Let me Know how you think I’m doing!

Hi Folks 🙂

I know it’s been forever since I posted a written word blog!

But having rediscovered my password, I thought I would take this opportunity to get some feedback on how you think I’m doing, and to give suggestions of what you would like to see more of?

More Why do people laugh at creationists (believe it or not I have at least 4 at various stages of production)

More on the CRAZY (and VERY scientifically illiterate) radiation/ chemical fearmongers (at least two scripted)

More on the ‘any difference between men and women is sexism’ type feminists.(again I have about two scripted)

More simple science stuff….. and boy do I have lots to do here!

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40 Responses to “Let me Know how you think I’m doing!”

  1. longJohn Says:

    sir you are awesome

  2. Troy Says:

    More “Why do people laugh at creationists” please!

  3. Joao Says:

    Hi TF,

    I really like your “mad-scientist” experiments and WDPLAC, so those are my votes!

    Also, I hope you have a chance to go on another cross-country trip with your planes. Really liked those too!

    Anyway, thanks for your work and entertainment!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I am going to be greedy and say all the above

  5. Vaiels Says:

    I enjoy the science stuff, other stuff is good too, especially “radioactive boogeyman” videos. I think more science will be awesome, I especially enjoyed the liquid nitrogen freezing alarm clocks experiment. Take advantage of the scientific resources at hand to you and make some awesome content.

  6. steve Says:

    why do people laugh at creationists is the best, followed by the crazy radiation people in second.

  7. Paul Says:

    Your science videos are amazing, I for one would be most interested in more biochemistry.
    But another thing I’d like to see from you is a slap on the face of the “spirit science” community, kind of like how Martymer does it, but in your style.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    you are the best, i love you

  9. Mh Says:

    I started watching your WDPLAC after a tip off from a family member, and that was about 2-3 years ago. This is the primary reason for me checking your channel a few times a week for a new video. So obviously I’m biased and will say they are the videos I’d like to see more of!
    In truth, I’ve watched through all of the playlists so whatever you release you have my support (providing they are constructive and not just an illogical and non-constructive dig at someone or thing).

  10. Ricardo Says:

    I’m very glad to see anything about science and on how, if true and in your experience, these ridiculous groups (feminists and other religious cults) are tryin to ruin the scientific process. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Do all of the above mentioned!!
    More “Why do people laugh at creationists?” ??
    Great ! Can’t wait for more episodes!
    More on the crazy chemical/radiation fear mongers??
    For sure we need that one!
    More on ridiculing feminists and their discriminating ideology?
    Oh hell yeah!!
    You are doing an awesome job with your videos. Please keep coming with more of them.
    Whatever they are about.

  12. Jeremy Says:

    I’m loving the content so far, especially the stuff on ken ham at the debate. your experiments are also pretty entertaining (how cool would it be if you had a slow-motion camera to film some of the effects.)

    anyway, you might be interested in yet another example of feminists flaunting their lack of perception by seeing this linked comment (at the top):

    12 people agreed with this woman. Since when are boys not allowed to be attracted to ATTRACTIVE WOMEN without it being considered sexist? REALLY?

    anyhow, YOU’RE DOING GOD’S WORK SIR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), keep it up.

    • Jeremy Says:

      oops, it seemed to have linked just the video and not the comment itself, if you scroll down you can see it (posted by mitesser80)


      alternatively, you can paste the above^ after the .com for youtube

  13. Anonymous Says:

    All of the above. 😉

    All the videos are addressing issues that are worth addressing, so go for it.

  14. Micheal Pelt Says:

    Gee whiz, guy! More of anything! Your videos are astounding!

  15. Dave Cousineau Says:

    I love your anti-creationism, pro-atheism, and anti-feminism videos. The science ones are good too, but I prefer the more ideological videos (I guess the anti-nuclear-fearmongering are good to, and are in the ideological camp more than the science one). The pure science ones are interesting, but have little to no practical relevance. The ideological ones do have practical relevance to me.

  16. thegomezsymbol.com Says:

    e) All of the above!

  17. Canide Says:

    I would love to see more ‘science’ and ‘why do people laugh at creationists’ videos. It would also be a nice change of pace if you could focus a little bit more on the islamic variation of creationism. (the atlas of creation, the evolution deceit, etc.)

  18. David Sourblaze Says:

    Here’s a neat idea — teach your own Chemistry 101 course.

    Why not? Don’t you have multiple post-doctorates, thunderf00t? And you’ve taught chemistry in multiple langauges, in universities in the US, UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, and elsewhere. You certainly have the credentials.

    And this would be a major justification for you Patreon account, deflecting some criticism of the tune “we pay money and you’re just making videos with X content.”

  19. Sven Oostenbrink Says:

    I’d love to see more of “why do people laugh at creationists” (seriously, more!) and feminism videos

  20. seamus Says:

    Looking forward to more radiation/chemical fearmongering videos. Came to the channel for WDPLAC, stayed for the series on radiation. Keep ’em coming.

  21. Mike Meier Says:

    I love and appreciate your work, although I don not always enjoy it, mostly because of the mocking tone. Granted, mockery has it’s place, but only when you decide to go after the person instead of the idea. Yes, some of the people you criticize are bat shit crazy and their ideas dangerous, but it is exactly these people that you should be striving to win over. Always, always, always, deal with these people is a way that would allow the conversation to continue. The problem with winning an argument is that someone loses, which means they lose face, lose status, and that tends to harden them against the opposing idea. Leave them an honorable way out, a way to join your side, and things can work out a lot better. Look, if a student screws up a math or chemistry problem, would making fun of them help anything. Or take the “Atheist Experience” as an example. Usually the show is a “challenge all comers” type affair and the hosts spend most of the time on the show basically being dicks, but once in a rare while they listen, and they guide the caller, and in the end the caller realizes they need to step back and reconsider their position. It can work. There’s a big difference between being right and getting the outcome you were looking for. Thanks. In spite of my comments above, I am very glad you are speaking out.

  22. Filipe Mendes Webber Says:

    Hey Thuderfoot! I choose all of the above. But if you MUST make me choose one, I’d say science stuff. The cosmos series recently gave me the science munchies again hehehe. Keep up the good work!

  23. Neil Says:

    I have enjoyed the both the science as well as the bashing of religion. As someone who views religion as a complete and utter waste of time and resources however, I do tend to appreciate the sea of self righteous bullshit that you have to wade through every time the topic is breached just a little more. I must admit that watching you calling out that arrogant, bloviating, little Feminist turd PZ Meyers has also been high on my list of things that endear your content to me. Do what you feel needs to be done. I love it all.

  24. General Says:

    I would say (a) Why do people laugh at Creationists? and then (b) create a “Why do people laugh at Feminists?” series that focuses on the bizarre brand of non-feminism out there (including but not limited to those you’ve already partly addressed in your videos.

  25. William Hendrixson Says:

    I discovered your videos only yesterday, and really enjoyed the science ones, even when they covered material I was already familiar with. As a soon-to-be-graduating chemistry student, I especially enjoy the chem / biochem topics the most.

    The anti-ftb stuff comes off as petty and self-serving. If I were your close friend I would tell you that you should let it go. It is one of those obvious high roads in life, and you debase yourself and provide free marketing for them every time that you bring it up. I mean, if selling drama is your thing, I get that the increase in business might be tempting, but ask yourself if these are really the sort of people and consumers whom you want to connectyourself with.

    Sorry about being preachy on my first visit, but, you did ask.

  26. Unique Says:

    You should take a look at this video if you do another radiation fucktards video.

  27. Unique Says:

    Wrong link, sorry.

  28. Oz Moroid Says:

    I’m enjoying the content. I think the radiation-panic reality check videos are quite useful. I’m biased, but if we are really going to make a dent in greenhouse gases I don’t see a practical, near-term alternative to nuclear power for the bulk of energy demand.

  29. huuhaa Says:

    I tried watching some of beautifulgirlbydana’s radiation bullshit, and there’s a veritable treasure trove of videos to be made just from the shit he spews. So yeah, more radiation videos!

    Also, I might like to see some videos on alternative healing-methods, like homeopathy, reiki and other bullshit.

    Lastly, and this is just an idea, maybe a video on make-believe diseases? I live in one of the Nordic countries, and every once in a while we get these crazies who bitch about how being allergic to electricity should be covered by public healthcare. I think it’s called electrosensitivity, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, EM-allergy or just being allergic to electricity.

    Their symptoms may be real and unpleasant, but I don’t want to pay for “EM-filters” to be installed in their homes just because they believe they’re allergic to electricity- just like I don’t think it’s feasible to perform surgery on someone who only thinks they have bugs crawling under their skin.

  30. anon-kun Says:

    I always enjoy seeing you point out the flawed arguments spouted off by radical feminists. Maybe you could talk about how Anita Sarkesian was caught using other people’s art and Let’s Play footage for her videos.

    Whatever you decide to work on, I am sure it will be thoroughly entertaining.

  31. Larry Says:

    How are you doing? In a word; Fantastic!

    Because of you my life is on a new track that makes me happier than I have ever been.

    And that’s not ridiculous melodramatic rhetoric either. Personally I owe you a debt of gratitude and the net and world would be a worse place without your continued contribution.

  32. Common Sense Takes Work Says:

    Hey! I thought this blog was dead!
    I love your work and can’t wait for more of it. I second Paul above: please have a go at “spirit science”.
    Leave the feminism topic to when there’s nothing better to do. If I may say so, it’s not your best work. (It’s not that I disagree with your arguments. It’s that you don’t evaluate feminist arguments objectively, you do a poor job presenting your own arguments, and it’s just too clear the subject completely irritates you – probably the reason you don’t to your usually great job.)
    I hope you have fun doing it; we have fun watching!

  33. Alex Says:

    Hard choice but I vote science

  34. Geehigh Says:

    Your stuff is excellent TF, please keep it coming! :o)

  35. am3030 Says:

    Hey TF, I was a fundamentalist Christian for almost 16 years (currently 33 yo) My de-conversion was very difficult, and the fears of hell and punishment were extremely difficult to overcome.
    I had to relearn how to learn, how to not be motivated by emotional highs and gut instinct alone.
    Your videos really really helped me overcome the psychological and emotional damage my hyper religious world view caused. I just wanted to thank you. So thank you.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    When it comes to the radiation-stuff, I’d like to hear you address the problem of radioactive waste.

  37. SuicidalSweetheart Says:

    Sir, I believe you provide a valuable corner of the free idea market. I believe you are a force for education, rationality, and science. I admire your work, and I admire the way you have stood up to criticism.

    You were by no means the reason I turned to atheism, but you have given me plenty extra backing in this conviction. I’ve learned quite a bit about the art of arguing and logic from your videos, as well as the odd tidbit about the universe. 🙂

    If I had anything at all to offer you for your services, I would give it in an instant. It would be the least I could do to keep your wonderful work going.

    Please accept my sincerest regards, and my thanks.


    Atheist, Humanist

  38. GermanEconomis(Student) Says:

    Man, you’re doing awesome!
    I’ve found you videos via an discussion about the ‘solar fuckin* roadways’ and I really got addicted. Main interests are your atheist videos and those where you proof different concepts wrong, but you can also be proud of yourself that you’ve raised my interest in physics and chemistry. Due to your nicely illustrated and properly moderated science videos I claim that I have learned more in these fields than during my Abitur (German college).

    I’m not so much into the feminism stuff, but that might just be the case as I am not really confronted with it here in the “old world”.

    Summing up: keep going as you do right now, because at the moment it’s quiet hard to understand your papers on google scholar, but I am keen to learn more via your videos on order to understand them properly.

    I would appreachiate, if you could use your didactic skills on a even broader scale like a own tv show (because you deserve – and society needs – it!) 😉

    One last thing: so far I have never been to the US, but it seems that you are somehow some kind of Don Quijote, fighting against the windmills of stupidity and ignorance (I hope these groups keep a minority).

    Kind regards and 1000 thanks from Germany,


  39. Doug Patterson (@drop2) Says:

    Please do videos on whatever subjects really grab you: Its the passionate discourse that makes them work.

    Okay, so I’m dying to see the rest of your work on the Cs/H2O reaction.

    Want to hear more about your ideas surrounding AWG. I suspect we’re going to disagree, which means I look forward to an intellectual challenge.

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