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National Center for Science and Education moves to combat Climate Change Denial

January 16, 2012

    You don’t have to think about it long to realize that the future of mankind relies on the effective combating of pseudo-science.

    That is the future of mankind relies on an increase level of knowledge.  When the rate that knowledge is being lost, or polluted by pseudo-science equal that where it is being gained,  to a first degree approximation, equilibrium is reached and mankind stagnates.

    Combating such disinformation will at some point therefore become as important as research.

    Sadly as we get to know more and more, it becomes easier and easier for bullshit merchants posing as scientists to go undetected or unchallenged, and the harder it becomes for Joe Public to distinguish real scientists from increasingly slick impostors.  Arguably there is no field where this is more true than in climate change, where a small and very well funded group of ‘climate change deniers’/ pseudo-scientists seek to dis-inform society about the impact of the anthroporgenic release of carbon dioxide.

    Thankfully, the National Center for Science and Education (The NCSE), who have done such sterling work in keeping creationism out of the class room are now moving to keep such disinformation on climate change from being dissemination in schools.

Thursday 21 (Gardening with Genie)

July 25, 2011

Thursday 21st July.  Woke up to see a truck dragging a large trailer barely making the turn into the siding I was in. -TIME TO MOVE ON!  Headed up towards the San Francisco.  By that evening there was a kinda surreal moment where I was drinking Dawkins wine (given to me by RDF @ TAM), with Ray Comforts watch, while having dinner with the Dr Eugenie Scott.

Hate to be curt about it, but I’ve got to make this entry quick, as Im currently back in LA, and have to get out of the city, and up the back of the Sierra Nevada by dark to do some astro!


Friday 22nd, Went to see NCSE at work.  A truly impressive organisation. I have to admit, all I knew about them is they were involved with the drubbing at Dover, but having seen them in operation I can only describe the center and fearsomely fit for purpose.   This is an organization that would be sorely missed if they were to vanish tomorrow.  The group keeps strong tabs on folks trying to get creationism into schools, and has an impressive library of the history of such things.  They also are in tune with the new media, and do an excellent job of taking advantage of all the social media opportunities out there.


Saturday 23rd.  Spent a pleasant morning Gardening with Genie, of a fashion.  Turns out that I’m know almost nothing about plant care, but was quite useful for a little help with the plumbing of the irrigation system.  If healthy living is a factor, Genie will outlast us all!  That evening we went to a local meeting of the Skeptic group.  A fun and vibrant group, in the Berkeley area of SF.


Sunday 24th.  Improvised some deer deterrent systems with Gene!  Yes apparently SF has a deer problem, especially if your greens are lush!

Later in the day, after many an interesting conversation I took my leave of Dr Scott, and headed on back to LA.  Got to pick up a video camera, then figure after that I’ll head up the back of the Sierra Nevada to where the forecast says there will be some wonderfully dark and still skies.  The dive down I5 is an incredibly empty land (30 miles between gas stations etc).  Lots of sun-scorched yellow hills.  There were bad road works and I was significantly delayed getting back to LA.  In the end found a quiet siding near Lebec, although still within earshot of the freeway.  Really erie with the grey lights of the vehicles moving up and down the busy freeway, with the dark sky above.