11 Responses to “Ban the Bible, or GTA5? -Transcript”

  1. Ban the Bible, or GTA5? | Imagine Progress Says:

    […] Many thanks to Linda for supplying the transcript for this video! https://thunderf00tdotorg.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/ban-the-bible-or-gta5-transcript/ […]

  2. Ban the Bible, or GTA5? | Youtubers.watch Says:

    […] Many thanks to Linda for supplying the transcript for this video! https://thunderf00tdotorg.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/ban-the-bible-or-gta5-transcript/ […]

  3. Superbia Says:

  4. John Says:

    Something to point out about PZ Myers. Apparently, he humble bragged about how women proposition him for sex at conferences:

    Assuming he wasn’t flirting with these women and leading them on, these sound like unwanted, bold propositions for sex at a conference. Isn’t this the same thing he was freaking out about with Rebecca Watson? He sounds delighted, and non-judgmental that these things happened to him. Seems like a huge double standard to me.

  5. InstallGentoo Says:

    I still believe her talk about Just Cause 2 was the worst one. She talks about the female strippers, while in the same strip club there are male strippers too. This is the most simple and obvious twisting of reality you can show.

  6. Implied Results Says:

    if you redefine racism and sexism to require both power and prejudice (perhaps to excuse the prejudice of the ‘less privileged’), then isn’t the goal of empowering the ‘less privileged’ equivalent to trying to turn them into racists and sexists?

  7. jessicaagain Says:

    (I’m putting this here because it’s the only way I can contact you)
    Dr Mason. Sir. What’s happened? Has you YouTube been taken over by a group of mean fourteen year old girls?
    Tee hee! Feminists! Tee hee! Social Justice Warriors! Tee hee! See how witty I am!
    I can see it rakes the pounds in, and I know a while back you decided to give up the day job and become a YouTube partner but really, is the loss in prestige really worth the money?
    A mind is a sad thing to waste and your inquiring mind has been swamped by the cloggy sea of conspiracy theorists. It’s sad, because I still believe there is some good science and understanding in you. Still, I suppose it pays the bills, and that is what it’s all about.
    Take care, and may your future be bright, like the future you are sure will happen.
    Thank you.

  8. Julian Says:

    Hey, I hate to comment about a different topic but I just ran across something so stupid that has serious need for exposure and I hope you could shine your light on it. The state of Utah just took steps to ban porn. In an article on the Christian Monitor it discusses how feminist argue that boys are seeing women naked at younger and younger ages and that is causing problems for women in the form of violence! My problem is that this is the worst slippery slope argument I have ever heard, and this will set a terrible precedent for the government in future cases. I know you’re busy, but even if you dont do a video on this I thought it was worth pointing out. I dont agree on all of your views, but I respect the work you do and wish you the best in your future endeavours.

  9. Ivan Sedov Says:

    Helo, thunderfoot! I m from Russia and I have a small problem. I have been discussing global warming with a friend, who emigrated to Germany. It s not like he is stupid and he does acknowledge the existence of global warming. However he has his own doubts about the anthropomorphic character of global warming. Since temperature fluctuations did happen in the past and nature does impact the weather much more than humankind, he thinks the hype about global warming today might just be a scam. Unfortunately, I don t have the necessary knowledge to convince him otherwise. Could you give me some advice on how to proceed in my discussion? Or better yet to release a video on your channel, which would explain that mankind is responsible for global warming and not nature?

  10. Satyajay Mandal Says:

    so bad

  11. Killgeezers Says:

    you created virus in wuhan geezer scum.

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