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Gaddafi is (almost dead), Allahu Akbar!

October 20, 2011

     So watching the pictures of the soon to be dead Colonel Gaddafi, readily audible in the background are the familiar shouts of ‘Allahu Ackbar’.  The famous rallying cry from the Arab world, almost universally found at suicide bombings and beheadings.  However I found it rather out of place here.

‘God is great’? I’m sure he is, but your religion sucks!

Really?  You don’t think the allied bombing saving this entire little uprising had anything to do with it?

Really, you don’t think that the social media developed in the West was a critical factor in determining this tipping point?

Really you think that after 40 years of power, now that you finally have Gaddafi to do with as you will, that symbolizes your ‘Allahs’ power?

    It really does have all too familiar echos of the man, saved by hours of skillful surgery, made possible only by 21st century technology and drugs, rolls out of the operating room, only to thank, yes, you guessed it ‘God’.

    Here’s a recommendation to all my theist ‘friends’ around the world.  Credit goes to the guy who actually did the work!

    Similarly ‘God told me to, so really, its okay’ is not a universal excuse to cleanse you, or your religion of any crime, up to and including genocide.  Your guys did the killing, you guys, not your ‘God’ take the responsibility.