat demand figures into the history of HIV.)

    The SJWs are fasttracking this cover photo as “racist’ -and to hell with the science showing that eating primates are both an early and known pathway for Ebola into humans.

    We really need pushback on this. If you could help bring this absurd charge to the attention of those who would want to respond, you’d have my undying gratitude.

  4. tonkatsu Says:

    Hey Thunderf00t,

    Great videos, smashing work!
    I noticed today that:

    a) You too were at Birmingham University in the late 90’s and
    b) The Brummie accent is currently the most loathed in Britain:


    If anyone needs some corrective education it’s the British public for coming out with such tosh.
    Any chance of a Brummie supportive video, tweet, etc?

  5. Levon Says:

    This may not be relevant anymore, but I just watched your interview with the two women from WBC (I was gonna say ladies but the older one doesn’t qualify for that label) and the whole time I desperately wanted you to mention the few verses in Corinthians and 1 Timothy where it says women should be quiet and submissive and never teach men. I was wondering if you ever brought that up and if so what is the usual response? I mentioned them to my mother once in a heated argument and she just got furious and had nothing to say. Thank you.

  6. pornalysis Says:

    I remember you from ERV blog. As you might recall, I was threatened by the freethought people, Laden, Myers et al.

    Then, my homes were broken into, I was gang stalked, and many other things.

    My question for you is this: how much of their threats and implied threats did you document/

    Could you send me links?
    And- did you save any of the ERV threads like periodic table of swearing, or meet my friend kyles mom?

    Here we are in an election cycle, and I suspect those threats will become relevant again.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Ak97 Says:

    I saw your video about your dad and i am so so sorry. I have resently heard of a new test that has a 90% susess rate and u may want to look into it i will leave a link to the source that i found it at i hope that it turns out to be true.

  8. Ben short Says:

    Saw this and just wondering if there’s any truth to it. Might make for a good video.

  9. Kyle Says:

    Hey thunder, I see you were Interested In the way that we use words so I wanted to talk about something that I think is quite important and that is the reclamation of one particular word that has become rather dirty in so many senses. The word is faith. Faith has so many beautiful meanings. You can have faith in a practice, a faith in your body, mind, a faith in your abilities, a faith in your investigations, a faith in your reasoning process, a faith thst if yoy have respect for life morality will naturally come forth from you.
    The trouble I have is that faith had come to mean blindness or blind faith, as in no inference, no reasoning, no direct perception of reality and choosing to remain with false perceptions even when reality is presented infront if you.
    Personally I think this is a terrible injustice to such a beautiful word such as faith. And I think it is not even in the attention of much of the atheist community, which I think is a tragedy. Any way, just something I thought might spark some interest.

    My kindest regards.


  10. Jason Kearns Says:

    I am an athiest, but why does this video feel like bullshit?

  11. J. Franco Says:

    Dear Thunderf00t,

    Hopefully this finds you well.

    I’ve viewed many of your YouTube videos. They’re inspirational, thought provoking, motivating and entertaining.

    I’ve always wanted to immerse myself in academia and make a living of it, like you do, but I don’t know how. I don’t even think it’s possible. I’m 30 years old.

    I saw “Thunderf00t Unmasked” on your channel and half way through the video I thought, “I want him to be my mentor.” How do I go about that? Do I merely ask such an influential person in my life for such a thing or can I earn that honor?

    Regardless, all the best to you. Be safe.

    J. Franco

  12. Samtech79 Says:

    If you have a minute, my fellow gearheads and I have been discussing this. In our circles it’s generally excepted that lower tire pressures at speed on pavement generate more heat… However this thermal imaging video under uncontrolled but consistent conditions (same stretch of pavement, same direction, all within the same hour at roughly the same ambient temp) shows the exact opposite. If you please, flex that doctorate and share your hypothesis. Perhaps you could also suggest another experiment to help us better understand this? I made some notes in the description and the other tire video should pop up. Etc
    What do you think is going on here? As for my hypothesis; I think two things are happening. First, the load is spread out so the contact patch is larger and the contact patch interface pressure is lower = less heat generation. Second, there is some pressure that has yet to be determined for a specific load that there is less contact patch deformation and therefore less internal friction. In a nut shell, somewhere around 12psi with my fat ass on a 320lbs bike the tire stays more the same shape through the contact patch, closer to how the tire would rest unmounted.
    Love your videos BTW. Ironically and somehow magically I’m neither a woman hater/beater or a nazi…
    Thank you for your consideration on this. Cheers

  13. Manuel Says:

    Hello mr. Mason
    Hi love the stuff you are doing!
    Just found this guy:

    But this is the best part:

    Claims has a product cures cancer…
    Block every critic….

    Best regards

    Manuel Wigger

  14. Nicholaus Barkhurst Says:

    Dear Dr. Mason,

    I would like to say Thank You!

    Thank you for introducing me to the atheist community on YouTube. I originally thought that surely there was an almighty power at work; he just isn’t as perfect and all knowing as the bible says. However, your video series, “Why People Laugh at Creationist” completely shreaded that paper think concept of an almighty power which infected my mind. With that, I continued to watch more videos discussion the logical nonsense of theism and helped me relies my selfish hopes of an almightly and an afterlife.

    Thank you Dr. Mason, for brightening the path of logic while I was blindly lead down the dark and twisted path of faith.

    Thanks to you and your channel, I have been able to reconsider myself and my actions. I have finally realised what a truly pathetic human being I had become under the misguided lies of theism. You have helped me to find the tools and understanding I needed to become a better member of society. I have begun working toward make thing happen myself, rather than just sitting of my ass and “praying” for good things to come to me “so long as I believe”.

    Thank your Dr. Mason for all of your time and effort you have dedicated to highlighting how ridiculous the concept of theism is. You truly are making a difference with your channel and I hope you can keep dedicating your time toward creating more whitty and fascinating content for humanity to enjoy and learn from.


  15. ben Says:

    I seen this video on youtube and it basically destroys the argument of gender being a social construct. the story is told by a Marine and how a woman wasn’t strong enough to do her job. and nearly got Marines killed. until a man stepped in and save them.I thought it would be great cannon fodder for these pseudo intellectual armchair feminist.

  16. Andy Farrell Says:

    Hi Thunderf00t

    I’m a big fan and would like you to hear my graphical representation of sjw (or feminist) vs rational views on affirmative action. As a man of science you may like it…

    Consider a graph of y-axis labelled ‘discrimination’ where the positive side is ‘by whites’ and the negative ‘against whites’. X axis is time.

    If we start at (0,1) then we would consider the best course of action would be to weed out all racism/sexism/etc, which would represent an exponential decay in this graph. In other words, we prefer the fastest route to equality

    Sjw’s however would prefer something that resembles a cosine wave (or a damped cosine wave if we give them the benefit of the doubt) which continues to oscillate, long after our exponential decay tends to zero.

    I believe this to be a compelling visual guide to why sjw’s (or feminists) are not helping rid humanity of discrimination, and I think it would fit in nicely in one of your videos on either topic.


    PS: you may be interested to know that I have cited your paper on the thiocyanate ion in one of my undergrad papers- and not on purpose!

  17. Gregory Grimberg Says:

    Hey man I wanted to ask for your help since you’re the only scientist I know. My community is in the middle of a scare about cadmium arsenic and nickel in the air from a company near by. I wanted to ask if you could make a video educating the public to the dangers of these things. Here is a link to the community group that is organizing the movement.

  18. Nathan Walker Says:

    Massive fan of your work, just wondered if you had seen this today in the uk, given the similarity to the rolling stone case in the us. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/7066636/Four-students-at-exclusive-agricultural-college-CLEARED-of-raping-woman-at-summer-ball.html

  19. Jonathan S Says:

    Three completely different topics:
    1) I saw your videos on alkali metals reacting with water. Have you seen the videos of molten salt (NaCl2) energetically reacting with water? The reaction must be different, or is the Cl2 being boiled off during melting? Also, while you have high speed video of molten NaK Alloy reacting in water, did you analyse the spectras of light produced or sample the water or gasses produced in the reactions to determine if side reactions were occurring?
    2) I know you aren’t a creationist, so how do you explain some of their more difficult arguments? There are always illiterate people arguing both sides, which make great straw men, but both sides have some very strong arguments and only when one or both side’s strongest arguments are dismantled, can truth be found.
    3) Why is argon used to prevent oxidation of samples and not, say helium? Is it cost, or mass/density, or something else? Does argon sink below oxygen and thus form a protective layer whereas helium would float above it, unless the sample and container were inverted? And while I understand oil and water forming separate layers, I’m assuming this really isn’t true with gasses which tend to stay mixed to varying degrees. Is it a bit of a numbers game with oxygen being diluted or is there no oxygen in the layer of argon?

  20. John William Collins V Says:

    Have you seen this new idea for the Crystal clear solar panels? Would like to hear what you think about it and if it’s even possible.

  21. Mat Debolskiy Says:

    Hello Dr Mason. I noticed that you used a feminist glaciology article in some of your videos.
    I am a PhD student in Geophysics at University of Alaska. I would like to chat about the origin of the arcticle, where all this comes from and how it gets published.

  22. Hanaconda Says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve followed your YouTube channel for a few years now, and am particularly interested in your videos revealing bogus tech claims.
    With the thought that “if it sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t” I was just wondering what you thought of this: http://www.honeyflow.com
    Perhaps a bit out of your area of expertise, but have you heard about it? What do think?
    Cheers for the great videos,

  23. Frank Says:

    Hello thunder (Phil)
    I’d write to you to express my thoughts on your videos. I like your science videos, I can see your love for science. I appreciate you taking the time dispel Hollywood myths and cheerfully educating those who know little about such a difficult subject.

    As for political correctness, I’ve never been a fan of, but I’ve always been respectful of others. The Anita lady that you seem to be at odds with, is just a fraudster. She is a solution in search of a non existent to problem. Yes there are women haters out there, some the rape out of such hatred, but it’s not as all pervasive as Anita implys. Many police departments have special units for such offences.

    But I think the root of her fire and others who are PC crazy can be summed up with this you tube video (search “black man vs. White man open carry ar-15”) every American is thinking, that legal to carry black man is minutes and/or one wrong flinch from dying by cop. The white guy, he get a few challenging questions from the cops,and left alone. There are lots of you tube videos white armed legal carry white guys openly challenging the cops. That black legal to carry guy….he is one wrong move or word from death. I don’t think you, Anita sarkeesian, or that white guy who is self whipping hinself think about the negative consequences that can happen by challenging. Up to and including death. Only from a position of privilege can one openly and without fear,…challenge.

    PS I apologize for not knowing how to put a video on here.

  24. Brendan Rust Says:

    8 clever ways to use coconut oil-

    Can you do a response?If find some of the claims a bit ridiculous.

  25. Kpsson Says:

    I love your work, entusiasm and intelligence. You are a huge benefit to the human race. This in preserving and trying to teach and convey as much as possible of mankinds progress and knowledge. To ensure it doesnt get lost at the hand of the moronic/feministic/sjw -generations. You sir rock! Sorry about my bad english. It isnt my first language. Dont ever stop and dont ever let anyone put out your fire!

  26. chirio Says:

    Can you do a video on the feminist view of the middle east? I have a friend who was sucked in by the lies, and they tried to tell me this bill fuckery:

    The Middle East isn’t some awful awful place that’s all the same and all awful. Have you seen some of the cities in Saudi Arabia? The UAE? Technology that rivals cities in the US. The culture is rich and beautiful. It’s not all traditional and conservative. That’s a myth presented by the American media. You know which country in the world has the highest number of women with PHDs? Saudis Arabia. I was in class last semester with a girl from there. She was there on scholarship and studying to become a doctor, because her country likes to invest in their people like that. Sure there are social problems and groups like ISIS exist, but that’s not the entire region. It’s a very diversified place with so much more than what the stereotype says it is. Honestly your argument here borders on racism, xenophobia, and islamophobia and I don’t understand how any real, in depth research could have led you to that opinion, because it’s simply not true. Even Afghanistan is moving toward an more open minded state of being.

    The attend a Women’s University, as well, if that explains anything. Some bimbo has been feeding impressionable idiots lies, and I feel as though people deserve to know the truth. The middle east is not all happy and open. The middle east is a horrible place as a whole and has been for…fuck I don’t know how long. Even since biblical times I think just about every account has been war-torn and divided by tribal alliances. It’s not just a hellhole for women but EVERYONE living there. There aren’t much in the way of resources and the radicalization brought on by Islam has only made the place worse over time. But, feminists do not want bad things said about Islam because they want to embrace this false idea about “multiculturalism”. In other words, they want the nation to be this hugbox where everyone has great sex, acts gay and culture is blended perfectly together. It’s…it’s trivial and naive the kind of utopia they want where there are no ideological differences or contentions and believe that by squelching the harsh reality of what some cultures and ethnicities traditionally have that we can attain the multi cultural hugbox. In other words, they believe it is purely stereotypes and the white men that prevent the world from being that way.

    But, you already know all that. I just think that there should be a quality video out there to clear up the lies being spread around…..

  27. Joe Says:

    I can’t believe what I just watched

  28. belstane Says:

    Debunk this please: http://m.electricityfreedom.net/

  29. Fred Says:

    You will love debunking that crap.


  30. Dave Says:

    What is the story with watergenusa.com is it real?

  31. Daud Mukhamedjanov Says:

    Dear, Dr. Mason, please, I would like to know your opinion about another FANCY BRAIN TRAINING STARTUP( link below) https://youtu.be/lIRy3BVDifA
    They claim that Mendi(device name) would improve brain activity by the games on mobile phone and the device based on EEG.
    Please, share your opinion-We would be happy to know about that !

  32. miknix Says:

    Hello Phil,

    I really enjoy watching your videos. It’s nice to see people dedicated at motivating people to be interested in science !

    Today I just saw an online add about this product:


    It smells like bullshit to me so I’ll leave it as suggestion for a next video of yours 🙂

    Take care!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Hi tfoot,
    I just wanted to ask if you could say a couple of words about the open university whether it’s legit or not and if it is would it be on par with other universities (my question pertains mainly to the math bsc degree).

  34. Graham Meek Says:

    What are the weak links in this proposal? Is micro energy generation, let say from my home, really going to be profitable and does it really matter that it is block chsnge. Could not an alternative distribute system be used?

    Last thing, when will you join minds.com?

  35. Mohammed Says:

    Dear Thunderf00t,

    I love your work!! I was looking for you video about Lumen “hack your metabolism” but I can’t seem to find it. Would you be able to send me the link to the video I would very much appreciate it.

    I look forward in hearing from you soon.

    Best regards

  36. Brian M Says:

    I just saw you released your first video in a while. I hope you aren’t having too much trouble with your covid videos.

    I came across this article the other day:
    On the face of it they seem to have invented a perpetual motion machine from a sheet of graphene. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t read the actual article but they seem to hand wave away the 2nd law violation with “stochastic thermodynamics”
    I thought it might be something you could be interested in but I doubt there is enough in it to get even a short video out of.
    Kind regards
    Brian M

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