It’s NOT The-End-Of-The-World as we know it!

    So 6 months ago, on May 21st 2011 a guy called Harold Camping kindly predicted the end of the world, universe and Draw Mohammad Day based on his decades of scholarly studying of the Bible. Oddly enough the world did not appear to end as Camping had predicted, and so he was forced to conclude that the world had ‘sort of ended’ and ‘God’, being a sporting fellow had elected to end the world in a way that no-one would notice for 6 months, then it would REALLY end on 21st Oct 2011. Now the great thing is, Camping engaged in some massive billboard campaign about the end of the world, and while touring the US in the summer of 2011 I actually came across one of his billboards boldly proclaiming that the Judgement day actually happened MONTHS ago!  Guaranteed by the Bible no less!

Harold Campings 'End of the World MAY 21st 2011' photographed outside Rock Springs WY on Sept 26th 2011.

   Sadly when I went through California, ‘Family Radio’ was still going strong, seemly un-phased and un-bothered by the world hadn’t ended their ministry had claimed ‘the Bible ‘Guaranteed’.

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32 Responses to “It’s NOT The-End-Of-The-World as we know it!”

  1. dynamitecoomonster Says:

    I for one can’t wait to see the back pedalling tomorrow. The guys an expert at it.

  2. corhenc Says:

    to be fair.. today isnt over yet… who knows, it might end at the last second of October 21st…
    that said.. looking forward to tomorrow

  3. zzzzzzzwhat Says:

    Perhaps Camping was trying to say, ‘it will be the end of the world.. for Gaddafi.’

  4. John Vezina Says:

    There can be no rapture until God learns to like rap.

  5. dannywillett7 Says:

    let’s see.. we’ve still got an hour and a half here…

  6. Rigo Jancsi Says:

    Sorry, but I’m sipping my morning coffee in bright sunshine here in Budapest. At least Hungary has been spared, maybe because of our right-wing christian government. Anybody else still out there? 🙂

  7. Jac Says:

    Reporting in from godless England. Looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful late Autumn day here – rapture postponed?

  8. Barry Laycock Says:

    wait a minute, it is ending here. Oh noo………………………..

  9. Rando Says:

    Religion predicting the end since religion began. Lol

  10. IslamicNeurosis Says:

    You write nothing on Dawahfilms support of terrorism and child killing. Shame on you.

  11. Thunderf00t Says:

    Wow, of all creation, only the universe was spared from judgement!

    Just like every other end of the world!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I’m actually wondering how this guy managed to pool together the money for this, seems like all the religious advocates have tons of cash to blow on false prophecies? They should donate more to homeless shelters and the like.

    • John Vezina Says:

      The money comes from people with no critical thinking skills who want to pay for an easy way out of taking responsibility for their own actions. Next question.

  13. tiff09 Says:

    this is stupid why did people belive e him it plainley says in the Bible that we are not supposed to no wat day nor our not the angels or the son of God even knows only the father so there ya go the Bible dnt lie andthe Bible did not garrentee the world would end BK to thewords on top we r not supposed to no point blank but God does garentee it will happen oneday and if he delays his coming he said no one would survive it that tells us that the world has to be so bad before he comes an some of the stuff in the Bible hasn’t even happen it all has bro come to pass first i give outa a few more years maybe a million years maybe tomorrow or the next 5 mins no one Nos so why dnt everyone stop predicting dates BC wat ever date u pick its not gonna be it the Bible says once again we arnt supposed to no wat day nor hour not even the angels nor the son will no only the father God Almighty …and Harold campting will surly burn for his lies adding an taking from the good book ..

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Richard Dawkins is an official and recently certified coward, an intellectual midget, and thunderf00t is his little bitch.

    • John Vezina Says:

      *Feeding a Troll* Speaking of being a coward, who here is posting anonymously?

      • TinySaint Says:

        That level of hypocrisy certainly points to Dawah.

      • NOT dawah :) Says:

        I thought Dawah had gone back under his bridge waiting for a goat?

      • Anonymous Says:

        You’re the real mastermind aren’t you? You must be one of thunderf00t’s mindless disciples. I supposed this must be your global sodium burning mastermind gathering blog site. Perhaps that’s why I found myself being sucked here for some unknowable reason. Like a total vacuum of intelligence. BTW, I got a real kick out of watching thuderf00l video documentary/”experiment” that _proves_ nozzle size doesn’t increase back pressure and nor the velocity of the liquid outflow. That was a real DOOZER, mr scientist! Definitely a Nobel prize candidate here. And the list goes on.. the arguments, the total wipe-the-floor “debate” with Ray Comfort… Sheese, pathetic. Get a fucking haircut, a clue, grow up, and get a real job. Phil.

        You all should stick to sodium burning, it might light up the room long enough for you guys to get a fucking clue.

  15. Mike Says:

    Well, I’m about to start a new work week out here in California. The only thing that ended for me was an art project (woot!).

    Here’s to our continued existence.

  16. Rando Says:

    I read somewhere that every 100 million years our solar system slips through a highly radioactive galactic arm and that is what has caused the mass extinctions on our planet(dinasaurs etc). So a event like that could be 40000000 or so years from now. I wish I could remember where I read that. Hey TF do you know anything about this?

    • John Vezina Says:

      @Rando, The solar system takes around 225 to 250 million years to make one complete orbit around the galactic nucleus. During that tine, it oscillates up and down by relative to the plane of the galaxy about 2.7 times, which equates to between 83 and 92 million years. It was postulated once that this may be coincidental to certain mass extinctions, however no real correlation has yet been found. As for radiation, we are pretty much protected both by our Earth’s magnetic field and of course the Sun;s magnetic field, however there are gamma rays bursts from some super or hyper nova that could very well cook us if the were aimed directly at us when they went off. Eta Carinae is one twin star system that probably the greatest threat. I think the rotational axis is not pointing directly at our system but it could in the future. If it does the gamma ray bursts emanating from the pole of that system could deposit 10 times the whole body lethal dose to an organism on the Earth’s surface in spite of our protective atmosphere and magnetic fields. (paraphrased from wikipedia articles on “Eta Carinae” and “Milky Way”). A far greater danger exists in the form of an unforeseen or unavoidable collision between the Earth and a large comet or asteroid.

  17. Rando Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up John.

    • John Vezina Says:

      @Rando: You are welcome. Although I am appalled at the number of typographic errors I made in my previous reply. I must proof read these more carefully before posting because it really irks me when I see poor grammar and spelling, unless the poster’s primary language is not English. Well that’s just great, now I am getting paranoid about clicking on the “Post Comment” button. :o)

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Lol are still living in the past.
    Guess they don’t know the “real” Rapture didn’t happen on Oct 21, yet.

  19. Mike Says:

    Well the sad thing is that there are still folk out there gullible enough to give this blatent fraudster yet more of their hard earned money as soon as he makes his third attempt to predict precisely when Jesus drops down from the sky. Oh wait! I mean his 4th try. His first go was back in 1994!

  20. Shakeval Says:

    so……..if we plan correctly then when this burst of gamma rays hits earth we can all turn into the hulk?

  21. Jody Stacey Says:

    If laws exist banning false advertisement, why do we continue to allow religion to spew more (insert nasty word here) than somebody already suffering from diarrhea who accidentally took ex-lax? (example…Q-Ray).
    Not only does religion advertise nonsense (the same way Q-Ray advertised something they could not prove), but they encourage and condone violence, hatred, racism etc.
    A great lawyer could inflict much damage on the lucrative business of peddling lies and taking money from the weak minded and making false promises in return.

  22. Says:

    This eating plan will maximize fertility AND help you free mei zi tang.

  23. Satyajay Mandal Says:

    so bad

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