First look at Supernova in M101 (Aug 2011)

First look at Supernova in M101 (Aug 2011)

So after much driving around looking for a good observing sight I eventually found one north of Klamath Falls Oregon (good clear view north).

(‘Klamath Falls’ astronomy site, 25th August 2011)

I then brave the moquitoes, and yeah, there were a LOT of them, to get the scope set up.

The scope acquired data for several hours, this is thus far only processed from 6 minutes worth.  I’ve also not got round to sorting the colors out which is why the new exposure appear blue compared to the old one.

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12 Responses to “First look at Supernova in M101 (Aug 2011)”

  1. Bob Says:

    That is excellent! I remember the one in 1987 that got me into astronomy. Well done!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That is awesome TF! Science for the win!

    Can’t believe the brightness of the object, and from 21 million light years away you can see it pop off!

  3. Les Says:

    That is awesome TF! Science for the win!

    Can’t believe how bright it is for an explosion taking place over 21 million light years away. To think that the explosion actually took place 21 million years ago!

    Human’s weren’t even walking the surface of the planet when the event actually happened.


  4. emikochan13 Says:


  5. Teresa Says:

    It’s thrilling! I saw your tweet and was waiting for you to post the photo. Amazing!

  6. Stigma Says:

    Despite being just a “flash of light” as far as far as we can observe it – this is mindnumbingly awesome if you think about it.

    UNIMAGINABLE power is being unleashed. We are just far enough away to observe it comfortably. Even trying to imagine the magnitudes involves might be enough to drive you insane 🙂

  7. Anonymous Says:

    That is so amazing! Wow… Thank you so much for sharing this and for braving the mosquitoes!

  8. Jason Dworak Says:

    Amazing, no other word for it

  9. Anonymous Says:

    thats cool man, gooooooooood stuff.

  10. Marlo Rocci Says:

    Welcome to Oregon. Prepare for rain.

  11. Andre Says:

    like a message from another galaxy:)

    lets say hi back.
    lets explode a huge star here we wont miss. and signal back:)

  12. Satyajay Mandal Says:

    just delete this bogus project

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