The Solar System in Motion (LIVE) – it’s going to happen

For those who didn’t catch it earlier this year, the ‘global planetary timelapse’ project was rejected for youtubes ‘nextup’ program.

However the idea is still a good one, and it’s going to happen!  So behind the scenes I’ve been putting out feelers, and working out how we are going to make this project happen.

As we are unifying several concepts that have never really been put together like this, doubtless there will be a learning curve.  Different guys, with different kit, trying to get a unified data stream.  Hmmm, tricky!

So I’m now heading up to the dark skies round the back of the Sierra Nevada (GREAT SKY FORECAST!)

to see what I can actually do with the kit I have.  We will then put the project together in stages.  I think our first attempt will be to do a time lapse of the moon from both the mainland US and Hawaii.  We will then try to get people involved in Australia and further around the world (indeed if you are in Australia, or further round the world (so to speak), please contact me @, this project Needs You!).  In the first instance it will probably work best with folks who know pretty much what they are doing, but also I would love to put a project like this together with school kids watching the moons of Jupiter, which could be done with almost any telescope that can track.

Anyways Gentlemen, Ladies!  The Mountains and the Dark Skies Await!


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4 Responses to “The Solar System in Motion (LIVE) – it’s going to happen”

  1. igmrlm Says:

    Ahh… I cannot wait to see the finished video, its gunna be awesome 😀

  2. igmrlm Says:

    Hey, just wanted to say.. man.. i thought this was an awesome idea but i know now i had no idea what you were talking about… until last night… i was flat on my back on a tennis court staring up at the stars… and noticed how the sun, mars, Jupiter were all in alignment… i knew this in my head already.. but never before had i looked up at the sky and been able to see the entire solar system stretched out in front of my eyes with the stars of the big and little dipper.. Cassiopeia.. the Pleiades as a backdrop… it was truly amazing… I probably will remember that moment for the rest of my life… thank you for making me look up for this 🙂

  3. Pleiadian wisdoml Says:

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  4. massage Says:

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